Boneless - Recap

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Siggy talks Auslag through her difficult labor. She tells her how to push out the baby and choose to live. Auslag manages to birth her son.

Horik tells Lagertha that they must leave for Wessex soon but she needs time to prepare for the trip. Porunn runs up to them and tells Bjorn that Ragnar has a new son. The men all head back into town but Lagertha asks who Porunn is to Bjorn. He says she is a servant that he's in love with.

Ragnar sits with Auslag as he holds their son. He says her prophecy was right after all.

Lagertha leaves with her men and promises Horik that she won't take too long. Horik thinks Ragnar should see them as equals and Lagertha agrees. Siggy runs up to say goodbye and Lagertha asks what's wrong with Ragnar's son. She says there's nothing wrong with him.

Rollo spars with Bjorn on the riverbank. He says that Lagertha is an amazing woman but Bjorn knows this. Rollo was once in love with Lagertha but says that those feelings are wasted. Bjorn speaks of the gods and says that he knows so much because they are all descended from Odin.

Ragnar thinks his son will die but Auslag still cares for it. She knows he won't have much of a life but she doesn't care.

In Wessex, Athelstan joins Aethelwulf to watch Princess Kwenthrith, daughter of the dead king of Mercia, arrive in town. Aethelwulf explains that Kwenthrith killed her brother and now the whole kingdom is at war. He says that Ecbert has no interest in neighboring kingdoms and mentions that Mercia is the richest and largest kingdom. Ecbert welcomes the princess to Wessex.

In the night, Ragnar sneaks into a tent and takes his baby son away. He holds it by the river and says that there's no other way. Crying, he places the baby on the ground and holds up his axe.

Later, Auslag finds the baby near the river but it is unharmed.

Lagertha rides with her warriors back home. In the great hall, she tells everyone that she will raid England with Horik and Ragnar.

In Wessex, Kwenthrith notices Athelstan and asks who he is. Ecbert explains how he spent time with the Vikings and Kwenthrith proceeds to ask questions. She wonders if it's more natural for people to not marry in their traditional way and the question takes Athelstan aback. Ecbert asks Kwenthrith about her brother. She says he has already became a saint and mentions that he raped her when she was young. Kwenthrith knows Ecbert invited her so that he could be on the side that will take the kingdom of Mercia. Ecbert offers to let Aethelwulf help her in the conquest along with some hired Northmen. She is happy to take all of them and looks forward to meeting the Northmen.

As Lagertha bathes, she senses someone watching and invites them into the room. She asks Einar if he wants to speak to her and he does. She gets out of the bath in front of him and asks what he wants. Einar questions the agreement they had about them being married. She denies having made any arrangements and said she killed Sigvard because he was insane. Einar threatens her with a knife but Lagertha easily talks him down. She even insults him and he lowers his knife.

Siggy asks Auslag what's wrong with her son, Ivar. Auslag says that he's her son and shows Siggy his deformed legs. Siggy thinks Ragnar was right that the child will never walk and must be put out to die. Auslag would rather die than let the child die.

Ecbert has sex with Kwenthrith but it's not enough for her. She asks if Athelstan will have sex with her since he was with the pagans. He leaves to sleep and offers to send in some warriors for Kwenthrith's entertainment. Outside he tells the guards good luck and they all head in.

Bjorn watches as Lagertha returns to Kattegat with her warriors and ships. He runs after Porunn to say goodbye before he heads to England. They kiss and Porunn says she loves him.

Ragnar sits next to Auslag and says that their child should have a name now that the gods have saved him. She says he already has a name and Ragnar calls him Ivar the Boneless.

Floki says he must be crazy and that's why he chooses to travel with Horik. He thinks Horik understands the gods better than Ragnar. Helga says that isn't possible but Floki means the gods that haunt him.

Siggy says goodbye to Rollo and offers to wait for him if that is what he wants.

The horns blow as Ragnar approaches the docks. The men all grab their equipment and follow him to the ships. Horik heads to his ships and Lagertha follows Bjorn to see him off.

While travelling, Ragnar tells Lagertha that he thinks Athelstan is still alive. Horik was the one who said that he died after betraying him.

Horik tells Floki that he will treat him like a king if he decides to build boats for him. He thinks his ideas come from the gods and are worth more than gold.

Rollo walks up to Bjorn and asks what he's thinking about. Born is thinking about battle and Rollo says he will always be by his side. Land is spotted as the Vikings approach England.

Ecbert goes to Athelstan to tell him that the pagans have returned along with Ragnar. His plan is to negotiate with Ragnar since he considers him intelligent. Ecbert warns that if Ragnar doesn't cooperate they will have to fight. He has already sent word to King Aelle for warriors. Ecbert promises that whatever happens, he won't be defeated.

Ragnar watches Horik from his camp as he approaches. Horik asks where Torstein went. Ragnar sent him to speak with Ecbert so that he knows they are there to talk and not to fight. Horik isn't happy that Ragnar did this without talking to him. Lagertha agrees that they should have discussed it. Horik says that they aren't equals and asks what Ragnar proposes next. Ragnar says to wait for the unexpected but Horik thinks they will be tricked or destroyed. Rollo sits with Ragnar alone as they watch Floki go over to Horik's tent.

A scout calls out to the Vikings that the Saxons are coming. They form shield walls but it's only a small force of men. Aethelwulf places his sword on the ground and walks over to Ragnar. He says that Ecbert sends his greetings and wishes to speak. Ragnar agrees and says they will have to exchange hostages. Aethelwulf hands him a bracelet as a token of good will. It belongs to Athelstan and shows that he's still alive. Ragnar looks to Horik and Lagertha and says they will all go to Ecbert's villa.

The Englishmen are ambushed by Vikings led by Erlendur on their way back to Ecbert. Erlendur lets Aethelwulf get away alive.