60 Minutes (US)

60 Minutes (US)

60 Minutes is an investigative television newsmagazine on United States television, which has run on CBS News since 1968. The program was created by long time producer Don Hewitt who set it apart by using a unique style of reporter-centered investigation. It has been the top-rated program for much of its life, and has garnered numerous awards over the years. It is considered by many to be the preminent investigative television program in the United States. The initial run of 60 Minutes was as a bi-weekly show hosted by Harry Reasoner and Mike Wallace which debuted on CBS on September 24, 1968. Don Hewitt, who had been a producer of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, sought out Wallace as a contrast to Harry Reasoner. According to one historian of the show, the idea of the format was to make the hosts the reporters, to always feature stories that were of national import but focused upon individuals in conflict with those issues, and to keep the reports to around thirteen minutes. However, the initial season was troubled by lack of network confidence. In 1970, the FCC instituted a rule stipulating that local network affiliates produce their own content for half an hour on weeknights and one hour of prime time on Sunday. Because affiliates found the costs for these productions high and the advertising rates low, the FCC created an exception for network-authored news and public affairs, and this ensured a place for 60 Minutes on Sunday night, as well as a duration for it. Morley Safer replaced Harry Reasoner in 1969, and he took over the task of reporting less aggressive stories. However, when Richard Nixon began targeting press access and reporting, even Safer began to do "hard" investigative reports, and in 1970 alone 60 Minutes reported on cluster bombs, the South Vietnamese Army, Canada's amnesty for American draft dodgers, Nigeria, the Middle East, and Northern Ireland. 1970 also saw the introduction of "Point/Counterpoint," with James J. Kilpatrick and, eventually, Shana Alexander, a three minute debate between spokespeople for the political right and left, respectively. This segment pioneered a format that would later be adapted by CNN for its Crossfire show. By 1975, it was the top-rated show on Sunday nights in the United States (its original time slot had been on Tuesday nights). By 1982, it was one of the highest rated shows overall. Its advertising rates went from $17,000 per thirty seconds in 1975 to $175,000 in 1982. In 1979, Channel 9 in Australia licensed a spin-off of 60 Minutes, complete with ticking clock and format and, later, New Zealand followed suit with its own 60 Minutes. At 87 years old, Mike Wallace is not only the oldest television personality today (tied with Helen Wagner), but one who has lasted the longest with one news show continuously, having been a part of 60 Minutes since its inception in 1968. On March 14, 2006, Wallace announced his retirement from 60 Minutes after 37 years with the program. He will continue working for CBS News as a "Correspondent Emeritus." As of 2005, it is the only regularly scheduled television program without any type of theme music. The only theme sound is from the signature TAG Heuer stopwatch in the opening title credit.

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​Presidente Marci - Argentina's new president reverses course on years of populist economic policies and anti-U.S. rhetoric on the eve of President Obama's visit.

Cornel West - The former Princeton professor is a different kind of civil rights leader and has the respect of young activists at the heart of new civil rights efforts, especially the Black Lives Matter movement​.

The Resurrection of St. Benedict's​ - Their school motto is "Whatever hurts my brother hurts me" and their graduation rate is 98 percent. Scott Pelley reports on a unique school in Newark​.

Morley SaferMorley Safer
As Himself (Correspondent 1970-)
Steve KroftSteve Kroft
As Himself (Correspondent 1989-)
Lesley StahlLesley Stahl
As Herself (Correspondent 1991-)
Bob SimonBob Simon
As Himself (Correspondent 1996-February 2015)
Scott PelleyScott Pelley
As Himself (Correspondent 2003-)
Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper
As Himself (Correspondent 2006-)
Dr. Sanjay GuptaDr. Sanjay Gupta
As Himself (Correspondent 2011-)
Lara LoganLara Logan
As Herself (Correspondent 2012-)
Mike WallaceMike Wallace
As Himself (Correspondent 1968-2006/2008)
Dan RatherDan Rather
As Himself (Correspondent 1975-1981/2005-2006)

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38x13: Dire Predictions from Osama Bin Laden's Bodyguard recap: For the first time since 9/11, an al Qaeda member, one very close to bin Laden, speaks candidly with Bob Simon about what goes on in the most secret world of a extremist terrorist. Abu Jandal, a bodyguard for Osama from 1996 through 2000, even discusses how bin Laden had a special gun set aside just in case he was discovered and unable to be saved, the gun would be used to kill him.
Insisting that bin Laden never makes promises he won’t keep, Abu Jandal foretells another attack due on the U.S.. This is a disturbing view into the life and motivations of a religious zealot, obsessive, powerful billionaire bent on a ‘holy war’ of terror.
Also, the adage, ‘What’s good for America, is good for GMC” may never mean the same thing again.
Finally, with the newest digital innovations commonplace in homes across the country, many people are working longer hours and more days than ever before... read more.

38x9: Is the Price Right?; The Court Martial of Willie Brand; The Prince of Pot recap: The Court Martial Of Willie Brand is about the horrific assault and resulting death of an Afghan prisoner by a U.S. soldier. He claims he was just following orders, but how this prisoner died is beyond belief.
The Prince of Pot has been selling marijuana seeds from his business in Canada for years and he openly promotes the legalization of pot. U.S. officials are working to prosecute him in America and if convicted in the U.S., he could end up in prison for life. Why is he remaining so passionate about this?.. read more.

38x8: Montana’s Coal Cowboy; On the Waterfront; To Walk Again recap: Democratic governor Brian Schweitzer tells Leslie Stahl about his state of Montana being able to make a serious dent in the U.S. oil shortage with the massive coal layers beneath the state.
Mining the coal, which is close to the surface in Montana, would be safer than it is in many other states where recent mine tragedies have made headlines. Costing about a dollar a gallon to make, it burns cleaner too.
While the process would mean higher carbon dioxide emissions (twice that of other fuels), Schweitzer has that figured out as well. In fact, Schweitzer has an answer for everything involved with this and they sound pretty good.
.. read more.

38x5: The Worst Case Scenario; Prisoner of Pain; Off the Scale recap: Ed Bradley reports on what the U.S. government has in place to take care of citizens upon the worst case scenario of a nuclear attack. In light of what has happened to hurricane and flood victims, would everyone be protected if the most inconceivable were to occur?
Morley Safer interviews a man who was hurt in an accident, leaving him in severe and chronic pain. His pursuit of medication and treatment ended up violating drug laws that are in place for obviously different kinds of users; should this man be in prison?
Deborah Voigt is a phenomenal opera singer, so she was devastated when she lost a part because of her being obese. Opting for gastric bypass surgery, she has since lost 100 lbs. Has she gained more parts? Bob Simon interviews.. read more.

38x4: The Oil Sands; Kinky for Governor; Fatal1ty recap: Bob Simon visits Alberta, Canada where the oil sands produce a million barrels of the black gold a day! Reserves are at least eight times that of Saudi Arabia. What’s the future look like for Alberta and can they make a difference in the world’s oil crises?
In Texas, Morley Safer sits down with Kinky Friedman, an out of the ordinary, Jewish country singer who is convinced he’s the next governor of the Lone Star state. Does he have a shot?
Finally, how do parents make their kids put the video game controller down when they look to the example set by Johnathan (Fatal1ty) Wendel, a pro video gamer who has earned nearly half a million dollars as the best video game player in the world.
.. read more.

Creator: Don Hewitt
Executive Producer: Don Hewitt
Producer: Jeff Fager

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Classification: News
Genre: Current Events | Interview | Politics
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 24, 1968
• 60 Minutes (Original Version), (Used In USA)
• Sixty Minutes
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