American Pickers

  Season 8 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 01x02 25/Jan/2010 Super Scooter
04 01x04 08/Feb/2010 Invisible Pump
05 01x05 15/Feb/2010 Back Breaker
08 01x08 15/Mar/2010 5 Acres of Junk
11 01x11 05/Apr/2010 Fill'er Up
12 01x12 05/Apr/2010 Leland's Café

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
13 02x01 07/Jun/2010 Art of the Deal
14 02x02 14/Jun/2010 Buddy's Booby Trap
15 02x03 21/Jun/2010 Gordon's Gold Mine
16 02x04 28/Jun/2010 Smooth Operators
17 02x05 05/Jul/2010 Getting the Boot
19 02x07 02/Aug/2010 Psychic Pickings
20 02x08 09/Aug/2010 One Pony Town
21 02x09 16/Aug/2010 Hobo Jack
22 02x10 06/Sep/2010 Laurel and Hardy
23 02x11 13/Sep/2010 Frank Flips
24 02x12 04/Oct/2010 Mike's Breakdown
25 02x13 11/Oct/2010 Pint-Sized Picker
27 02x15 13/Dec/2010 Danielle Goes Picking
28 02x16 20/Dec/2010 What's In The Box?
29 02x17 27/Dec/2010 Fairlane Fever
30 02x18 17/Jan/2011 Too Hot to Handle
31 02x19 24/Jan/2011 Trading Up
32 02x20 31/Jan/2011 The Emu Chase
33 02x21 07/Feb/2011 Keep Out!
34 02x22 14/Feb/2011 They Boldly Go
35 02x23 21/Mar/2011 The Possum Trot
38 02x26 11/Apr/2011 NASCAR Challange

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
39 03x01 01/Jun/2011 Civil War Pickings
40 03x02 06/Jun/2011 An Indian Reunion
41 03x03 13/Jun/2011 Airstream Dream
42 03x04 11/Jul/2011 The Pick, The Pawn, & The Polish
43 03x05 18/Jul/2011 Pandora's Box
44 03x06 25/Jul/2011 Frank Bears All
45 03x07 01/Aug/2011 Pinball Mania
46 03x08 08/Aug/2011 Frank's Pacemaker
47 03x09 05/Sep/2011 Urban Cowboys
48 03x10 12/Sep/2011 Automotive Archaeology
50 03x12 26/Sep/2011 8th Grade Humor

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
51 04x01 28/Nov/2011 Jurassic Pick
54 04x04 19/Dec/2011 The Mad Catter
55 04x05 26/Dec/2011 Fast Eddie
57 04x07 09/Jan/2012 The Elephant in the Room
59 04x09 23/Jan/2012 Frank's Dog Days
60 04x10 30/Jan/2012 Odd Fellas
62 04x12 27/Feb/2012 Knuckleheads
64 04x14 09/Apr/2012 Boys' Toys
65 04x15 16/Apr/2012 The Return of Hobo Jack
66 04x16 23/Apr/2012 Mike's Holy Grail
67 04x17 21/May/2012 Feudin' Pickers
68 04x18 04/Jun/2012 Duck, Duck, Moose
69 04x19 11/Jun/2012 Driving Miss Dani
70 04x20 18/Jun/2012 Mama Knows Best
71 04x21 25/Jun/2012 Love 'em and Leave 'em
72 04x22 02/Jul/2012 You Betcha
73 04x23 09/Jul/2012 Backroad Samurai
74 04x24 13/Aug/2012 Train Wreck
76 04x26 27/Aug/2012 Pickers in the Attic
77 04x27 03/Sep/2012 Guys and Dollhouses

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
80 05x02 12/Nov/2012 Picking Superheroes
81 05x03 19/Nov/2012 Duke of Oil
82 05x04 26/Nov/2012 Substitute Picker
83 05x05 03/Dec/2012 Full Steam Ahead
85 05x07 17/Dec/2012 Woody Wood Picker
86 05x08 14/Jan/2013 The Doctor Is In
87 05x09 21/Jan/2013 The Million Dollar Mistake
88 05x10 28/Jan/2013 Haunted Honeyhole
89 05x11 04/Feb/2013 Ladies Know Best
92 05x14 25/Feb/2013 California Kustom
93 05x15 04/Mar/2013 Hometown Pickin'
94 05x16 11/Mar/2013 Cheap Pick
95 05x17 27/May/2013 The Royal Risk
96 05x18 03/Jun/2013 Step Right Up
97 05x19 10/Jun/2013 Deuce Digging
98 05x20 17/Jun/2013 Pinch Picker
99 05x21 24/Jun/2013 Cowboys and Cobwebs
100 05x22 08/Jul/2013 White Knuckles
101 05x23 15/Jul/2013 Bad Mother Shucker
102 05x24 22/Jul/2013 Traders of the Lost Parts
103 05x25 29/Jul/2013 Reverse the Curse
104 05x26 05/Aug/2013 Going Hollywood
106 05x28 19/Aug/2013 Grin and Bear It

