Disney's Aladdin is a fantastic spin-off to the equally great 1992 film Aladdin. The series takes place after the sequel to Aladdin, The Return of Jafar, Iago is Aladdin's friend, though he can be rude, and Jasmine and Aladdin have yet to be wed.
Aladdin follows Aladdin as he saves Agrabah (and sometimes the world) from evil forces, such as the money-obsessed nitwit, Abis Mal and his clever assistant, Haroud, the magic-powered cat-like woman with power over dreams, illusions, and more, Mirage, the money-and-power-obsessed sorcerer and ruler of the Black Sand, Mozenwrath, the perfectionist who specializes in committing crimes using machines, Mechanicles, and more, with the help of his friends Genie, the genie with semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic powers who can perform magic, the greedy parrot, Iago, the thieving Abu, and his love, Jasmine. Although the series centers around Aladdin, there are occasional times in which Aladdin is not the hero, or even episodes in which Aladdin makes no appearance whatsoever.
Aladdin premiered in 1994 in the Disney Afternoon block, and aired there until 1995. The series featured all of the original cast members from the 1992 feature, with the exception of Robin Williams, who played Genie in the movie (he was replaced by Dan Castellaneta). This series ran for 86 episodes. Not many Disney series have accomplished this, as there is a Disney rule that makes every series be canceled at 65 episodes. However, various series have surpassed this rule besides Aladdin. Some include That’s So Raven (98), Darkwing Duck (91), DuckTales (100), and Goof Troop (79).
While many series were removed from Toon Disney (where it’s aired for the past eight years) when the JETIX block was added, this series stayed, and still airs in its Princess Power Hour block, along with The Little Mermaid. While most episodes try to center around Jasmine (who is the reason the series is in that block), there have been occasions where Jasmine won’t appear at all, or have a minor part.

Episode Info

Final: 3x08 -- The Great Rift (Nov/25/1995)

When Aladdin finds a trunk with three gems in it in a destroyed kingdom, he takes them back to Agrabah, only to find out that they were really three people (one sister, two brothers). Aladdin apologizes and they have a party, but the joy is short-lived when they find out the siblings are trying to take over Agrabah. Soon Aladdin learns of "The Great Rift," that appears every time the siblings fight. Now The Great Rift is destroying the town, just like it destroyed the sibling’s town. Can Aladdin stop the siblings from fighting?
Dan CastellanetaDan Castellaneta
voiced Genie
Frank WelkerFrank Welker
voiced Abu, Raja
Gilbert GottfriedGilbert Gottfried
voiced Iago
Jim CummingsJim Cummings
voiced Razoul, Various
Linda LarkinLinda Larkin
voiced Jasmine
Scott WeingerScott Weinger
voiced Aladdin
Val BettinVal Bettin
voiced The Sultan


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1x46: Shadow Of A Doubt recap: Mirage returns with a plan to destroy Agrabah that’s more ingenious than the first. This time, she plans to use a sky-scraping structure that casts a giant shadow. Whatever the shadow from the structure touches is wiped from existence. Genie tries to knock down the machine, but it’s unmovable. Mirage decides to give Aladdin and company a tip on how to stop the shadow. She tells them of a cave that contains many glass mirrors. Each mirror shows a different side to you – whether it be what you desire to look like, what you’d look like if you were obese, etc. The mirror that they must find is the mirror that shows the “true you.” If you choose the wrong one, the cave will collapse. Aladdin finds the correct one, as it shows him as a street rat, even when he’s wearing fancy clothing. Problem arises when Iago sees one in which he is covered head-to-toe in jewelry, and decides to take it with him. The cave begins to collapse, but Aladdin, with the help of Carpet, rescues everyone and gets them to safety. When Aladdin returns, he defeats the structure with ease, which worries Jasmine. She believes that it should have taken more work, while everyone else is just proud of Aladdin. When Abu, Iago, and Carpet visit the marketplace, they notice that no one is there; the place is completely deserted. That’s when mirage decides to strike, and captures the three of them. Soon, Jasmine is kidnapped by Mirage, which is when she realizes that Agrabah is an allusion, or rather, a mirage. When Jasmine arrives at the dimension at which everyone else was sent, she realizes that all of Agrabah had been replaced before they returned. Aladdin is still eating up the glory, until he sees “Jasmine” agree with everyone else, and say that Aladdin never loses. He then realizes that this is not the real Agrabah, and that the structure is destroying the real Agrabah right now. He travels there, and uses the mirror to destroy the structure and save Agrabah... read more.

1x2: Bad Mood Rising recap: Aladdin, Jasmine, and the rest of the gang travel to a small village, in which a young king’s mood unintentionally affects the whole village physically with his mind. When the king is happy, the village is a nice place, with blue skies, green grass with growing crops and blossoming flowers and trees. However, when the king is in an unhappy mood, the village suffers from a drought, dark skies, which make the village suffer. When the king is mad, the village suffers severely, with thunder and lightning, tornadoes, and more.
After a surprise birthday party, the king becomes in an unhappy mood, upset that he was not informed. Aladdin and company have traveled to the village to try and cheer him up, otherwise the town’s people will starve from the drought, which causes the crops not to grow. Genie’s act fails, so Aladdin decides to put on a show where he juggles swords, but the king is not amused; that is, until Aladdin is in danger, stating he’s never juggled so many swords. He eventually juggles so many that the swords escape from his hands, nearly killing the king. Jasmine decides to tell an interesting story, which makes the king happy. When she’s ready to go, the adviser to the king refuses it, knowing the king will become angry again if she leaves. Jasmine decides to stay with the king after a struggle to save the town’s people, but Aladdin wants her back. He decides to have Genie turn his friends into Jasmine's "family" who want her back. The king can't take their sadness, and let's Jasmine go free. He learns what it's like to do something nice, and enjoys it. He decides to perform good deeds for everyone... read more.

Producer: Bill Motz, Bob Roth
Music: Harvey Cohen, Bruce Adler
Music Editor: Alex Wilkinson
Animator: Chris Derochie
Story Editor: Kevin D. Campbell
Prop Designer: Greg Guler

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Recurring Guests

Jason Alexander as Abis Mal (12 eps)
Jim Cummings as Sand Beast (10 eps)
James Avery as Haroud Hazi Bin (9 eps)
Jonathan Brandis as Mozenrath (9 eps)
Charlie Adler as Mechanicles (7 eps)
Bebe Neuwirth as Mirage (5 eps)
Hamilton Camp as Ayam Aghoul (4 eps)
Tino Insana as Prince Uncouthma (4 eps)
Kellie Martin as Sadira (4 eps)
Candi Milo as Tundra (3 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 05, 1994
Ended: November 25, 1995
• Aladdin: the Series
• Aladinas (Used In Lithuania)
• Disney's Aladdin
• Disney's Aladdin: the Series
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