Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Ten years on from disappearing without trace, a politician's son returns causing repercussions through their family and the local community.
Guest Stars: Michael Esper as Pock-Marked Man | Hampton Fluker as Josh Langham | Felix Solis as Gus Flores | Alex Steele as Young Bridey Cruz | Ian Quinlan as Paul |
Co-Guest Stars: Alison Araya as Shrink | Sonia Beeksma as News Anchor | Sienna Bohn as Trashy Girl #2 | Christian Bower as Bartender | Justin Breault as Bar Creeper | Michelle Brezinski as District Attorney | Joe Costa as Ice Cream Vendor | Maxwell James as Young Adam Warren | Bonnie Hay as Lecture Woman #2 | Tarun Keram as Teen Bong Guy | Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Customer | Howard Lai as Cop | Sophie Lui as News Anchor #2 | Matthew Mandzij as Prison Guard | Judith Maxie as Judge | Tom McBeath as Hank's Uncle | Rob McEachern as Gas Attendant | Cheryl Mullen as Lecture Woman #1 | Jill Nixon as Teen Bong Girl | Chris Shields as Hank's Lawyer | Clay St. Thomas as Reporter #1 | Chantal Bul Viet as Trashy Girl #1
Writer: Jenna Bans

2 :01x02 - All You See Is Dark

Hank meets Adam. Danny reveals his suspicions about Adam to Bridey. Nina feels haunted by her past.

3 :01x03 - Of Puppies and Monsters

Gabe Clements lets Nina know how he would like to deal with the investigation. Adam goes back to the bunker to see if it can help him to remember anything. Claire's motives end up being questioned.

4 :01x04 - Feathers or Steel

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5 :01x05 - TBA

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