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Dateline NBC

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 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
0 4x00 09/Jun/1997 06/09/97

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1325 13x25 01/Jan/2006 Jan 1, 2006
1326 13x26 08/Jan/2006 Jan 8, 2006
1327 13x27 15/Jan/2006 The McCaughey Septuplets; 30 Year Old Rape Case; Broadway Dancer Murdered
1328 13x28 20/Jan/2006 Horror Movie Reality
1329 13x29 22/Jan/2006 Supermarket Sweep; Until Death Do Us Part
1330 13x30 27/Jan/2006 Did Police Delay Help Murderer?

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1409 14x09 03/Feb/2006 To Catch a Predator III
1410 14x10 04/Mar/2006 For Better or Worse, or Poison? Also: Who Killed Imette?
1411 14x11 11/Mar/2006 Murder 5 Doors Down
1412 14x12 19/Mar/2006 Sharon Stone & Stone Phillips
1413 14x13 25/Mar/2006 Special Delivery: the Hitman Brings Roses
1414 14x14 26/Mar/2006 Michael Shiavo: About Terri
1415 14x15 02/Apr/2006 The Mystery of the Jesus Papers; also, Sole Survivor
1416 14x16 09/Apr/2006 "The Mystery of the Jesus Papers" (continues)
1417 14x17 15/Apr/2006 High School Party Injustice; Searching for Jesse James; Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali and Parkinson’s; Crash Tests
1418 14x18 23/Apr/2006 Outbreak!
1419 14x19 26/Apr/2006 To Catch a Predator 4
1420 14x20 29/Apr/2006 A Tale of Two Sisters (a.k.a. Twin Revenge - Twin Sisters)
1421 14x21 30/Apr/2006 Angelina Jolie; How Safe is Your Salad?
1422 14x22 03/May/2006 To Catch a Predator (continuing feature)
1423 14x23 06/May/2006 Murder at Sam Donaldson's Ranch
1424 14x24 07/May/2006 Cruise Control: Scientology to Katie
1425 14x25 10/May/2006 To Catch a Predator (continuing feature)
1426 14x26 13/May/2006 May 13, 2006 Missing !
1427 14x27 17/May/2006 To Catch a Predator (Series Finale)
1428 14x28 21/May/2006 Impassioned and Inspired
1429 14x29 24/May/2006 To Catch a Predator (Follow-up)
1430 14x30 26/May/2006 Secrets to Breaking the Code
1431 14x31 02/Jun/2006 Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau
1432 14x32 03/Jun/2006 Murder Mystery
1433 14x33 04/Jun/2006 Prescription or Poison?
1434 14x34 11/Jun/2006 Two Hour Special
1435 14x35 12/Jun/2006 Their Father the 'Father'
1436 14x36 15/Jun/2006 Britney Spears Interview Special
1437 14x37 16/Jun/2006 Britney Spears Interview Revisited
1441 14x41 18/Jun/2006 To Catch a Predator: New Updates
1442 14x42 19/Jun/2006 Honeymoons Gone Bad
1443 14x43 23/Jun/2006 The Paris Hilton Police Tapes
1444 14x44 25/Jun/2006 From Russia With Love
1444 14x44 09/Jul/2006 Web of Deceit
1445 14x45 01/Sep/2006 Audrey's Story

