Plunge - Recap

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Norma reads an article about Councilor Burman's death before heading into town. When Norman drops a beer opener, Norma scolds him for drinking. He's supposed to go for his driving exam this weekend and she isn't sure she can trust him. Norman says that driving is really important to him and apologizes about the beer.

Dylan is let out of the hospital and Zane's sister Jodi is there to pick him up. She takes him to her secluded house to stay until everything blows over. Jodi asks if he has any family they should notify but he says they don't care about him.

Norma visits Nick Ford's boat at the marina but his secretary says that she doesn't have an appointment. She's not allowed in and turns to leave. Nick walks up behind her and they talk about the convenience of Burman's death. Norma still wants to stop the bypass but doesn't want to work with Nick anymore. Nick points out that she didn't have any problem with the environmental report.

At the motel, Norma greets Christine when she arrives. She suggests that Norma try to take his open seat and that she should call the mayor to tell him she's interested. Christine wants to use her connections to help Norma get the seat.

Dylan wakes up and Jodi brings him some medicine that will help him. He drinks it down and Jodi says dinner will be around seven.

Emma meets Gunner for a quick make out session in his room. She has to go back to work but agrees to go for a ride with him later. Emma leaves his room and Norman greets her outside. He's waiting for Cody to come pick him up. Norma watches Cody drive in to the parking lot and runs in front of the car. Emma asks Norman to give her a moment alone with Cody. Norma says there are medical reasons why Norman shouldn't drink. She doesn't want Norman to hang out with her and he promises not to do anything stupid.

On the way to the theater, Cody says that they should skip and go to the river instead. They stop by her place to get some liquor. Cody says something must have happened and they hide in the closet. Norman has a flashback to when he hid in the closet with his mother to escape his father. He goes into a trance which continues even after Cody's father leaves the house. When he snaps out of it, Norman says it has been happening more often but insists that he's okay.

At the river, Norman says he's sorry about Cody's dad. She says he isn't always bad and just wishes that he could be happy. Cody takes a swig of the liquor and makes out with Norman.

Emma and Gunner head out for a picnic together. They arrive at the river and find Norman and Cody already there. Cody says there's no reason to leave and they all hang out together.

Norma stops Romero on his way out of the motel and asks for any tips about going for Burman's seat. He doesn't think she has a chance to get the seat but wishes her good luck. Romero warns her that when she has her light on at night, her curtains can be seen through.

Gunner jumps into the river and Cody convinces Norman to jump next. Emma wishes she could go and Cody suggests that she does. Before jumping Emma takes her oxygen off. She doesn't surface right away so Norman jumps in. He swims to her and yells for Gunner to get Emma's oxygen tank. They comfort her on land and Norman yells at Cody for pressuring her into jumping. Gunner tries to intervene but Norman yells at him to shut up. Cody leaves and Norman goes back to console Emma.

George arrives at Norma's to prepare her for her upcoming meeting with the mayor. He talks about why he became a lawyer and also why he ended up quitting.

Jodi shows him around the house and business that was left to her by her parents. He's impressed by the growing operation that is in the old barn. She says she needs Dylan to do something and thinks Zane taking Gil's place was a mistake. Jodi wants Dylan to run things without letting Zane know he's in charge.

George tells Norma that she's done a lot of research and doesn't need to impress the mayor. He says she's engaging and needs to show that part of herself more. She thanks him for the kind words.

Jodi wakes Dylan up and asks him not to take their sex personally. He promises not to and she climbs in bed with him.

Emma finds Norman in his basement and thanks him for saving her yesterday at the river. He thinks he may have overreacted but she thanks him with a kiss on the cheek for coming to her defense and leaves him to his taxidermy.

When he goes upstairs, Norman assures his mother she'll do fine in the meeting. He asks what George suggested Norma should focus on. Norman agrees that he should focus on her personality and reminds her of his driving test tomorrow.

Norma meets with the mayor to discuss her issues. Mayor Robert Woodriff asks about how she met Christine and says the Heldens are good friends of his. He asks about her also knowing Nick Ford and says Ford wants her to have the seat. Woodriff says his support means something and warns not to cross him. Norma wants to go over her positions but he says he has all he needs to know from the company she keeps. She thanks him for the meeting and he says she's in with all the right people.

Cody enters the motel office to apologize to Emma about the river. She brings up how Norman got all out of control and asks if he's okay. Emma asks why and Cody reveals his multiple blackouts. Norman asked Cody not to tell his mom but she needed to tell someone. She tells Emma to do what she wants with the information and warns that Norma may get upset if she finds out.

Norma answers a phone call from town hall that she got Burman's position on the council. She runs to Norman to tell him the news before they leave for his driver's test.

Later, Norma waits outside the DMV while Norman takes his driving test. She receives a call from Emma who says that she has something to tell her in person. Norma insists on knowing now so Emma tells her. She says Cody warned her that Norman had started having blackouts. Norma rushes over to the car and asks the instructor if Norman can get his license. The instructor says he needs to have three years free of blackouts to be able to get his license. Norman stares at Norma in frustration. She drives him back home and he asks how she could do that to him. He wants to know how she knows he's been having blackouts. Norma tells him that Cody told Emma and he yells at her to pull over. He gets out of the car and starts walking back to town, yelling that he's no longer a boy that can be locked up in the house. She kisses him goodbye and gets back in the car.

Norman arrives at Cody's and yells at her for telling his mother about the blackouts. Cody warns him to quiet down but her father is already awake. He comes out and asks what's going on. Cody says it's nothing and asks him to go back to bed. Her father grabs her and punches Norman to the ground when he tries to intervene. Norman pushes him and he falls down the stairs. He doesn't move after hitting the floor in the basement.