A Gifted Man

A Gifted Man

A Gifted Man follows Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson), a brilliant and charismatic surgeon who, after his ex-wife, Anna, dies and starts to teach him the meaning of life. Thanks to his lucrative career as an exception doctor, Michel has lived the life of luxury and easiness. Michel's sister Christina (Julie Benz), a single mother to a teenaged son, Milo (Liam Aiken), is happy that Anna is back in her brother's life even though she is only an illusion. Michael was always a better person because of her. However, Rita (Margo Martindale) is concerned of Michael's sudden change in behavior.

Anna tells Michael to continue her work at the Free Clinic and there, Michael meets Autumn, a volunteer that continues Anna's legacy. Michael connects with her and realizes that he can do more than save the rich and famous. From producers Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich), Academy Award winner Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs) comes A Gifted Man, a story of compassion and love in the medical field.

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Prev: 1x16 -- In Case of Heart Failure (Mar/02/2012)

Michael learns that a patient at the clinic has a special connection to Anna. Meanwhile, Michael reunites with an old friend who is suffering from a rare illness.

Available Episodes

In Case of Heart Fai..
Mar 02, 2012
Season 1 episode 16

In Case of Letting G..
Feb 24, 2012
Season 1 episode 15

In Case of Co-Depend..
Feb 17, 2012
Season 1 episode 14

In Case of Complicat..
Feb 10, 2012
Season 1 episode 13

In Case of Blind Spo..
Feb 03, 2012
Season 1 episode 12

In Case of (Re)Birth
Jan 13, 2012
Season 1 episode 11

In Case of a Bolt fr..
Jan 06, 2012
Season 1 episode 10

Patrick Wilson (1)Patrick Wilson (1)
As Michael Holt
Jennifer EhleJennifer Ehle
As Anna Paul
Margo MartindaleMargo Martindale
As Rita Perkins-Hall
Pablo SchreiberPablo Schreiber
As Anton Little Creek
Rhys CoiroRhys Coiro
As Zeke Barnes (Episode 14-16, recurring previously)
Rachelle LeFevreRachelle LeFevre
As Kate Sykora (Episodes 3-16)


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Greece love itRating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

a veeery good serie with great actors and characters...

here in Greece we love it...!!!
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Review posted on Wednesday, February 15th 2012 at 9:16 am

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1x16: In Case of Heart Failure recap: The scene opens over at Clinica Sanando. Michael’s getting ready for an awards ceremony at the Roosevelt Hotel, where he’s being honored for his achievements in Neurological Research. When Zeke mentions that Michael should bring Kate as his date, Kate and Michael verbally stumble over each other; as they clearly have feelings for each other and clearly don’t know how to address them. Kate’s been trying to bring up the kiss for the last week, but Michael keeps on dodging her questions; as he clearly can’t figure out, how to address that issue. At the hotel, Michael talks to Gene, a man who took photos of Michael for Time Magazine and is also being honored for his work. Gene tells him he met the love of his life, Trish, 2 weeks ago in India. Michael notices Gene is nervous and sweating while he’s accepting his award, and Gene then faints and bangs his head against the podium; much to everyone’s shock and horror... read more.

1x15: In Case of Letting Go recap: The scene opens with E-Mo arriving at Holt Neuro and Rita is delighted. She knows her bear hug could be brutal, but E-Mo has been paragliding. When Rita says he could start working again, Michael arrives with a joke – he doesn’t take walk-ins. Before long, Michael finds it hard to believe whom he is looking at. It is Lilly, Michael’s high school sweetheart, who has tracked him down from the school alumni, and wants him to go to the reunion. However, that is tomorrow, and Michael’s got a thing. He cannot leave his work behind. It turns out Lilly has had an accident as her cabbie rear ended somebody, and she went flying forward jamming her knee between the seats. She shows them the knee cap, but Michael notices a bruise mark on her head... read more.

1x14: In Case of Co-Dependents recap: The scene opens with Singer Shawnie Baker arriving concealing her face with a hooded jacket at Michael Holt’s clinic. She is rude with Rita, even though she goes gaga over how much her signing meant to her son. Shawnie is pissed about mentioning medical history in the online forms, and accuses Holt’s clinic of possible media leaks. Rita explains the clinic is more than strict about health information leaking out in the press, and she will have to wait for another half hour. Is Dr. Holt attending someone else at the expense of her time? She sent in 10 am for appointment. Rita shows the email sent to her. What is the appointment time mentioned here? 11? So she will have to wait. Meanwhile, Kate is having an argument with her husband over her unwillingness to take up the new offer he has found her. She is happy with the job, and wants to no change... read more.

1x13: In Case of Complications recap: The scene opens with Michael watching, as metropolitan workers slide through the aisles with their heavy equipment through the hospital. Michael looks perplexed until Anton gives him company, and the two of them look on at Christina and a fellow doctor in love exchange. Antoine lets on his tantric mood allows Christina to be interested in another soul. Michael meets Kate’s husband, to whom he has to confess a bump in one of his projects, and later, when he is about to get to his pharmacy chamber, his ex-wife’s spirit has arrived. She points out how Kate and her husband have been behaving in a strange way. There is a lot to suggest they are falling out of love. Michael suggests they are a busy set, when she explains that is what happened to them... read more.

1x12: In Case of Blind Spots recap: The scene opens with a basketball practice game in progress. The coach eggs on the star player Sherry. Dr Kate is the unofficial team physio and when Sherry falls near the D, she rams her back against a ball stand. She feels alright, but Kate insists she needs an X-ray. The X-ray shows no fracture or major harm, but Kate explains she will have to rest because she definitely has a bruise that could take a couple of days to heal. However, Sherry is not up to sitting out, and insists Kate lets her play the big game – she promises to take it easy. Later, Kate ensures that Sherry comes back for another appointment. Then she takes her to meet Dr. Michael Holt and his colleague Zeke Barnes. Turns out Sherry’s mother abandoned her when she was 10. Then Kate took her under her wing... read more.
Recurring Guests

Mike Doyle as Victor Lantz (9 eps)
Rhys Coiro as Dr. Zeke Barnes (9 eps)
Tijuana Ricks as Nurse Charisse (8 eps)
Afton Williamson as Autumn (8 eps)
Sue Jean Kim as Chief Nurse (7 eps)
Julie Benz as Christina Holt (6 eps)
Katie Ross (1) as Nurse Maria (6 eps)
Eriq La Salle as Edward "E-Mo" Morris (5 eps)
Adrian Martinez as Hector (5 eps)
Peter Hermann as Harrison Curtis (5 eps)

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