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1501 15x01 08/Sep/2006 Murder in the Moonlight
1502 15x02 09/Sep/2006 America Remembers: 9/11 Controllers
1503 15x03 11/Sep/2006 Flight 93
1504 15x04 13/Sep/2006 To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 1)
1505 15x05 13/Sep/2006 Crossing the Line
1506 15x06 15/Sep/2006 Inside the World of Infomercials
1507 15x07 22/Sep/2006 To Catch a Predator: Harris County (Part 2)
1508 15x08 23/Sep/2006 The Paris Hilton Tapes
1509 15x09 29/Sep/2006 To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 1)
1510 15x10 30/Sep/2006 The Milkshake Murders (a.k.a. A Tale of Two Brothers)
1511 15x11 06/Oct/2006 To Catch a Predator: Petaluma (Part 2)
1512 15x12 07/Oct/2006 Recent School Shootings
1513 15x13 11/Oct/2006 Death on the Lake
1514 15x14 18/Oct/2006 Death & the Dentist
1515 15x15 21/Oct/2006 Circle of Friends
1516 15x16 25/Oct/2006 Family Ties
1517 15x17 01/Nov/2006 Madonna's Confessions
1518 15x18 08/Nov/2006 Fatal Attraction
1519 15x19 11/Nov/2006 Death in the Hills
1520 15x20 25/Nov/2006 Murder by Stairs
1521 15x21 02/Dec/2006 Killer Charisma
1522 15x22 09/Dec/2006 To Catch a Predator Today; Circle of Friends
1522 15x22 02/Jan/2007 The Lady in the Lake
1523 15x23 09/Jan/2007 Body of Evidence (a.k.a. Bigamy Murder)
1524 15x24 16/Jan/2007 Nevada Control Murder
1525 15x25 20/Jan/2007 Subway Pusher
1526 15x26 23/Jan/2007 Till Death Do Us Part: Murder on Hearthglow Lane
1527 15x27 30/Jan/2007 To Catch a Predator: Long Beach (Part 1)
1528 15x28 03/Feb/2007 Death and the Dentist; Tara Conner
1529 15x29 06/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Long Beach (Part 2)
1530 15x30 10/Feb/2007 The Death of a Centerfold
1531 15x31 13/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Murphy, Texas (Part 1)
1532 15x32 20/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Murphy, Texas (Part 2)
1533 15x33 24/Feb/2007 Anna Nicole Smith: Inside the Legal Battle
1534 15x34 25/Feb/2007 Last Days of a Secret Agent (a.k.a. The Man Who Knew Too Much)
1535 15x35 27/Feb/2007 To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach, Florida (Part 1)
1536 15x36 04/Mar/2007 How Paris Helped Solve a Crime
1537 15x37 06/Mar/2007 To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach, Florida (Part 2)
1538 15x38 07/Mar/2007 Wild Bill: Breaking and Entering
1539 15x39 11/Mar/2007 Killer Instinct
1540 15x40 13/Mar/2007 To Catch a Predator: Behind the Scenes
1541 15x41 18/Mar/2007 Honey, You're on Hidden Camera
1542 15x42 20/Mar/2007 To Catch a Con Man: On the Trail of a Nigerian Spam Scammer
1543 15x43 25/Mar/2007 Irradiation, Gross-ceries, Download This!, 50 Shots
1544 15x44 27/Mar/2007 To Catch an ID Thief
1545 15x45 01/Apr/2007 Thief of Hearts
1546 15x46 03/Apr/2007 To Catch an ID Thief (2)
1547 15x47 07/Apr/2007 What Lies Beneath
1548 15x48 08/Apr/2007 A Deadly Mission
1549 15x49 10/Apr/2007 To Catch a Car Thief
1550 15x50 15/Apr/2007 Don Imus: After the Fall
1551 15x51 15/Apr/2007 The Deadly Case of Mr. Hyde
1552 15x52 16/Apr/2007 Tragedy at Virginia Tech
1553 15x53 17/Apr/2007 Massacre at Virginia Tech
1554 15x54 22/Apr/2007 American in Nicaraguan Jail: Unfairly Jailed?
1555 15x55 24/Apr/2007 The Great Pretender (a.k.a. Imposter)
1556 15x56 29/Apr/2007 The Man Behind the Mask
1557 15x57 01/May/2007 A Killing in Carrollton
1558 15x58 04/May/2007 Dangerous Liaisons
1559 15x59 06/May/2007 What the Camera Saw
1560 15x60 08/May/2007 Missing
1561 15x61 11/May/2007 Scenes from a Murder
1562 15x62 13/May/2007 Miracle Workers
1563 15x63 15/May/2007 Caretaker or Murderer?
1564 15x64 18/May/2007 Murder in the Moonlight (a.k.a. Shots in the Dark update)
1565 15x65 19/May/2007 Murder or Self-Defense? (a.k.a. Susan Polk update)
1566 15x66 20/May/2007 Tony Blair Interview
1567 15x67 22/May/2007 The Accused
1568 15x68 23/May/2007 Angelina Jolie: Straight from the Heart
1569 15x69 10/Jun/2007 Anatomy of a Murder Update
1570 15x70 17/Jun/2007 American in Secret Military Prison in Iraq
1571 15x71 18/Jun/2007 William & Harry
1572 15x72 20/Jun/2007 The Murders on Lovers Lane
1573 15x73 24/Jun/2007 Rescue on Roberts Ridge
1574 15x74 27/Jun/2007 Cape Fear
1575 15x75 02/Jul/2007 15 Years: A Stone Phillips Retrospective
1576 15x76 08/Jul/2007 Season 15, Episode 76
1577 15x77 09/Jul/2007 Season 15, Episode 77
1578 15x78 15/Jul/2007 Episode 78
1579 15x79 16/Jul/2007 Episode 79
1580 15x80 18/Jul/2007 To Catch an ID Thief
1581 15x81 22/Jul/2007 To Catch an ID Thief (2)
1582 15x82 23/Jul/2007 Episode 82
1583 15x83 25/Jul/2007 Internet Predators (2)
1584 15x84 29/Jul/2007 Episode 84
1585 15x85 30/Jul/2007 Episode 85
1586 15x86 01/Aug/2007 Episode 86
1587 15x87 05/Aug/2007 In the Shadow of Justice
1588 15x88 06/Aug/2007 Episode 88
1589 15x89 13/Aug/2007 Episode 89
1590 15x90 15/Aug/2007 Episode 90
1591 15x91 20/Aug/2007 Dead Men Talking
1592 15x92 22/Aug/2007 Episode 92
1593 15x93 29/Aug/2007 Episode 93
1594 15x94 31/Aug/2007 Diana: The People's Princess
1595 15x95 03/Sep/2007 Wild Bill Stanton: Watching Your Back
1596 15x96 05/Sep/2007 Episode 96
1597 15x97 10/Sep/2007 Episode 97
1598 15x98 12/Sep/2007 Phil Spector, Facing the Music

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1599 16x02 28/Oct/2007 SU1705
1602 16x03 12/Dec/2007 WE1712
1603 16x04 21/Dec/2007 FRI1713
1604 16x05 28/Dec/2007 FRI1714

