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Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch Cast

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Mike RowevoicedHimself (Narrator (2005 - ?)) (188Eps.)
Bill PetrieplayedHimself (UK Narrator)
Allen BrantplayedHimself (Aleutian Ballad, Deckhand)
Brandon KrenzplayedHimself (Aleutian Ballad, Engineer)
Clayton CusterplayedHimself (Aleutian Ballad, Deckhand)
Corky TilleyplayedHimself (Aleutian Ballad, Captain)
Kenny McMahonplayedHimself (Aleutian Ballad, Deckhand)
Mark MatherplayedHimself (Aleutian Ballad, Deck Boss)
Matthew TilleyplayedHimself (Aleutian Ballad, Deckhand)
Nicole TilleyplayedHerself (Aleutian Ballad, Deckhand)
Cache SeelplayedHimself (Big Valley, Deck Boss (only survivor of the B.V.))
Andy RiceplayedHimself (Billikin, Deckhand)
Jeff WeeksplayedHimself (Billikin, Captain)
Jim HeildtplayedHimself (Billikin, Deckhand / Relief Captain)
Ricky BondsplayedHimself (Billikin, Engineer)
Tai LagarejosplayedHimself (Billikin, Deckhand)
Tama LagarejosplayedHimself (Billikin, Deckhand)
Dan GilbertplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Deckhand)
Dave MillmanplayedHimself (Corlenia Marie, Deckhand)
Freddie MaughtaiplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Deckhand)
Jake HarrisplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Deckhand)
Josh HarrisplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Greenhorn)
Mark Anderson (2)playedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Engineer)
Murray GamrathplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Deckhand / