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Dateline NBC is a U.S. weekly television newsmagazine broadcast by NBC similar to ABC's 20/20 or CBS's 60 Minutes. The show, which has aired since 1992, is currently hosted by Lester Holt. Unlike the other newsmagazines, Dateline NBC has more of a focus on human interest stories and stories of interest to women, and less emphasis on investigative journalism. Common features include Dateline: Survivor, where a person talks about their near death experience and rescue; Dateline: Timeline, where a popular product, person, and music single are played and viewers are invited to guess what year it appeared in; State of the Art, explaining how something was technically accomplished in a movie; Consumer Alert, where common consumer complaints or issues, such as food safety, are investigated, and Newsmakers, light interviews of major figures in politics, entertainment, and business, as well as regular people in the news. The Saturday night edition of the program now focuses on crime stories. NBC News specials also air under the Dateline banner. These specials often have more of an investigative focus. Tom Brokaw, Matt Lauer, and Brian Williams are among the NBC News correspondents who occasionally file stories for the program. Contributing Anchors were Maria Shriver who left the job soon after her husband became governor of California in 2004. Katie Couric was also a contributing anchor until 2006, when she left NBC News. Curry first co-hosted on June 24, 2005. Jane Pauley previously co-hosted.

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On our way to court every day for Friday's Dateline 'The Hometown Hero & The Homecoming Queen,' something kept catching our eye. So we decided to take a detour and ride the rails. The Fillmore & Western Railway not only offers weekend train excursions for families, it's a resource for Hollywood's biggest studios. Their trains being used in numerous movies, including 'The Lone Ranger' and 'Water for Elephants.'

Lester HoltLester Holt
As Himself (Anchor 2011 - present)
Matt LauerMatt Lauer
As Himself (Contributing Anchor 1997 - present)
Brian WilliamsBrian Williams
As Himself (Contributing Anchor 2004 - present)
Natalie MoralesNatalie Morales
As Herself (Contributing Anchor 2004 - present)
Meredith VieiraMeredith Vieira
As Herself (Contributing Anchor 2006 - present)
Al RokerAl Roker
As Himself (Contributing Anchor 2005 - 2012)
Ann CurryAnn Curry
As Herself (Anchor 2005 - 2011)
Stone PhillipsStone Phillips
As Himself (Co-Anchor 1992 - 2007)
Katie CouricKatie Couric
As Herself (Contributing Anchor 1994 - 2006)
Jane PauleyJane Pauley
As Herself (Co-Anchor 1992 - 2003)

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Step Up -- latchkey kid testRating: 2 likes, 1 dislikes


I caught the show by chance and saw most of it, including the kids home alone segment. I commend you for trying to get the word out there and let parents know. What I did notice though was that the little girl who did the right thing was probably truly scared, because she was truly home alone -- the other two tries had kids home with a sibling. My guess is that either made them feel more secure or less cautious/less likely to believe they could be in harm's way. Perhaps the parents will get better results if they drill it in to the kids that they are responsible for each other. Just a thought, and you might get want to test that. Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, September 4th 2007 at 3:32 am

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14x26: May 13, 2006 Missing ! recap: Joyce Kesse stands on one side of the road in the early morning rush hour traffic. Her husband Drew stands on the other side of the road. These two parents hold posters of their daughter Jennifer who disappeared in January, seemingly without a trace. A bad photo from a surveillance camera is the only clue and so far, no one has come forward. The heartache is tangible and this emotional report about not just this missing person, but the families behind other missing people, moves everyone to care.. read more.

14x13: Special Delivery: the Hitman Brings Roses recap: Lita Sullivan opened the door to what she thought was a flower delivery nearly 20 years ago. Instead, the man with the pretty pink roses pulled a gun and shot her to death. She was found amid the scattered pink roses and a pool of blood. Now, after thinking he got away with it, her husband, Jim Sullivan stands in an Atlanta courtroom facing charges of murder... read more.