 Season 17(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1605 17x01 13/Jan/2008 Going for Gold
1606 17x02 20/Jan/2008 SU1717
1607 17x03 22/Feb/2008 FRI1722
1608 17x04 29/Feb/2008 FRI1723
1609 17x05 02/Mar/2008 10 Scariest Escapes From Death
1610 17x06 07/Mar/2008 FRI1724
1611 17x07 14/Mar/2008 FRI1725
1612 17x08 16/Mar/2008 SU1725
1613 17x09 21/Mar/2008 FRI1726
1614 17x10 28/Mar/2008 FRI1726
1615 17x11 30/Mar/2008 SU1727
1616 17x12 04/Apr/2008 Fri1728
1617 17x13 06/Apr/2008 SU1728
1618 17x14 13/Apr/2008 Tricks of the Trade
1619 17x15 18/Apr/2008 Fr1730
1620 17x16 20/Apr/2008 SU1730
1621 17x17 25/Apr/2008 Fr1731
1622 17x18 27/Apr/2008 SU1731
1623 17x19 02/May/2008 Fr1732
1624 17x20 04/May/2008 SU1732
1625 17x21 09/May/2008 Fr1733
1626 17x22 16/May/2008 Fr1734
1627 17x23 18/May/2008 SU1734
1628 17x24 19/May/2008 MO1735
1629 17x25 23/May/2008 Fr1735
1630 17x26 25/May/2008 SU1735
1631 17x27 26/May/2008 MO1736
1632 17x28 30/May/2008 FR1737
1633 17x29 01/Jun/2008 SU1736 Terror at the Mall / The Case of the South Hill Rapist
1634 17x30 06/Jun/2008 FR1738 The Detective's Daughter / The Hunt for The Missing Marine
1635 17x31 08/Jun/2008 SU1737
1636 17x32 13/Jun/2008 FR1739
1637 17x33 16/Jun/2008 MO1739
1638 17x34 20/Jun/2008 FR1740
1639 17x35 22/Jun/2008 SU1739
1640 17x36 27/Jun/2008 FR1741
1641 17x37 29/Jun/2008 SU1740
1642 17x38 04/Jul/2008 FR1742
1643 17x39 06/Jul/2008 SU1741
1644 17x40 07/Jul/2008 Mo1742
1645 17x41 11/Jul/2008 FR1743
1646 17x42 14/Jul/2008 You Might Be Rich
1647 17x43 18/Jul/2008 FR1744
1648 17x44 20/Jul/2008 SU1743
1649 17x45 21/Jul/2008 Mo1744
1650 17x46 25/Jul/2008 FR1745
1651 17x47 28/Jul/2008 Mo1745
1652 17x48 01/Aug/2008 FR1746
1653 17x49 03/Aug/2008 SU1746
1654 17x50 05/Sep/2008 FRI1750
1655 17x51 12/Sep/2008 FRI1751
1656 17x52 15/Sep/2008 MO1752
1657 17x53 19/Sep/2008 FRI1752

