Full Stop - Recap

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Maggie calls Quincy to the lab and says that Leslie wants to see him. Leslie introduces himself for their first face-to-face meeting, and tells him not to investigate Ed's murder. He insists that they're handling the matter internally and they have to protect Kirsten, and Quincy wonders if she's in danger. Leslie says that there are matters in play they still don't understand, and Quincy agrees. Once he leaves, Maggie and Leslie agree that he's not going to let it go.

Later, Quincy meets Kirsten and Camille at a bar. They talk about their worst dates, and Kirsten points out that Quincy is still wearing his wedding ring. Before he can respond, Cameron arrives and Quincy complains that he didn't know Cameron was coming. Camille quickly takes Kirsten to the bathroom, and Quincy explains that he wanted to talk about Ed with Kirsten. He asks Cameron what he knows about Leslie, and Cameron admits that he doesn't know much. A waitress comes over to take their order.

In the bathroom, Camille wonders if there's something going on between Kirsten and Quincy. Kirsten insists that there isn't anything, and Camille tells Kirsten that she made the right call turning down Liam's proposal. As they talk, they hear gunshots and run out. Cameron, Quincy, and the waitress are lying on the floor, and a wheelchair sits nearby.

At the hospital, Linus and Maggie meet Kirsten and Camille. The doctor tells them that Cameron has a concussion and Quincy is in ICU and they're not sure if he'll pull through. The waitress is dead, and Maggie says that she'll have her body diverted to the lab. Kirsten says that they can't wait until Cameron has recovered enough to do the Stitch, and Maggie tells them to go home and wait.

Kirsten goes in and takes Cameron's hand, and Linus and Camille join her. They wonder who would have attacked their friends, and Kirsten says that she's tired of waiting for someone else to find out. She shows them the safe deposit box key her mother left her, and says that she knows how to find the right one. Back at home, the trio goes through Ed's records and finds a bank statement for a safe deposit box.

Cameron goes to the lab the next morning and tells his friend that Quincy isn't doing well. He can't tell them anything about the shooting. Maggie welcomes him back and tells them that the waitress is Helen Krauss, and she was filling in for a friend. Cameron insists that he's got it but asks Camille to come over and back him up. Linus offers to help but Cameron tells him to stay at his station.

They begin the Stich and Kirsten sees Cameron and Kirsten order. Helen sees the shooter in a wheelchair and Quincy sees him at the same time. The man fires and Quincy pushes Cameron out of the way as the shooter hits first Helen and then Quincy before running out.. Kirsten tells them to put her back further, and Camille starts to give Linus instructions. He says that he has it, and rewinds the memories back to when Kirsten and Camille left. Kirsten sees Helen talk to the wheelchair man and gets a glimpse of the man's face... and immediately bounces.

Camille creates the face on the computer from Kirsten's description. Linus complains that Camille is using his computer, and Maggie tells him to let Camille do it. Once they have the face, Maggie says that she knows who he is. She brings up a file on Robert Barbiero, the first head of security for the Stitchers Program. He was hired by and close to Kirsten's parents, particularly Jacqueline.

Later, Cameron is reviewing Stitch procedure with Camille. He explains that Kirsten is apparently attuned to the lab system. Some of their initial volunteers couldn't get anything at all, and Marta could get the most. However, she wasn't good enough. Cameron hopes that if they can figure out why Kirsten is suited to the program then they can roll it out worldwide. He then runs a simulation for Camille, while Linus comes over and watches them. He asks to speak to Cameron immediately in private, and says that Camille isn't qualified. Cameron says that after the shooting, he needs a backup. He wonders who else there is, and Linus says that he's the second-in-command. Cameron says that Stiching requires a feel, and admits that he doesn't think Linus has it. Offended, Linus walks away.

Kirsten goes to the bank and speaks with the manager to gain access to the box. She says that the box belongs to her and the manager checks her signature against the one on file. He says that her signature doesn't match the one on file, and Kirsten remembers Ed showing her how to sign using his last name. When he said it would make things easier, Kirsten wonders why and Ed told her he hoped she'd never know. Kirsten signs the card again and this time the signatures match.

The manager gets the box and escorts Kirsten to a private room. She finds the missing book from Ed's office inside, and shows it to Cameron at his apartment. Kirsten has read every page and didn't find anything. Cameron finds a flash drive inside the spine and plays it, and it's a video of her father Daniel beginning the Stitch device that he's created in his basement. A young Kirsten is hooked up to her mother's comatose body, and Daniel Stitches her in. Young Kirsten complains that her head hurts but insists on doing it. She starts to see her mother's memories, but Jacqueline goes into convulsions and then dies. Daniel takes his daughter out of the makeshift tank, begging her forgiveness. Kirsten, watching, realizes that Daniel gave her temporal dysphasia by Stitching her into her mother's mind.

