Babylon 5

Babylon 5

Babylon 5 was a ground-breaking science fiction series, the first to utilize a multi-season story arc for its entire run. It was written and plotted from the start as a "novel for television", with a clear beginning, middle and end. Moreover, it was a visual effects pioneer, being shot in th cinematic 16:9 rather than the standard 4:3 of TV, and all the visual effects were completely computer generated (CGI) at a time when models were still the standard.

In setting, Babylon 5 was also atypical, a change from its predecessors, in that it dealt not with a utopian society coming to grips with nature and the unknown, but with inherently flawed humans and aliens, their problems and conflicts, hatreds and likes. Others have followed suit, but Babylon 5 was the first.

There are conspiracies of light and shadow, choices made and consequences faced. For all the serious plot lines, there are plenty of moments of humor to lighten the mood.

Episode Info

Final: 5x22 -- Sleeping in Light (Nov/25/1998)

Twenty years have passed since Z'ha'dum and, as prophesised by Lorien, it is time for Sheridan to die. He does, however, have enough time to tie some loose ends, say his goodbyes to old friends. Ivanova is now general, Vir Cotto is Emperor of the Centauri Republic, Garibaldi is on Mars leading the Edgars Corporation, Franklin is working on Earth - but they all immediately pack their things and head to Minbar after receiving an invitation. They are all still important to each other, and have great impact on each other's lives. A time for remembrance and goodbyes - and the final decommissioning of Babylon 5.
Michael OMichael O'Hare
As Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (S01)
Bruce BoxleitnerBruce Boxleitner
As Captain/President John Sheridan (S02-S05)
Claudia ChristianClaudia Christian
As Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova (S01-S04)
Jerry DoyleJerry Doyle
As Security Chief Michael Garibaldi
Mira FurlanMira Furlan
As Delenn
Richard BiggsRichard Biggs
As Dr. Stephen Franklin
Andrea ThompsonAndrea Thompson
As Talia Winters (S01-S02)
Stephen FurstStephen Furst
As Vir Cotto
Bill MumyBill Mumy
As Lennier
Julie Caitlin BrownJulie Caitlin Brown
As Na'Toth (S01)


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2x21: Comes the Inquisitor recap: G'Kar is in the Zocalo addressing the crowd, warning that the Centauri will attack them next. One human speaks up, insisting that it's a private matter between the Centauri and the Narn. G'Kar warns that the Centauri may have relented for the moment, but they will soon strike out at all those who stand by quietly now. The crowd mostly ignores G'Kar, and another Narn warns that it's pointless. G'Kar refuses to let others forget the Narn and their fate, and the Narn says that he's called to a meeting. After a moment, G'Kar reluctantly goes, while Vir watches nervously from the balcony above... read more.

2x9: The Coming of Shadows recap: On Centauri Prime, Prime Minister Malachi informs Emperor Turhan that everything is ready and the Royal Liner is standing by for departure. Turhan tells Malachi that he will remain on Centauri Prime, ignoring his friend's objections. Malachi warns the Emperor that his condition is delicate, but Turhan believes that he can wait no longer. Turhan refuses to don his traditional Centauri wig and thanks Malachi for his service... read more.

2x3: The Geometry of Shadows recap: In the medbay, Dr. Franklin is examining Garibaldi, who is trying to hide his pain. He doesn't do very well and Franklin tells him that his condition is improving since he was shot in the back. Franklin tells him that he'll be ready for light duty in a day or two, and Garibaldi wonders if Sheridan will want him back. The security chief wonders if Sheridan is tied in with Sinclair being removed from duty. Franklin points out that Garibaldi doesn't sound too excited about going back to work, and Garibaldi worries that he failed to realize that his second-in-command was a traitor, and worries that he's not qualified to do his job... read more.
Recurring Guests

Josh Coxx as Lt. David Corwin (33 eps)
Jeffrey Willerth as Ambassador Kosh (31 eps)
Ardwight Chamberlain as Ambassador Kosh (28 eps)
Marianne Robertson as Tech #1 (21 eps)
Mark Hendrickson as Narn Captain (18 eps)
Ed Wasser as Guerra (15 eps)
Jonathan Chapman as Ambassador #1 (15 eps)
Kim Strauss as Green Drazi (14 eps)
Walter Koenig as Alfred Bester (12 eps)
Wayne Alexander as G'Dan (11 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 26, 1994
Ended: November 25, 1998
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