 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1658 18x01 05/Dec/2008 FR1811 The Mystery of Meredith's Murder
1659 18x02 12/Dec/2008 FR1812 When Caylee Vanished
1660 18x03 19/Dec/2008 FR1813 The Evictors/Rick Warren/Missing No More/Along Came a Spider
1661 18x04 02/Jan/2009 FR1815 Killer Instinct
1662 18x05 09/Jan/2009 FR1816 Deadly Deception (aka Accused Radio Host)
1663 18x06 16/Jan/2009 FR1817 Miracle on the Hudson: What Went Right
1664 18x07 18/Jan/2009 SU1817 This Moment, This Time/10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes
1665 18x08 23/Jan/2009 FR1818 Deadly Dealing
1666 18x09 25/Jan/2009 SU1818 10 Most Incredible Close Calls/Beyond the Sea (Update)
1667 18x10 30/Jan/2009 FR1819 Fighting For Sean
1668 18x11 06/Feb/2009 FR1820 Justice For Sparkle
1669 18x12 08/Feb/2009 SU1820 The Run of His Life/Where's the Money/Life in the Corner Office
1670 18x13 10/Feb/2009 TU1821 The Octuplets' Mother: Her Story
1671 18x14 13/Feb/2009 FR1821 Deadly Affair
1672 18x15 15/Feb/2009 SU1821 10 Wild Rides/Escape From Brushy Mountain
1673 18x16 20/Feb/2009 FR1822 Deadly Sanctuary
1674 18x17 22/Feb/2009 SU1822 Black Box Mystery: The Crash of the Concorde/Reality Bites (Update)
1675 18x18 27/Feb/2009 FR1823 Mystery on a Moonlit Road
1676 18x19 06/Mar/2009 FR1824 With Friends Like These
1677 18x20 13/Mar/2009 FR1825 Deadly Dreams
1678 18x21 15/Mar/2009 SU1825 Fighting For Sean Update/George Clooney on Dafur/Michael Phelps Interview
1679 18x22 20/Mar/2009 FR1826 Flying High at Cocktail Cove
1680 18x23 22/Mar/2009 SU1826 Inside The Financial Fiasco: Mortgage Madness
1681 18x24 27/Mar/2009 FR1827 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Debt Trap
1682 18x25 29/Mar/2009 SU1827 10 Most Incredible Close Calls (2)
1683 18x26 03/Apr/2009 FR1828 Death of a Heartsong
1684 18x27 05/Apr/2009 SU1828 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Promises, Promises
1685 18x28 10/Apr/2009 FR1829 Unsolved Case Squad
1686 18x29 12/Apr/2009 SU1829 Dystonia/Model School Scam/The Mysterious Music Man
1687 18x30 17/Apr/2009 FR1830 Disappearance at the Dairy Queen
1688 18x31 24/Apr/2009 FR1831 A Long, Dark Stretch of Road
1689 18x32 26/Apr/2009 SU1831 A Step Too Far/You Might Be Rich (1)
1690 18x33 01/May/2009 FR1832 The Surfer & The Bird Rock Bandits
1691 18x34 03/May/2009 SU1832 You Might Be Rich! (2)/How Lucky Can You Get?
1692 18x35 08/May/2009 FR1833 Your Cheating Heart/Deadly Suspicion
1693 18x36 10/May/2009 SU1833 Kevin Johnson, Mayor/Macy the Racer/Tesla Motors/Agape World Inc./Maria Lauterbach update/Ikaria island
1694 18x37 15/May/2009 FR1834 The Party's Over
1695 18x38 17/May/2009 SU1834 Afghan Education/Cody McCasland, Hero/Slumdog Stars/Farrah's Story update/The Last Dance
1696 18x39 22/May/2009 FR1835 The Stripper & The Steelworker
1697 18x40 24/May/2009 SU1835 The Spy Who Loved Me/The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire
1698 18x41 25/May/2009 MO1836 Justice for Julia/A Father's Mission
1699 18x42 29/May/2009 FR1836 Fatal Visions
1700 18x43 31/May/2009 SU1836 On tour with Taylor Swift
1701 18x44 05/Jun/2009 FR1837 Mystery in the Deep Blue Sea
1702 18x45 07/Jun/2009 SU1837 Inside Iran/The Year of Living Dangerously/Fighting For Sean(3)
1703 18x46 08/Jun/2009 MO1838 The Trouble on the Hill
1704 18x47 14/Jun/2009 SU1838 The Many Faces of Clark Rockefeller
1705 18x48 15/Jun/2009 MO1839 Vegas Undercover
1706 18x49 19/Jun/2009 FR1839 The Secrets in the Box/The Last Voyage (update)
1707 18x50 21/Jun/2009 SU1839 Top 5 of 10 Most Incredible Close Calls
1708 18x51 22/Jun/2009 MO1840 Where there's smoke...
1709 18x52 25/Jun/2009 TH1840 American Legend: Michael Jackson / Farrah Fawcett: The Life & Death Of An Angel
1710 18x53 26/Jun/2009 FR1840 Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop
1711 18x54 28/Jun/2009 SU1840 Homeless/Regressive Disease/Slumdog Stars/Michael Jackson Questions
1712 18x55 29/Jun/2009 MO1841 Living With Michael Jackson (2003)
1713 18x56 03/Jul/2009 FR1841 Michael Jackson: Remember The Time
1714 18x57 05/Jul/2009 SU1841 10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes
1715 18x58 06/Jul/2009 MO1842 Michael Jackson: Gone Too Soon
1716 18x59 07/Jul/2009 TU1842 A Farewell To Michael Jackson
1717 18x60 10/Jul/2009 FR1842 Crossing The Line
1718 18x61 13/Jul/2009 MO1843 The Mystery in Manson Tunnel
1719 18x62 17/Jul/2009 FR1843 The Family Business
1720 18x63 19/Jul/2009 SU1843 The Girl in the Little Blue Dress
1721 18x64 24/Jul/2009 FR1844 Kidnapped Heiress: The Patty Hearst Story/The Mystery of the Lost Weekend
1722 18x65 26/Jul/2009 SU1844 The Detective's Daughter
1723 18x66 27/Jul/2009 MO1845 Star-Crossed: The Tucson Developer Murder
1724 18x67 31/Jul/2009 FR1845 Michael Jackson: Inside The Final Hours / Dangerous Liaisons
1725 18x68 02/Aug/2009 SU1845 How Lucky Can you Get?
1726 18x69 03/Aug/2009 MO1846 A Stranger in the House
1727 18x70 07/Aug/2009 FR1846 Terror at the Mall / Rosemary & the Motorcycle Man
1728 18x71 09/Aug/2009 SU1846 Back To Woodstock
1729 18x72 10/Aug/2009 MO1847 No Safe Place
1730 18x73 14/Aug/2009 FR1847 Deadly Dealing / Down by the River
1731 18x74 17/Aug/2009 MO1848 The Mystery at Chalk Creek
1732 18x75 21/Aug/2009 FR1848 Obsession / Murder in the Family
1733 18x76 24/Aug/2009 MO1849 In the Bedroom
1734 18x77 28/Aug/2009 FR1849 Disappearance Before Dawn / Flying High at Cocktail Cove (updates)
1735 18x78 30/Aug/2009 SU1849 A Dose of Controversy
1736 18x79 31/Aug/2009 MO1850 The Mysterious Death of a Titan
1737 18x80 04/Sep/2009 FR1850 The Man Behind the Mask
1738 18x81 06/Sep/2009 SU1850 Mukhtar Mai / American Character / Debt Trap (update)
1739 18x82 07/Sep/2009 MO1851 Second Chances
1740 18x83 11/Sep/2009 FR1851 Cause for Alarm
1741 18x84 18/Sep/2009 FR1852 Behind Closed Doors: Bad Chemistry / The Mystery in the Master Bedroom