Kirsten tells Cameron that she was told Jacqueline died in a crash, but figures that she was put into a coma. Cameron figures that Daniel didn't know that a living person can't be Stitched, and suggests that he left Kirsten with Ed out of guilt. Kirsten remembers the night that Daniel left her with Ed, and wanted to understand what he was feeling.

Maggie and a strike team break into Barbiero's apartment and find him dead on the floor from multiple stab wounds. there's no blood there, and they figure he was killed somewhere else.

Linus goes to the house and complains that Cameron is training Camille to Stitch. He's shocked that she agrees with Cameron, and says that she didn't know he was being edged out. Angry, Linus walks out.

That night, the team prepare to Stitch Barbiero's body. Cameron warns Maggie that Barbiero's long-term memories have degraded beyond recovery, and tells Camille to call the Stitch. She runs the initial check and then Cameron begins the Stitch. Kirsten sees Barbiero in an alley waiting for someone. A woman calls him and Kirsten realizes that she hired Barbiero to kill Quincy The memories jump to the restaurant before the shooting, and Barbiero is talking to someone in a car. Barbiero says that he isn't going to shoot Quincy just because Kirsten is inside. Kirsten can't make out the plates, and sees Cameron walking past on his way inside. Meanwhile, Barbiero says that he didn't save Kirsten at the Santa Monica pier just to kill her now. Kirsten realizes that Barbiero turned on the carousel the night she and Cameron confronted the killer.

Kirsten gets a new memory flash of Barbiero watching as a young Kirsten makes a drawing for Jaqueline. Maggie orders them to take her back to Barbiero, and Kirsten jumps back to the alley. The woman on the phone tells Barbiero that everyone he thinks he can trust is lying to him. She says that since she can't prove it, Kirsten has to keep working for Stitchers. Barbiero realizes that his employer is sending a message to Kirsten through him, knowing she would Stitch. Someone starts stabbing Barbiero, and Kirsten bounces out. Maggie asks what she saw, and Kirsten says nothing.

The next day, Kirsten and Cameron go to the hospital to check on Quincy. He's still on life support, and Cameron warns Kirsten that she's still in trouble with Maggie and sent him to find out. Cameron refused so he's in trouble as well. Kirsten explains that Barbiero was set up to deliver her a message. Cameron still doesn't remember seeing Barbiero outside of the restaurant, and insists that Kirsten has to trust him. She says that she wants to, but doesn't see how after everything that has happened. Cameron looks at Quincy and tells her that he knows a way.

Back at the lab, Ayo admits that she told Maggie that Cameron asked for some potassium methochloride. Cameron says that he wants Kirsten to Stich in and check his memories. The potassium methochloride will stop his heart for four minutes and Kirsten can Stitch with him. Camille will pilot the Stitch, and Ayo will revive him. The others disagree, warning him that his heart can't handle the strain, but Cameron says that none of them will be safe if they don't find out who killed Barbiero. Leslie comes in and agrees with Cameron, saying that they have to find out how deep the corruption in the agency goes. None of them agree to do the Stitch, but Cameron injects himself with the drug. As he passes out, he tells Kirsten to do it and then dies.

The team get Cameron into the corpse cassette and Leslie tells them to start the protocol. Kirsten tells them to do it and the Camille takes the controls while Kirsten enters the tank. Maggie warns Leslie that she'll make him regret it if Cameron dies. Kirsten enters Cameron's memories and Camille takes her to when she woke up in Cameron's apartment. She goes through Cameron's memories of her and her time with Liam, and realizes how he felt about her.

With two minute left, Camille moves Kirsten to the night of the shooting. It's all too distorted, and Linus warns that it's because Cameron is only clinically dead and his brain is pushing back. As Kirsten prepares to bounce, she finds herself in a hospital following a young Cameron. He complains that he can't sleep and a nurse lets him walk around. Cameron walks past Jacqueline's room and sees a young Kirsten painting her mother's nails. He explains about his heart and Kirsten says that her dad has an idea to help Jacqueline. Cameron assures Kirsten that it'll be fine and they introduce themselves.

Camille tells Kirsten that time is up, and Kirsten makes the bounce. Ayo tries to revive Cameron, and Kirsten begs him to come back... and Cameron flatlines.