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Special Delivery: the Hitman Brings Roses - Recap

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Lita Sullivan opened the door to what she thought was a flower delivery nearly 20 years ago. Instead, the man with the pretty pink roses pulled a gun and shot her to death. She was found amid the scattered pink roses and a pool of blood. Now, after thinking he got away with it, her husband, Jim Sullivan stands in an Atlanta courtroom facing charges of murder.

Jim Sullivan married a much younger, very beautiful Lita, who was divorcing him at the time of her murder. Sullivan had a reputation of being quick to anger over the smallest things. He was unliked and even suspected as having something to do with his own uncle’s death (Frank Bienert). He wasn’t happy at all about having to pay any amount of money to Lita and in the days before her murder, had refinanced a home, purposely keeping her off the paperwork rather than chance that she might claim half of the worth in a forced sale.
After her killing, Sullivan took off on a globetrotting adventure that lasted the last two decades. When he was sued in a civil suit, he claimed near-poverty and even represented himself. Eyebrows are raised over how he’s paying for his significantly high priced legal team this time.