 Season 19(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1742 19x01 25/Sep/2009 FR1901 The Michael Jackson Tapes: A 'Dateline' Exclusive
1743 19x02 02/Oct/2009 FR1902 In Plain Sight: A Dateline Investigation
1744 19x03 09/Oct/2009 FR1903 Through the Pouring Rain
1745 19x04 23/Oct/2009 FR1905 When the Smoke Clears
1746 19x05 30/Oct/2009 FR1906 The Mystery at Lost Dog Road
1747 19x06 13/Nov/2009 FR1908 The Friday the 13th Mystery
1748 19x07 20/Nov/2009 FR1909 The Night Mary Jane Disappeared
1749 19x08 04/Dec/2009 FR1911 The Trial of Amanda Knox
1750 19x09 11/Dec/2009 FR1912 The Secret Life of Tiger Woods
1751 19x10 18/Dec/2009 FR1913 The Trouble at Twin Wrecks
1752 19x11 08/Jan/2010 FR1916 Bringing Sean Home: The Untold Story
1753 19x12 10/Jan/2010 SU1916 The Passenger in Seat 19A / Vegas Undercover (Update)
1754 19x13 15/Jan/2010 FR1917 The Mystery at Empire Lake
1755 19x14 22/Jan/2010 FR1918 Ten Amazing Crimes Caught on Tape
1756 19x15 24/Jan/2010 SU1918 Critical Condition / A Matter of Time
1757 19x16 29/Jan/2010 FR1919
1758 19x17 31/Jan/2010 SU1919
1759 19x18 05/Feb/2010 FR1920
1760 19x19 05/Mar/2010 FR1924
1761 19x20 07/Mar/2010 Mystery at Bootleggers Cove
1762 19x21 12/Mar/2010 FR1925
1763 19x22 19/Mar/2010 FR1926
1764 19x23 21/Mar/2010 SU1926
1765 19x24 26/Mar/2010 FR1927
1766 19x25 28/Mar/2010 SU1927
1767 19x26 02/Apr/2010 FR1928
1768 19x27 04/Apr/2010 SU1928
1769 19x28 09/Apr/2010 FR1929
1770 19x29 11/Apr/2010 SU1929
1771 19x30 16/Apr/2010 FR1930
1772 19x31 18/Apr/2010 SU1930
1773 19x32 23/Apr/2010 FR1931
1774 19x33 25/Apr/2010 SU1931
1775 19x34 30/Apr/2010 FR1932
1776 19x35 02/May/2010 SU1932
1777 19x36 07/May/2010 FR1933
1778 19x37 09/May/2010 SU1933
1779 19x38 14/May/2010 FR1934
1780 19x39 21/May/2010 FR1935
1781 19x40 23/May/2010 SU1935
1782 19x41 28/May/2010 FR1823/FR1813
1783 19x42 30/May/2010 FR1832
1784 19x43 04/Jun/2010 FR1937
1785 19x44 11/Jun/2010 FR1938
1786 19x45 13/Jun/2010 SU1938
1787 19x46 18/Jun/2010 FR1939
1788 19x46 25/Jun/2010 FR1940
1789 19x47 27/Jun/2010 SU1940
1790 19x48 02/Jul/2010 MO1843/FR1739
1791 19x49 09/Jul/2010 FR1942
1792 19x50 11/Jul/2010 SU1942
1793 19x51 12/Jul/2010 MON1943
1794 19x52 16/Jul/2010 FR1943
1795 19x53 18/Jul/2010 SU1942
1796 19x54 19/Jul/2010 MON1944
1797 19x55 23/Jul/2010 FR1944
1798 19x56 25/Jul/2010 SU1943
1799 19x57 26/Jul/2010 MON1945
1800 19x58 30/Jul/2010 FR1945
1801 19x59 01/Aug/2010 SU1944
1802 19x60 02/Aug/2010 MO1946
1803 19x61 06/Aug/2010 FR1946
1804 19x62 13/Aug/2010 FR1947
1805 19x63 15/Aug/2010 SU1945
1806 19x64 16/Aug/2010 MO1948
1807 19x65 20/Aug/2010 FR1948
1808 19x66 22/Aug/2010 SU1946
1809 19x67 27/Aug/2010 FR1949
1810 19x68 30/Aug/2010 MO1950
1811 19x69 03/Sep/2010 FRI1830
1811 19x69 05/Sep/2010 FR1905
1812 19x70 06/Sep/2010 MO1951
1813 19x71 10/Sep/2010 FR1951
1814 19x72 13/Sep/2010 MO1952
1815 19x73 17/Sep/2010 FR1952

