Meltdown - Recap

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Norma looks for Norman in his room but find he's already gone. He's cleaning the motel office. Romero leaves his room and walks into the office. As he gets coffee, Norman asks if anything is wrong. He only mentions the lack of cream before leaving.

Romero leaves just as Norma brings Norman some food. She asks if he wants to go see a movie later but he tries to avoid her. He's still upset about the secrets she's keeping about him. Norman rushes out of the office and Norma calls after him. Nick Ford enters and asks for a favor. He asks for her to arrange a meeting between him and Dylan. Ford says that they have some things they must discuss because they're in the same business. She explains they're estranged and he suggests that they repair their relationship while they can.

Police swarm Ford's warehouses where Zane attacked the night before. Dylan wakes up at the sound of the sirens and runs away through a field. There are many bodies inside that are all low-level workers. Romero tells the police not to arrest Zane when they find him but instead tell him Zane's location.

Dylan drives to Jodi's house and tells her about Zane's raid. Jodi confronts Zane about the raid and they get into an argument about their father. Dylan breaks it up and Zane explains his plan. He wants to offer Ford a buyout and suggests that they wear him down until he agrees. Dylan suggests that he lay low for awhile.

Norma calls Dylan but only gets his voice mail. She asks Emma where Dylan works because she needs to talk to him, and Emma offers to show her there herself.

Norma drives to the place Dylan works and enters against Emma's advice. She knocks on the door and she's greeted by Remo holding a gun. Norma explains that she's Dylan's mother and he acts much nicer to her. Remo takes her to Dylan's office and Norma says that she came to see him about Ford. She explains his request for a meeting but he thinks it's just a trap. There's no way he can meet with Ford and suggests Norma stay away from him. She wants to talk more but he insists she leave.

George stops by the motel to tell Norma that the bypass has been temporarily halted for environmental studies. He admits that being friends with her isn't enough for him. She agrees to a date with him at his place for dinner.

Romero instructs Deputy Lin to find Zane and not bother him until he's found.

A police car pulls Dylan over on the road. It's Romero and he orders Dylan to get out of the car. He asks where Zane is but Dylan says he doesn't know. Romero threatens to kill him if he lies about Zane.

Norman places some of his taxidermy in the house but Norma isn't sure it fits in. He insists that he's not doing it because he's mad at her and says he only wants to share his love.

Romero stops by Norma's to ask if Norman can help repair a curtain rod in his motel room. In his room, Romero asks how well Norman knew Blair and if there was anything off about her. Norman explains what he knows and says that he sometimes seemed sad and lost. Romero reveals that Blair slept with a lot of people and wonders if Norman did too. He denies doing anything with her and leaves the room. Norman doesn't know what he's talking about, even though Romero warns that it won't go away.

Ford stops by the Bates' house and Norman lets him in. Norma's not there yet but Norman lets him wait inside. Ford knows Norman took photos of him when he visited Blair's grave and asks why he did so. Norman claims he heard Blair having an argument with a man named Eric and he though Ford was that man. Ford explains the falling out that he had with Blair and how he was trying to get her to come back. He thinks family is the most important thing. Norma arrives home and asks Norman to put the groceries away. She claims she couldn't find Dylan but he warns that she owes him. Ford says he got her the seat on the council and also took care of Burman. He warns she's making a mistake and leaves her house. Norman listens in on their conversation but rushes downstairs when Ford goes.

Norma finds Norman in the basement and explains that she's going out on a date with George. Norman doesn't seem bothered by this so Norma stomps back upstairs.

Dylan calls Ford and offers to meet somewhere public outside of town. He suggests a meeting place and Ford agrees to the terms.

Norma meets George at his house where he's cooking steaks. He notices something is off about her and she starts to cry. She admits she lied to him about going to college and most of what she told him about herself. Norma runs out on George and their dinner. As she starts the car, she says Norman's name to herself.

Dylan meets Ford at the pizza place he suggested. Ford says they have a mutual problem in Zane Morgan. Ford says everything can stop there if Dylan takes him out. He warns what could happen if Dylan doesn't kill Zane and allows their drug war to continue. Dylan warns Ford to stay away from Norma and leaves.

Deputy Lin enters Romero's office and says Miller has been convicted in the murder of Blair Watson. She asks what they will do now about Norman having had sex with Blair the night of her death. Romero doesn't want to do anything and threatens Lin if she tells anyone about the evidence against Norman.

Norma returns home and talks to Norman. She thinks he's acting distant towards her and insists he doesn't understand her. Norman can't trust her anymore and says that things are different between them now. He isn't even sure they love each other and asks her to stay out of his room. She tries to follow him but he locks her out. After banging on the door for awhile, she finally leaves him alone.

Norma goes back to George's house. He's surprised that she's back and they start making out. She takes her underwear off and he says he's been waiting for her for a long time.

Dylan visits Jodi at her place to discuss Zane. She says he doesn't have enough experience but he thinks they need to do something. Jodi tells him to do something about Zane if he needs to do it.

As Norman closes up the motel, Romero walks up behind him and asks why he's lying. He brings up the evidence he has against Norman and needs to know why he lied. Norman runs back to the house when he's confronted by this. He holds Blair's necklace and looks at the newspaper article about her death. Norman leaves his room when he hears the front door open. A man sneaks up behind him and holds a drug-soaked cloth over his mouth.

Norma wakes up next to George in his bed.