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
107 06x01 09/Oct/2013 The Italian Job (1)
108 06x02 09/Oct/2013 The Italian Job (2)
109 06x03 16/Oct/2013 Sicilian Standoff
111 06x05 30/Oct/2013 Pick or Treat
112 06x06 06/Nov/2013 Dani Smells a Rat Rod
113 06x07 13/Nov/2013 Tough Texas
114 06x08 20/Nov/2013 Picking It Forward
116 06x10 04/Dec/2013 Lead of a Lifetime
117 06x11 08/Dec/2013 Bonnie, Clyde and The King
118 06x12 18/Dec/2013 Pam's Labyrinth
119 06x13 08/Jan/2014 The Einstein Gamble
120 06x14 15/Jan/2014 KISS and Sell
121 06x15 22/Jan/2014 The King's Ransom
122 06x16 29/Jan/2014 For a Few Dollars More
123 06x17 05/Feb/2014 Mountain Mayhem
124 06x18 02/Apr/2014 The Mega-Pick
125 06x19 09/Apr/2014 Frank's Holy Grail
126 06x20 16/Apr/2014 Backroad Barnstorming
127 06x21 23/Apr/2014 Legend of the Lost Indian
129 06x23 07/May/2014 Mad as a Picker
130 06x24 14/May/2014 Captain Quirk
131 06x25 21/May/2014 Sweet Homes Alabama
132 06x26 04/Jun/2014 Need for Speed
133 06x27 11/Jun/2014 Shock Value
134 06x28 30/Jul/2014 Alien vs. Picker
135 06x29 06/Aug/2014 Raze the Roof
137 06x31 20/Aug/2014 Plymouth Rocks
138 06x32 27/Aug/2014 Rocket Man
139 06x33 03/Sep/2014 Virginia is for Pickers

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
140 07x01 29/Oct/2014 The More You No
141 07x02 05/Nov/2014 Thunderdome
142 07x03 12/Nov/2014 Auburned Out
144 07x05 26/Nov/2014 Let's Be Frank
145 07x06 03/Dec/2014 Grudge Match
146 07x07 10/Dec/2014 Escape to Motor Mountain
147 07x08 17/Dec/2014 Everything Must Go
148 07x09 14/Jan/2015 Museum Man
149 07x10 21/Jan/2015 Big Moe
150 07x11 28/Jan/2015 May the Ford Be With You
151 07x12 04/Feb/2015 The Pickin' or the Egg
153 07x14 18/Feb/2015 The Maineiacs
154 07x15 25/Feb/2015 From A to T

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
155 08x01 06/May/2015 Red Barn, Black Keys
156 08x02 13/May/2015 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
157 08x03 20/May/2015 Texas Hold 'Em
158 08x04 27/May/2015 Great Minds Ink Alike
159 08x05 03/Jun/2015 The Big Bet
160 08x06 10/Jun/2015 Good & Evel
161 08x07 17/Jun/2015 The Numbers Game
162 08x08 24/Jun/2015 The Georgia Gambler
165 08x11 29/Jul/2015 The Bundle Brothers
166 08x12 05/Aug/2015 Space Oddities
167 08x13 12/Aug/2015 Daredevil Duffey
169 08x15 26/Aug/2015 From Coupe to Nuts
170 08x16 02/Sep/2015 Coin-Op Kings
172 08x18 14/Oct/2015 Like Father, Like Daughter
173 08x19 21/Oct/2015 Can't Catch a Break
174 08x20 28/Oct/2015 The Superfan
176 08x22 11/Nov/2015 Beetle in a Haystack
177 08x23 18/Nov/2015 Biggest Buys
178 08x24 25/Nov/2015 Best of the 60's
179 08x25 02/Dec/2015 Best of the 70's
180 08x26 09/Dec/2015 Toughest Digs
182 08x28 06/Jan/2016 Who's the Rarest of Them All?
183 08x29 13/Jan/2016 On the Road Again
185 08x31 27/Jan/2016 This One Stings
186 08x32 03/Feb/2016 Full Speedo Ahead
188 08x34 17/Feb/2016 A Few Good Junk Men
189 08x35 24/Feb/2016 Frank's Birthday
190 08x36 02/Mar/2016 Signs of Struggle
191 08x37 04/May/2016 A Colonel of Truth
192 08x38 11/May/2016 Tick Tock Pick
193 08x39 18/May/2016 One Giant Pick for Mankind
194 08x40 25/May/2016 Picked a Peck of Pepper
195 08x41 08/Jun/2016 Scrappy Go Lucky
196 08x42 15/Jun/2016 No Stoner Left Unturned
197 08x43 22/Jun/2016 Slim Pickings
198 08x44 27/Jul/2016 Planes, Frames and Automobiles
199 08x45 03/Aug/2016 Picker's Code

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S06 - #1 09/Oct/2013 Off the Road
S07 - #2 22/Oct/2014 Back to the Beginning: Super Scooter
S08 - #3 30/Mar/2016 Biggest Buys: The Italian Job
S08 - #4 20/Apr/2016 Biggest Buys: Risky Business
S08 - #5 09/May/2016 Biggest Buys: Heads or Tails
S08 - #6 16/May/2016 Biggest Buys: The Motorcycle Honey Hole
S08 - #7 31/May/2016 Biggest Buys: Farm Fresh Find
S08 - #8 10/Jul/2016 Biggest Buys: Mike's Holy Grail

  Season 8 »
Type: Reality
Genres: Arts & Crafts, Buy, Sell & Trade, Family, How To/Do It Yourself, Lifestyle
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 18, 2010
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