 Season 20(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1816 20x01 24/Sep/2010 FR2001
1817 20x02 01/Oct/2010 FR2002
1818 20x02 08/Oct/2010 FR2003
1819 20x04 15/Oct/2010 FR2004
1820 20x05 22/Oct/2010 FR2005
1821 20x06 29/Oct/2010 FR2006
1822 20x07 05/Nov/2010 Fr2007
1823 20x08 12/Nov/2010 Fr2008
1824 20x09 19/Nov/2010 Fr2009
1825 20x10 26/Nov/2010 Fr2010
1826 20x11 03/Dec/2010 Fr2011
1827 20x12 10/Dec/2010 Fr2012
1828 20x13 17/Dec/2010 Fr2013
1829 20x14 07/Jan/2011 Fr2017
1830 20x15 09/Jan/2011 SU2016
1831 20x16 14/Jan/2011 FR2018
1832 20x17 21/Jan/2011 FR2019
1833 20x18 23/Jan/2011 SU2019
1834 20x19 28/Jan/2011 FR2020
1835 20x20 30/Jan/2011 Su2019
1836 20x21 04/Feb/2011 FR2021
1837 20x22 06/Feb/2011 SU2020
1838 20x23 11/Feb/2011 FR2022
1839 20x24 13/Feb/2011 SU2021
1840 20x25 18/Feb/2011 FR2023
1841 20x26 20/Feb/2011 Su2022
1842 20x27 25/Feb/2011 FR2023
1843 20x28 27/Feb/2011 SU2023
1844 20x29 04/Mar/2011 FR2024
1845 20x30 06/Mar/2011 SU2024
1846 20x31 11/Mar/2011 FR2025
1847 20x32 13/Mar/2011 SU2025
1848 20x33 18/Mar/2011 FR2026
1849 20x34 20/Mar/2011 SU2026
1850 20x35 25/Mar/2011 FR2027
1851 20x36 27/Mar/2011 SU2027
1852 20x37 01/Apr/2011 FR2028
1853 20x38 03/Apr/2011 SU2028
1854 20x39 08/Apr/2011 Fr2029
1855 20x40 10/Apr/2011 SU2029
1856 20x41 15/Apr/2011 FR2030
1857 20x42 17/Apr/2011 SU2030
1858 20x43 22/Apr/2011 FR2031
1859 20x44 24/Apr/2011 SU2031
1860 20x45 29/Apr/2011 FR2032
1861 20x46 01/May/2011 SU2033
1862 20x47 06/May/2011 Fr2033
1863 20x48 08/May/2011 SU2033
1864 20x49 13/May/2011 Fr2034
1865 20x50 15/May/2011 SU2034
1866 20x51 20/May/2011 FR2035
1867 20x52 22/May/2011 SU2035
1868 20x53 27/May/2011 FR2036
1869 20x54 29/May/2011 SU2036
1870 20x55 03/Jun/2011 FR2037
1871 20x56 05/Jun/2011 SU2037
1872 20x57 12/Jun/2011 SU2038
1873 20x58 17/Jun/2011 FR2039
1874 20x59 24/Jun/2011 FR2040
1875 20x60 26/Jun/2011 SU2040
1876 20x61 01/Jul/2011 FR2041
1877 20x62 03/Jul/2011 SU2041
1878 20x63 08/Jul/2011 FR2042
1879 20x64 10/Jul/2011 SU2042
1880 20x65 15/Jul/2011 FR2043
1881 20x66 17/Jul/2011 SU2043
1882 20x67 22/Jul/2011 FR2044
1883 20x68 24/Jul/2011 SU2044
1884 20x69 29/Jul/2011 FR2045
1885 20x70 31/Jul/2011 SU2045
1886 20x71 05/Aug/2011 FR2046
1887 20x72 07/Aug/2011 SU2046
1888 20x73 12/Aug/2011 FR2047
1889 20x74 14/Aug/2011 SU2047
1890 20x75 19/Aug/2011 FR2048
1891 20x76 21/Aug/2011 SU2048
1892 20x77 26/Aug/2011 FR2049
1893 20x78 29/Aug/2011 MO2050
1894 20x79 02/Sep/2011 FR2050
1895 20x80 04/Sep/2011 SU2051
1896 20x81 09/Sep/2011 FR2051
1897 20x82 16/Sep/2011 FR2052

 Season 21(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1898 21x01 23/Sep/2011 FR2101
1899 21x02 30/Sep/2011 FR2102
1900 21x03 07/Oct/2011 FR2103
1901 21x04 14/Oct/2011 FR2104
1902 21x05 21/Oct/2011 FR2105
1903 21x06 28/Oct/2011 FR2106
1904 21x07 04/Nov/2011 FR2107
1905 21x08 11/Nov/2011 FR2108
1906 21x09 18/Nov/2011 FR2109
1907 21x10 02/Dec/2011 FR2110
1908 21x11 09/Dec/2011 FR2111
1909 21x12 16/Dec/2011 FR2112
1910 21x13 23/Dec/2011 FR2113
1911 21x14 30/Dec/2011 FR2114
1912 21x15 06/Jan/2012 FR2115
1913 21x16 08/Jan/2012 SU2116
1914 21x17 13/Jan/2012 FR2117
1915 21x18 20/Jan/2012 FR2118
1916 21x19 22/Jan/2012 SU2118
1917 21x20 27/Jan/2012 FR2119
1918 21x21 03/Feb/2012 FR2120
1921 21x21 10/Feb/2012 FR2121
1922 21x22 12/Feb/2012 SU2121
1923 21x23 17/Feb/2012 FR2122
1924 21x24 24/Feb/2012 FR2123
1925 21x25 26/Feb/2012 SU2123
1926 21x26 02/Mar/2012 FR2124
1927 21x27 04/Mar/2012 SU2124
1928 21x28 09/Mar/2012 FR2125
1929 21x29 11/Mar/2012 SU2125
1930 21x30 16/Mar/2012 FR2126
1931 21x31 18/Mar/2012 SU2126
1932 21x32 23/Mar/2012 FR2127
1933 21x33 25/Mar/2012 SU2127
1934 21x34 30/Mar/2012 Silent Witness
1935 21x35 01/Apr/2012 SU2128
1936 21x36 06/Apr/2012 FR2129
1937 21x37 08/Apr/2012 SU2129
1938 21x38 13/Apr/2012 FR2130
1939 21x39 15/Apr/2012 SU2130
1940 21x40 20/Apr/2012 FR2131
1941 21x41 22/Apr/2012 SU2131
1942 21x42 27/Apr/2012 FR2132
1943 21x43 29/Apr/2012 SU2132
1944 21x44 04/May/2012 FR2133
1945 21x45 06/May/2012 SU2133
1946 21x46 11/May/2012 FR2134
1947 21x47 13/May/2012 SU2134
1948 21x48 18/May/2012 FR2135
1949 21x49 25/May/2012 FR2136
1950 21x50 27/May/2012 SU2136
1951 21x51 01/Jun/2012 FR2137
1952 21x52 03/Jun/2012 SU2137
1953 21x53 08/Jun/2012 FR2138
1954 21x54 10/Jun/2012 SU2138
1955 21x55 15/Jun/2012 FR2139
1956 21x56 22/Jun/2012 FR2140
1957 21x57 24/Jun/2012 SU2140
1958 21x58 06/Jul/2012 FR2142
1959 21x59 08/Jul/2012 SU2142
1960 21x60 13/Jul/2012 FR2143
1961 21x61 15/Jul/2012 SU2143
1962 21x62 20/Jul/2012 FR2144
1963 21x63 22/Jul/2012 SU2144
1964 21x64 17/Aug/2012 FR2148
1965 21x65 19/Aug/2012 SU2148
1966 21x66 24/Aug/2012 FR2149
1967 21x67 31/Aug/2012 FR2150
1968 21x68 02/Sep/2012 SU2150
1969 21x69 07/Sep/2012 FR2151
1970 21x70 14/Sep/2012 FR2152
1971 21x71 21/Sep/2012 FR2153

