The Box - Recap

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Two men take a blindfolded Norman to a field. They take his blindfold off as they drag him towards the woods. One man orders him into a metal container and they close the door.

Norma comes home in the morning and sneaks upstairs to her room. She goes to wake Norman up but he's not there. When Norma can't find him anywhere, she asks Emma if she's seen him. Emma asks why but Norma doesn't explain what's wrong.

Norman lies with his hands tied in the metal box. He yells and kicks against the box to no avail.

Norma calls the theater asking about Norman. She leaves a voice mail for her son and warns that she will report him as a missing person if he doesn't call back.

Romero sits down with his dad's ex-partner, Declan Rogers, at a coffee shop. He asks about his work with polygraph tests and says there's no one better at them. Romero asks for him to do an off-the-record polygraph on Norman. He wants it secret because he put someone else away but needs to know the truth. Declan agrees to help him.

At the motel, Norma receives a call from Ford about Norman. He says that they have Norman and she needs to follow his orders if she wants Norman back. Ford wants her to get Dylan to follow his orders and threatens to kill Norman if she goes to Romero.

Norma shows up at Dylan's workplace and yells for him to come out. She tells him that Ford has Norman and he needs to do what he says. Dylan says it isn't that easy but she offers to help. He reveals that Ford wants him to kill his boss and Norma says he must do it. She pleads with him to save Norman.

Dylan visits Jodi and asks where Zane is hiding. He says it's time to kill Zane and asks if that's what Jodi wanted anyway.

At the motel office, Romero asks Emma about Norman. He leaves when Norma arrives and asks her about Norman. She says that he's sick but he insists that he needs to talk to him. Romero reveals that one of the semen samples inside of Blair belonged to Norman. He says he isn't asking about giving Norman a polygraph test. Norma asks to give Norman some time and Romero says that he'll be back. Inside, Norma wheezes as she tries to call Norman. She leaves a message stating how much she loves him.

Norman talks to himself when men approach his box. They were sent to check on him and the men hand him water and food. When the leader turns around to answer a call from Ford, Norman tries to run away. The men catch him and find the necklace and article about Blair's death. The leader tells his men to put Norman back in the box.

Emma stops by the house to tell Norma that she's handing in her two-week resignation. She feels like part of the family but she also feels excluded from a lot of things. Norma says Emma has been a big help and she will be missed. Once she closes the door, Norma goes back inside to call Ford. She leaves a message saying that they are doing exactly what he wanted.

The man who found the necklace takes it to Ford and says it was found in Norman's pocket.

Norman asks for help as bugs crawl around the inside of the metal box. He imagines Norma talking to him when he was younger.

Dylan drives to a house in the middle of nowhere. He knocks on the door and a man on the porch points a gun at him. Zane answers the door and knows that Jodi told Dylan where he was. They go inside together and gather around a poker table. Zane asks for his gun because he doesn't know whose side Dylan is on. He asks if Jodi has what it takes to run the business. Dylan says he does and Zane next asks about himself. He warns if Dylan picks Jodi over him he'll be making a big mistake. Zane asks Dylan to thank Jodi for the groceries and also says to convince her to take Ford off the map.

Norma goes into the office and tells Emma she can close early. George arrives soon after with flowers for Norma. She rejects George's advances and says she had a hard day. They get in an argument and Norma yells at him to leave. Outside, Emma watches the whole ordeal take place. Norma runs out apologizing to George but he drives away. Emma hugs Norma and leads her back inside.

Dylan arrives at Ford's house. He's searched before being brought to Ford. Dylan tells Ford where Zane is but doesn't understand why Zane isn't dead. There was no way for him to take out all of the armed men. Dylan can no longer help Ford by himself. Ford takes out a gun and orders Dylan to go outside. Dylan hits Ford in the face with a fireplace poker. He asks where Norman is but Ford is already dead.

Norma wakes up in Norman's bed to a banging on her front door. She runs downstairs and opens the door for Romero. He wants to speak to Norman and rushes into the house. She reveals that he's not there and he asks what happened. Norma says that Ford took Norman and threatened to kill him if she said anything. She tells him about the plan for Dylan to kill someone and he rushes out of the house, and Norma yells that she trusts him and he asks for her to let him handle it.

As rain pours into Norman's box, he thinks of his night with Blair. He remembers himself having sex with Blair, and his mother telling him that he knows what he has to do. Norman imagines himself using a knife to slit Blair's throat and takes her pearl necklace, then wakes up back in the box and yells out.