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Is the Price Right?; The Court Martial of Willie Brand; The Prince of Pot - Recap

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The Court Martial Of Willie Brand is about the horrific assault and resulting death of an Afghan prisoner by a U.S. soldier. He claims he was just following orders, but how this prisoner died is beyond belief.
The Prince of Pot has been selling marijuana seeds from his business in Canada for years and he openly promotes the legalization of pot. U.S. officials are working to prosecute him in America and if convicted in the U.S., he could end up in prison for life. Why is he remaining so passionate about this?

There are just so many things wrong about the torture and resulting death of the Afghan prisoner at the hands of soldier, Willie Brand. Perhaps it’s that before it was over for this man, it was concluded that he really was ‘just a cab driver’ and that his only crime was ‘being in the wrong place at the wrong time’. What was done to him cannot be anything less than devastating to the remaining reputation the U.S. has worldwide.
Also, examining how and why the nations hospitals can not only charge patients who have no insurance, more money for the same procedures that insured patients have, but pursue them almost mercilessly for payments they can obviously ill afford. Is there any end in sight to the dysfunction of the U.S. health care system?
Bob Simon interviews Marc Emery, in Canada. He’s one of the most prolific pot sellers who stands to be thrown in jail for life if the American authorities can successfully prosecute.