 Season 22(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1972 22x01 28/Sep/2012 FR2201
1973 22x02 05/Oct/2012 FR2202
1974 22x03 12/Oct/2012 FR2203
1975 22x04 19/Oct/2012 FR2204
1976 22x05 26/Oct/2012 FR2205
1977 22x06 02/Nov/2012 FR2206
1978 22x07 09/Nov/2012 FR2207
1979 22x08 16/Nov/2012 FR2208
1980 22x09 23/Nov/2012 FR2209
1981 22x10 30/Nov/2012 FR2210
1982 22x11 07/Dec/2012 FR2211
1983 22x12 14/Dec/2012 Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary
1984 22x13 21/Dec/2012 Holiday How-To Guide
1985 22x14 28/Dec/2012 FR2214
1986 22x15 04/Jan/2013 FR2215
1987 22x16 06/Jan/2013 SU2215
1988 22x17 11/Jan/2013 FR2216
1989 22x18 18/Jan/2013 FR2217
1990 22x19 25/Jan/2013 FR2218
1991 22x20 29/Jan/2013 TU2219
1992 22x21 01/Feb/2013 FR2219
1993 22x22 08/Feb/2013 FR2220
1994 22x23 10/Feb/2013 SU2220
1995 22x24 15/Feb/2013 FR2221
1996 22x25 17/Feb/2013 SU2221
1997 22x26 22/Feb/2013 FR2222
1998 22x27 24/Feb/2013 SU2222
1999 22x28 01/Mar/2013 FR2223
2000 22x29 03/Mar/2013 SU2223
2001 22x30 10/Mar/2013 SU2224
2002 22x31 17/Mar/2013 SU2225
2003 22x32 24/Mar/2013 SU2226
2004 22x33 30/Mar/2013 SA2227
2005 22x34 03/Apr/2013 WE2228
2006 22x35 10/Apr/2013 WE2229
2007 22x36 17/Apr/2013 WE2230
2008 22x37 24/Apr/2013 WE2231
2009 22x38 03/May/2013 FR2232
2010 22x39 10/May/2013 FR2233
2011 22x40 15/May/2013 WE2234
2012 22x41 17/May/2013 FR2234
2013 22x42 22/May/2013 WE2235
2014 22x43 29/May/2013 WE2236
2015 22x44 31/May/2013 FR2236
2016 22x45 05/Jun/2013 Against All Odds
2017 22x46 07/Jun/2013 FR2237
2018 22x47 Unaired WE2238
2019 22x48 14/Jun/2013 FR2238
2020 22x49 21/Jun/2013 FR2239
2021 22x50 26/Jun/2013 WE2240
2022 22x51 28/Jun/2013 FR2240
2023 22x52 05/Jul/2013 FR2241
2024 22x53 12/Jul/2013 FR2242
2025 22x54 19/Jul/2013 FR2243
2026 22x55 26/Jul/2013 FR2244
2027 22x56 02/Aug/2013 FR2245
2028 22x57 09/Aug/2013 FR2246
2029 22x58 16/Aug/2013 FR2247
2030 22x59 23/Aug/2013 FR2248
2031 22x60 30/Aug/2013 FR2249
2032 22x61 06/Sep/2013 FR2250
2033 22x62 13/Sep/2013 FR2251
2034 22x63 20/Sep/2013 FR2252
2035 22x64 27/Sep/2013 FR2301
2036 22x65 04/Oct/2013 Deadly Intent
2037 22x66 11/Oct/2013 Burning Suspicion
2038 22x67 18/Oct/2013 Miles from Nowhere
2039 22x68 25/Oct/2013 Under A Halloween Moon
2040 22x69 Unaired FR2306
2041 22x70 06/Nov/2013 Secrets & Lies
2042 22x71 08/Nov/2013 Miracle on the Sunset Dive
2043 22x72 13/Nov/2013 Secrets in Pleasant Grove
2044 22x73 15/Nov/2013 The Wrong Man
2045 22x74 20/Nov/2013 Secrets in Seattle
2046 22x75 22/Nov/2013 Nowhere to Hide
2047 22x76 29/Nov/2013 Killing in Cobb County
2048 22x77 06/Dec/2013 Missing Marie
2049 22x78 13/Dec/2013 Unstoppable
2050 22x79 27/Dec/2013 Toxic
2051 22x80 03/Jan/2014 A Killing in Cottonwood

