Presumed Innocent - Recap

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Norma leaves a voice mail for Norman. She hasn't seen him and she's worried about him. Norma then goes to City Hall and meets with a woman who hands her everything she will need. The woman shows Norma to her office where another councilman, Max Borowitz, introduces himself. Norma goes to his office and he says that it's funny how she took Lee Burman's chair. Max asks how she got the chair and starts to talk about the bypass. Romero interrupts them to pull Norma away. Outside of the city hall, he tells her about the fight between Norman and Cody's dad Jimmy. Romero takes Norma to the station and says they are still investigating the case.

Norman is photographed and swabbed for DNA. An officer gives him a shirt to change into so that the blood on his short can be tested. Norman insists that it was an accident and asks how Cody is. The officer says all accidents need to be investigated and maybe he can see Cody later.

Remo invites Dylan to stay with him if he gets tired of staying at the boss' house. Zane walks by with a few men who are doing a job for them. However, he refuses to tell Dylan what he's doing. Remo worries that he's up to no good.

Emma meets Norma outside of the police station. She doesn't think Norman did it and suggests they find out what's happening. She volunteers to stay with Norma through the night but Norma suggests that she watch the motel instead.

The police officer who inspected Norman reports what she found to Romero. A friend who runs the lab will pick up the evidence for testing. Romero isn't interested in hearing her opinion on the case.

Norma asks the secretary when she'll be able to see Romero or her son. An officer appears and says that she can go into the back now. She comforts Norman and he explains what happened. Norma tells him not to mention his blackouts to the police. He thinks that Norma doesn't believe him and insists that it was an accident.

Romero takes Norman away to ask a few questions. He's not being arrested because Romero just wants to make sure they aren't missing anything. Norman takes Romero through the events again and says that he can't forget Jimmy's face as he fell. Cody will be taken in by her aunt who lives near Fort Wayne. Norman still feels bad about what happened.

Norma stresses out while she waits for Norman. George shows up and says that he heard she was at the station from a few friends. He assures her that the police are just following standard procedure. Norma tells him what happened and George says that Norman has nothing to worry about.

Dylan listens in as Zane tells his men the plan. He offers to help but Zane says he knows about his sister's plan to watch him. Zane warns Dylan not to get involved with his sister.

Norma follows Cody into the bathroom at the station and asks her to keep silent about Norman's blackouts. Cody agrees not to say anything if she explains why. Norma doesn't think anyone should know about his blackouts and hides in a stall when an officer enters the room. The officer takes Cody away for a phone call with her aunt.

Emma meets Dylan at the docks to tell him about what happened with Norman. She suggests that Dylan go to Norman to be there for him. Emma thinks that he should take a break from hating the family to be there when they need it.

George offers to give Norma anything she needs and promises that everything will be fine. Norman walks into the hallway and sees them hugging. He asks why George is there, and George leaves to give them some time together. Norma explains that George can help them because he's an attorney. An officer leads Cody by them but she only stares at them. Norman runs outside to get some fresh air. Romero stands next to Norma as she watches Norman outside. He offers to have a deputy take them home and says that they're done with Norman for now.

Back home, Norman asks Norma if George thinks he's a murderer. Norma says he doesn't because she told her. Norman tries to explain what happened and still thinks Norma doesn't believe him. She isn't sure what he wants her to say and he angrily rushes off.

Later, Emma meets with Norman outside of the motel and asks what's going on. He says he's fine and feels bad for Cody. He's upset that Emma told Norma about his blackouts. Norman apologizes and says that he's not mad anymore. He says he can never trust Emma again but thanks her for believing in him.

Cody shows up at Norman's to talk about the incident. She assures him that it was Jimmy's own fault for dying and doesn't blame Norman. Cody has to leave for Indiana immediately and admits that she knows they will lose contact. She would rather say goodbye face to face anyway. Cody kisses Norman before she leaves and also mentions how Norma asked her not to mention the blackouts. She says he should confront Norma because something scares her about the blackouts.

Romero stops by the motel to tell Norma that Jimmy's death has officially been ruled an accident. She's glad to hear this and runs to the house to tell Norman. She hugs him and says how relieved she is. Norman tells her about Cody leaving and that she said Norma was lying about him. They get in an argument over this and Norman asks what happens during his blackouts. Norma refuses to answer the question and orders him to never ask her again.

Zane calls Dylan over to tell him what he's been up to. He tells him to come with them on the mission but won't tell him unless he goes with him. Zane also wants Remo to go with two of his men. They drive to a location and break in through a fence. Dylan realizes the plan is to raid Nick Ford's warehouse. He doesn't think they should but Zane wants to send a message. Dylan thinks it's too big and warns the payback will be huge. Zane knocks Dylan out and Remo agrees to help.

Dylan wakes up as Zane and his men go into the warehouse firing their guns at Ford's men. He manages to crawl away before he passes out.

In his motel room, Romero receives a call from Deputy Lin. She ran Norman's DNA and says that it matches the semen sample found in Blair Watson.