Unforgiven - Recap

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Siggy visits the Seer and says that she wants her old position back. She is full of anger at having everything taken away from her, and wants to know if the gods will ever smile on her again. The Seer says the gods have always smiled on brave women.

King Horik and his men return to Kattegat. At the feast, Ragnar asks Horik what happened in England after he left. He also asks of Athelstan but Horik says he would be lucky to have died in battle. Horik calls Athelstan worthless but Bjorn loved him. Floki thinks Athelstan was still Christian and is happy that he's dead. Horik wants to seek revenge on Ecbert and Rollo and Ragnar agree on a raid. Ragnar first wants to take Jarl Borg down but Horik thinks they should team up with Borg. Horik suggests that Rollo be the one to go to Borg.

Siggy and Horik wish Rollo good luck on his journey. Torstein also wishes him luck and Rollo says that it means a lot coming from him. The boat casts off and Rollo begins his trip to Borg.

Horik has brought his son to Siggy's so that he can learn of the game they play. He asks why she invites him to bed and tells him things about Rollo. She says she does these things for Rollo and not for her own ambitions. Horik suggests that she have sex with his son. Siggy walks into her bedroom, disrobes and calls Erlendur over to her. They have sex while Horik watches.

Sigvard talks in his hall about how Lagertha left him and then came back. He mentions that she left Bjorn and the woman leave the hall. Sigvard considers it an insult and talks down about Ragnar. He believes that Lagertha went to help Ragnar because she's still in love with him. Sigvard tells her that she can sleep alone tonight because he has other arrangements.

During the night, Lagertha lies awake in bed. She hears men outside her door and jumps out of bed to protect herself. Three men rush in and overpower her.

Bjorn talks to a servant girl who he saw earlier in the hall. He insists on talking to her even though she says she has work to do. She explains how she sleeps with the servants and the other animals in one of the bunks, and that she is already betrothed. Auslag and Ragnar watch from across the courtyard. She asks if he'll really forgive Borg and he knows how much he has insulted her. Auslag mentions that her father would have taken revenge on Borg. Ragnar says her father isn't alive to make these decisions.

Rollo arrives in Gotland with his men and meets with Borg. Borg shows him the skull of his first wife but Rollo doesn't find it fair to his second wife. Rollo tells Borg about the alliance Ragnar wants to form. He says Borg is needed to raid England. Borg looks to his wife's skull and kisses it, and says that it tells him to go.

King Ecbert walks in on Athelstan working on art for a page of the Bible. He asks about the pagan gods and their lack of art, and Athelstan mentions the similarities between the Pagan and Christian beliefs. Ecbert shows him some pagan artwork and Athelstan says that it's beautiful. The king feels comfortable with Athelstan and asks who must have painted these pictures. Athelstan says it was the Romans who were also pagans. Ecbert asks him to never speak of their conversation to anyone else because they won't be able to accept it. He says the pagan gods allowed the Romans to rule the world, and Ecbert asks Athelstan what they can learn from that.

Bjorn joins a crowd watching the servant girl dance to music.

As Athelstan writes, he starts to suffer from the wounds of Christ. Aethelwulf enters the room and says Ecbert wants to speak to him. Athelstan joins Ecbert in a room that contains many artworks and stories of the Romans. Ecbert has chosen Athelstan to be the guardian because he knows Latin, and asks him to make copies and preserve the written works. If Athelstan tells anyone he will be crucified.

Everyone from Kattegat watches as Rollo returns with Borg. Borg hopes that Rollo was telling the truth about the alliance. At the feast in the great hall, Borg sits next to Ragnar. Borg says that Ragnar is a greater man than him because he doesn't deserve a second chance. He promises that Ragnar never has to worry about his loyalty. Ragnar explains that Horik helped him to realize what could be gained by the three of them working together.

Horik confesses to Siggy that he didn't think Ragnar would form an alliance with Borg. He also thanks her for making his son a man. She warns him that she won't do it for his other sons but he says only for himself. Siggy moves over to Floki and asks if he can keep a secret. He laughs and says that he can't.

Lagertha sits next to Sigvard in his hall. She's bloodied from the night before and he asks her why she isn't talking or smiling. He grabs her neck and kisses her face, and says she must do better than this. Sigvard announces to the room that Lagertha has the most beautiful breasts. He offers to show everyone and opens her shirt. Right at this moment she turns around and stabs him in the eye. A man approaches her with his sword drawn and uses it to behead Sigvard.

Auslag tells her boys a bedtime story about the gods. The story tells of a competition between Thor and Loki to eat the most food.

Horik hears a bird as he prepares for bed. He looks outside and sees Ragnar holding an eagle.

Siggy tries to embrace Rollo but he grabs his axe and leaves.

Borg wakes up and looks to his dead wife's skull. He hears someone in the room and sees a vision of the Seer. The Seer sees an eagle hovers over him but says he's also an eagle. The vision disappears and Borg looks up to see an eagle.

Torstein and Rollo burn down the building that Borg's men are sleeping in. Rollo asks Floki where Bjorn is but they don't know. Meanwhile, Bjorn is with the servant girl and offers her a better place to sleep. She says she can't stay at his place even if she wants to. Bjorn doesn't want to order her but wants her to choose to stay there. She undresses and asks if that's what he wants.

Rollo enters Borg's hut with Torstein, Floki, and some other men. He says that he warned Borg that he always looks for revenge. They beat Borg while Rollo and Borg's wife watch.

Horik enters the great hall to ask Ragnar what's going on. Ragnar apologizes that the army of Kattegat has awoken. Rollo enters with his men dragging Borg. Floki says he's not yet dead. Ragnar says he could never forgive Borg for what he did to his family and town. He tells Borg he will give him a blood eagle so that he can have wings like an eagle.