 Season 23(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
2052 23x01 05/Jan/2014 Breathless
2053 23x02 17/Jan/2014 Deadly Deceit
2054 23x03 19/Jan/2014 Trapped
2055 23x04 24/Jan/2014 In the Dead of Night
2056 23x05 31/Jan/2014 Mystery on Lockhart Road
2057 23x06 28/Feb/2014 The Race of His Life
2058 23x07 02/Mar/2014 Survivors of the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya, share their stories.
2059 23x08 07/Mar/2014 Something Wicked
2060 23x09 09/Mar/2014 Twist of Fate; Danger on Diamond Mountain
2061 23x10 14/Mar/2014 The House on Sumac Drive
2062 23x11 21/Mar/2014 At Close Range
2063 23x12 28/Mar/2014 The Mystery on Bridle Path
2064 23x13 04/Apr/2014 Graduation Night
2065 23x14 13/Apr/2014 Capsized
2066 23x15 18/Apr/2014 Two Shots Fired
2067 23x16 20/Apr/2014 The Road Home
2068 23x17 25/Apr/2014 Deadly Denial
2069 23x18 27/Apr/2014 Swept Away
2070 23x19 02/May/2014 The Promise
2071 23x20 04/May/2014 Kidnapping victim Michelle Knight talks about her ordeal
2072 23x21 09/May/2014 Vanished
2073 23x22 11/May/2014 Extreme Escapes / Mystery in South Beach
2074 23x23 16/May/2014 Twelve Minutes on Elm Street
2075 23x24 23/May/2014 Deadly Connection
2076 23x25 30/May/2014 Secrets of Cottonwood Creek
2077 23x26 06/Jun/2014 A Bronx Tale
2078 23x27 08/Jun/2014 Scary Mary Presiding
2079 23x28 20/Jun/2014 Mystery on Sunrise Drive
2080 23x29 11/Jul/2014 One Summer Night
2081 23x30 18/Jul/2014 Family Business
2082 23x31 25/Jul/2014 The Man Who Wasn't There
2083 23x32 01/Aug/2014 Bad Blood
2084 23x33 08/Aug/2014 Unbreakable
2085 23x34 15/Aug/2014 Twisted
2086 23x35 22/Aug/2014 Honeymoon Homicide
2087 23x36 24/Aug/2014 Into the Wild
2088 23x37 05/Sep/2014 Mystery in Orange County
2089 23x38 12/Sep/2014 Deadly Valentine
2090 23x39 19/Sep/2014 The Charleston Affair

 Season 24(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
2091 24x01 26/Sep/2014 Before Dawn
2092 24x02 03/Oct/2014 The Wire
2093 24x03 10/Oct/2014 While She Was Sleeping
2094 24x04 17/Oct/2014 The Carrollton Plot
2095 24x05 24/Oct/2014 Mystery in Orange County
2096 24x06 31/Oct/2014 Secret Lives
2097 24x07 07/Nov/2014 Someone Was Out There
2098 24x08 14/Nov/2014 The Root of All Evil
2099 24x09 21/Nov/2014 Mystery on the Early Shift
2100 24x10 28/Nov/2014 Death in the Driveway
2101 24x11 12/Dec/2014 Poison
2102 24x12 04/Jan/2015 Starting Over
2103 24x13 04/Jan/2015 After Midnight
2104 24x14 09/Jan/2015 Secrets of the Snake River
2105 24x15 16/Jan/2015 Deadly Betrayal
2106 24x16 23/Jan/2015 The Unusual Suspect
2107 24x17 25/Jan/2015 The Mystery Man
2108 24x18 30/Jan/2015 Obsession
2109 24x19 06/Feb/2015 What Lies Beneath
2110 24x20 13/Feb/2015 River of Lies
2111 24x21 27/Feb/2015 Vendetta
2112 24x22 06/Mar/2015 In Broad Daylight
2113 24x23 12/Mar/2015 Dateline: The Real Blacklist
2114 24x24 13/Mar/2015 Infatuation
2115 24x25 19/Mar/2015 Robert Durst: Inside the Long, Strange Trip
2116 24x26 20/Mar/2015 Deadly Twist
2117 24x27 22/Mar/2015 The Desperate Hours
2118 24x28 26/Mar/2015 The Fugitive Millionaire
2119 24x29 02/Apr/2015 Lethal Weapon
2120 24x30 03/Apr/2015 The Last Dance
2121 24x31 05/Apr/2015 Hope & Heartbreak
2122 24x32 05/Apr/2015 Bible Stories: The New Blockbuster
2123 24x33 09/Apr/2015 A Perfect Spot
2124 24x34 10/Apr/2015 Fatal Attraction; Family Affair
2125 24x35 12/Apr/2015 On the Brink
2126 24x36 16/Apr/2015 True Lies
2127 24x37 17/Apr/2015 Deadly Deceit
2128 24x38 19/Apr/2015 On the Trail of the Pink Panthers
2129 24x39 23/Apr/2015 Queen of the Country
2130 24x40 24/Apr/2015 The Promise
2131 24x41 30/Apr/2015 Deadly Exchange
2132 24x42 01/May/2015 Angels & Demons
2133 24x43 07/May/2015 Tom Brokaw: A Lucky Life Interrupted
2134 24x44 08/May/2015 Secrets on Hot Springs Drive
2135 24x45 14/May/2015 Secret Lives
2136 24x46 15/May/2015 The Secret
2137 24x47 17/May/2015 Deadly Game
2138 24x48 29/May/2015 TBA

S16 - #116/Oct/2007Matt Lauer Reports: Senator Larry CraigN/A
S21 - #222/May/201220th Anniversary Special8
S23 - #310/Jan/2014Going for GoldN/A
S24 - #401/Mar/2015ESCAPE: The Wreck of the Costa ConcordiaN/A
S24 - #508/Mar/2015ESCAPE: Cedar FireN/A
S24 - #615/Mar/2015ESCAPE: Swept AwayN/A
S24 - #722/Mar/2015ESCAPE: Indian Ocean TsunamiN/A

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Genre: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 1992
Episode Order: 39
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