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The Escape Artist - Recap

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Cody wakes Norman up in her car and explains how she found him in a stupor. He asks Cody not to tell his mother, and she tells him never to worry about her saying anything to parents.

Remo wakes Dylan up by pouring a drink over his head. He asks why Dylan is sleeping in the warehouse and tells him about Romero's house fire. The only person who they suspect would do such a thing is Zane. Remo asks what they should do since Dylan's the boss.

Norma tells Norman about Dylan moving out and says there's nothing they can do about it. They are alone and must move on.

Romero checks in at the Bates Motel and tells Norma that he'll be there for a few months. He finally explains to Norma what happened to his house but doesn't want to talk about it. The only special request Romero makes is for privacy.

Norma calls Nick Ford's office to discuss the bypass. He has some ideas and invites her to come down to his boat to discuss them.

Emma joins Norman in the main office and he tells her about Dylan moving out. She asks what could have happened to Dylan that couldn't be fixed. Emma's friend walks into the office and asks what she's doing after work. He invites her out and she suggests they go for a walk down by the beach. After he leaves, Norman mentions that he sells pot. Cody arrives outside and Norman runs up to the house before he leaves with her. He passes Norma, who doesn't approve of Cody. She introduces herself to Cody but they don't get along. Norman runs up and they leave for the theatre. On the way, Cody realizes that she forgot the money for lumber and reluctantly agrees to go back to get it.

Emma asks Norma about having sex for the first time. She's nervous and has no one else to ask. Norma tells her and assures her she'll be fine. Emma heads out and says she's on her way to stop the bypass from happening.

Cody pulls up to her house and asks Norman to stay in the car. When she gets inside, her father asks where she's been. Norman gets out of the car and walks up to the house and hears Cody and her father yelling at each other. Cody exits the house and they get back in the car. She says she's fine and got the money, and suggests running away. However, Norman doesn't think it's a good idea. Cody offers to show him something nearby and go to the theatre later.

Norma arrives at the marina and meets with Nick Ford at his boat. He offers her a drink and sends one of his servants for it. She's amazed at his yacht and they head inside. Nick is still impressed that Norma stood up to the council and says that she has nothing to lose by going against him. He can't oppose the council openly but Norma can. Norma thinks that Lee Burman is the problem but Nick says not to worry about him. He will help maneuver their path and pull strings when he can. Nick gives her the name of a man to go see. His servant interrupts and says he needs to take a conference call. Before he leaves, Nick says it will be a real pleasure to work with her.

Later, Norma visits the man Nick told her to, Brian Fuller. He hands her a report and explains that he's a biologist. The report requests an immediate injunction on the bypass. He says if she files the report at city hall it should bring everything to a halt for awhile. She thanks him and leaves with the report.

Zane arrives at the warehouse and asks Dylan if he wants to go out to lunch later. Remo isn't invited because he has a shipment to run.

Cody takes Norman to a forest clearing that she likes to go to. They share some beer and Cody talks about her father. She's moving out as soon as she can and thinks that Norman is lucky to have such a good relationship with his mother.

Romero attacks Remo outside of the warehouse and reminds Zane what he said about being a good guy. He threatens to show up when he least suspects it and bury him and his business. Romero walks away, leaving Zane bleeding on the ground.

Cody tells Norman about her plans to hitchhike down the coast. He's never met a girl like her and feels safe with her. She doesn't think that's weird and actually finds it nice. Norman admits the blackout he had isn't the first one. Sometimes he gets too upset and it happens. Cody leads him to something she wants to show him. She heads up a tree into a tree house. Norman follows her up and lies down at the top with her. They start making out and she takes off both of their shirts.

Norma hands in the report at the town hall. She asks the secretary to tell Lee Burman that Norma says hello.

After work, Emma heads to Gunner's motel room. They go for a walk by the beach and he talks about his dreams for the future. He kisses her after she asks if that's what he's about to do.

When Norma gets back to the motel, she asks if Romero's okay. She insists he come back to the house so she can clean his wounds. At the house, she asks why he beat someone up. Romero doesn't want to talk about it because he knows better than to run his mouth in his business. Norma says that she's making friends and brings up Nick. Romero says he's in the drug business and warns her to stay away from him.

Dylan sits waiting at the restaurant for Zane. He calls Norman but there's no answer. Zane sits down and explains that Romero beat him up after he hired a guy to burn down his house. After they leave the restaurant, Dylan throws Zane to the ground when a car drives by shooting. Dylan stands and fires back at them but they drive away. The car turns back toward them and Dylan walks into the middle of the street. He shoots several times before the car hits him and he falls to the ground.

When Norman gets home, Norma asks to talk to him. She says that Cody isn't a good choice but Norman says that she's a nice girl. Norma warns that Cody will only hurt him and asks him not to see her anymore. Norman promises that they will be done after the play is over.

Emma makes out with Gunner in his motel room. They both take off their shirts and he jokes that she should keep her oxygen close by.

Norma walks out of the main office when she hears a car pull up. She sees that it's Romero and asks him what the problem is. He explains that Lee Burman died in a car crash.

Dylan wakes up in the hospital and sees a woman standing over him. She says she's Zane's sister and promises to take care of the hospital stay for him. He asks who she is and she responds that she's his boss.