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Season 25

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Season 25

2164 :25x01 - Footprints in the Dust

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2165 :25x02 - The Agent's Wife

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2166 :25x03 - Twisted Tale

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2167 :25x04 - The Confession

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2169 :25x06 - Crossing the Line

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2170 :25x07 - Under a Full Moon

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2171 :25x08 - Terror In Paris

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2172 :25x09 - Troubled Waters

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2173 :25x10 - A Perfect Spot

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2175 :25x12 - Something Sweet

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2176 :25x13 - Internal Affairs

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2177 :25x14 - Deadly Connection

Kenia Monge is an ambitious and responsible 19-year-old, but also independent. When she doesn't return home after a night out with friends, a terrifying mystery begins.

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2178 :25x15 - Mystery in Big Sky Country

A young veterinarian was discovered dead in his home in Montana and the case remained an unsolved mystery for nearly twenty years.

2179 :25x16 - Plot Twist

Rachel Buffett talks about being at the center of the investigation as her former fiance was convicted of two shocking murders.

2180 :25x17 - Where the Heart Is

Stacy and Jason Bingham talk about their five children's health problems.

2181 :25x18 - Do No Harm

The show hears from some of the people who were hurt by the actions of Michigan oncologist Farid Fata, who ended up pleading guilty to fraud.

2182 :25x19 - Return to Game Night

The show takes a look at 2015 retrial of Russell Faria, who was convicted for murdering his wife.

2183 :25x20 - In the Shadow of Justice: A Bronx Tale

Eric Glisson talks about the eighteen years he spent in prison for a murder that he did not commit.

2184 :25x21 - In the Shadow of Justice: The Wrong Man

The show features an update on Ryan Ferguson, who spent around 10 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit.

2186 :25x23 - In the Shadow of Justice: The Confession

Many years after a 16-year-old boy confessed to a double murder and was sentenced to life in prison, a local businessman attempts to prove that the teen was wrongfully convicted.

2187 :25x24 - The Face of Evil

After college student Jamie Hart is found murdered, detectives struggle to find leads. But before a suspect is named, the attacker strikes again, and then again, leaving a Texas town on edge.

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2188 :25x25 - In the Shadow of Justice: The Interrogation

18-year-old Robert Davis faced police questioning about the killing of a young mother and her son, after two neighborhood teens accused him of helping them in the robbery-turned-murder. Though Davis denied any involvement, at the end of a 6-hour interrogation he confessed to the crime he claimed he didn't commit. For more than a decade, his lawyer struggled to prove that Davis' confession was false and coerced. Getting pardoned would take a miracle, until he got support from the most unexpected sources.

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2189 :25x26 - A Place in the Sand

The mystery of a Florida hotel owner's disappearance confounds family, friends and the detectives investigating the case.

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2190 :25x27 - One Small Dose

During a sleepover in Woodbury, Minnesota, 17-year-old Tara Fitzgerald decides to experiment with drugs. She dies just hours later. Police discover her death was a result of a new class of synthetic drugs. Kate Snow reports on this growing nationwide epidemic affecting young people.

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2191 :25x28 - The Collector

A coin collector and his wife, Gary and Jan Tyrrell, are found dead in their home with no signs of forced entry. Police quickly question whether the killings were part of a burglary gone wrong or something much more sinister.

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2192 :25x29 - Over the Edge

In an all-new two-hour Dateline, Andrea Canning tells the story of a woman who falls to her death while hiking with her husband in Rocky Mountain National Park. Rangers question if her death was an accident or a heinous act of violence. Will a buried secret soon be revealed?

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2193 :25x30 - Deadly Game

When a woman goes missing in a small town in rural Michigan, her husband becomes the primary suspect. But eyewitnesses and surveillance cameras support his alibi that he was in Virginia the day she disappeared - more than 700 miles away.

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2194 :25x31 - The Deed

When a beloved couple is brutally murdered in their South Carolina home, the investigation exposes a feud and tears a family apart.

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2195 :25x32 - The People vs. O.J. Simpson: What the Jury Never Heard

O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Marcia Clark sits down for a revealing new interview with Josh Mankiewicz where she opens up about the case that is still making headlines more than 20 years later. This two-hour special, an update to Dateline's 2014 report, also features interviews with key players and witnesses from the trial.

Source: NBC News

2196 :25x33 - Deadly Devotion

An Army captain, back from serving abroad, is found dead in her El Paso home. The news stuns her tight-knit military community. Her husband has an alibi, but what about her family and friends? Andrea Canning reports on a case with many twists and turns.

Source: NBC News

2197 :25x34 - Smoke and Mirrors

Keith Morrison reports on a Chicago woman from a large family missing for several days. As the whole city joins in the search, detectives begin to suspect that a man in her life has many secrets.

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2198 :25x35 - Secrets in Pleasant Grove

Keith Morrison reports on a former beauty queen found lifeless in her bathtub. After her frantic husband calls 9-1-1, her daughters begin to suspect there may be more to the story.

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2199 :25x36 - The Hometown Hero & the Homecoming Queen

On our way to court every day for Friday's Dateline 'The Hometown Hero & The Homecoming Queen,' something kept catching our eye. So we decided to take a detour and ride the rails. The Fillmore & Western Railway not only offers weekend train excursions for families, it's a resource for Hollywood's biggest studios. Their trains being used in numerous movies, including 'The Lone Ranger' and 'Water for Elephants.'

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2200 :25x37 - Deadly Desire

After a Idaho woman falls in love with her married boss, the affair leads to a violent confrontation. Keith Morrison reports.

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2201 :25x38 - Consumed

Dennis Murphy previews an all-new Dateline on a house fire that breaks out in the middle of the night in Kentucky. When Julie Griffith is found dead amongst the rubble, investigators soon discover the fire was anything but an accident.

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2202 :25x39 - High Desert Mystery

In small-town Colorado, a sudden marriage sows tension in two families. Then a murder uncovers secrets, lies, and a mystery that had been buried for years.

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2203 :25x40 - The Client

The vanishing of a female Realtor from Little Rock, Ark., leads detectives on a desperate chase.

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2204 :25x41 - Prince: Life & Death of an Icon

Cornell student and star athlete Charlie Tan excels in everything. But when he gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation, the community is left in shock.

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2205 :25x42 - The Quiet One

A wife and mother of three is found dead in her bathtub. Is it an accident, or something else? Dark secrets are revealed as the investigation unfolds. Josh Mankiewicz previews.

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2206 :25x43 - House of Secrets

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2207 :25x44 - The Girl with the Red Shoes

A teenage girl is murdered at a scenic spot on a Utah river. The case almost goes cold until a hairdresser turned detective, with the help of the victim's determined mom, finds the truth.

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2208 :25x45 - The House on Sidney's Cove

The notorious hacker, Marcel Lehel Lazar (also known as "Guccifer"), who discovered Hillary Clinton's private email account; giant chimpanzees threatened by poachers; new insight into recovery from traumatic brain injuries.

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2209 :25x46 - The Trouble in Quitman

When police find a mother and her son shot to death in their home in a small town in Texas, questions rise over whether the husband may have been behind the deaths.

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2210 :25x47 - The Informant

A young woman's chilling story about a girl's abduction and murder helps re-open a case that has haunted a New York town for decades.

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2211 :25x48 - After the Party

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2212 :25x49 - TBA

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Classification: News
Genre: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 1992
Episode Order: 39
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