14x11: Murder 5 Doors Down recap: He did quality control on commercial jet engines, was an outgoing, intelligent gentleman in his early 60’s, married for more than 10 years to his wife, Fern. Did he shoot her with the gun she kept in the sunroom of their Florida home?
Her body was found, ‘5 doors down’, weighed down with concrete, wrapped in one of her own bed sheets and the murder weapon not far away from the home they shared. If the husband did it, how could he have made such obvious mistakes? Follow the trail and unravel this mystery tonight.
.. read more.

14x10: For Better or Worse, or Poison? Also: Who Killed Imette? recap: Everyday people who think that murdering someone is a viable option to problems they’re having with them are profiled in tonight’s investigation. Dateline looks back at previous stories as well as examines a more than year’s worth of hidden surveillance tapes that expose a town hero, a Houston area firefighter, attempting to poison his wife of more than three decades.
In an in-depth interview with this man (Richard Thomas) he explains why he did it, what he was thinking and apparently wasn’t thinking. Adding to the intrigue and surprising twists that are becoming typical of Dateline, the other people interviewed (we aren’t naming them at this time) make it a jaw-dropping episode.
In another story tonight, the question is raised about how young Imette St. Guillen, a criminology student, could leave a crowded Manhattan bar and disappear into the late night. Her body was found the next night, bound, strangled and dumped. She apparently died a horrific death. If a criminologist could ever be used, it’s for this devastating case. Of course, you, the public, may provide the most valuable clues.
.. read more.

14x9: To Catch a Predator III recap: There has rarely been a reality show this raw and disturbingly real. There are no retakes and no producers manipulating the outcome. These are genuine pillars of the community (among others who aren’t such pillars) who are online and stalking kids for sex. There are men nearing 80 years old with a long list of sexual predator offenses and there are men in their 20’s. Most seem to be in their 40’s and 50’s, with attitude and frightening fearlessness. All of them show up at this home in middle suburbia hoping for a ‘date’ with a 13 or 14 year old child. Some are looking for a boy, others for a girl, but all of them are looking for something not just illicit, but illegal.
Chris Hansen, Dateline’s perfect man for this mission in his candor and directness, ends up being what these men meet. As he initially interviews them there are obviously no cameras in sight, however, once the camera crew shows themselves, these guys make moves for the door, have their hands up in the air (one threatens the camera person, to which Hansen firmly tells him how much he doesn’t ‘want to do [that]) and once Hansen tells them they are free to leave, they all do. This time though, the police are right outside and each one is carted away. It’s a clean sweep of the garbage on the streets, after the garbage makes excuses for being there.
One of these guys insisted he was there at 11:00 p.m. at night to see some guy as referred by some other guy over some vague phone call, about a job in construction. When Chris Hansen reads the emails intercepted, which clearly indicate this man’s reason for being there (to meet with a youngster for photos and sex), the man just denies it. Someone else must have used an old email account of his and oh, yeah, he ‘thinks he remembers’ being a photographer many years ago. Better yet? He says he was an actor in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Kindergarten Cop’.
Amazingly, a lot of these whackos talked openly about it before they saw the cameras; then clammed right up when police met them outside. They all seemed to know their rights and called for their lawyers, like they’ve done this before. So really, why are they are doing it again? I mean, why CAN they do it again? And again? Is there some magic number of children that need to be abused, violated and damaged deeply, sometimes for a lifetime, before these guys are put away, in a mental health facility or prison, for the same amount of time? A lifetime.
.. read more.

Executive Producer: David Corvo, Neal Shapiro
Associate Producer: Lauren Sugrue, Mary Ade
Staff Writer: Izhar Harpaz
Assistant Producer: Lauren Sugrue
Sound Recordist: Rob Whitehurst
Series Director: Guy Pepper

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Classification: News
Genre: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 1992
Episode Order: 39
• Dateline: Saturday Night Mystery (Title used for repeat episodes airing on Saturday ), (Used In USA)
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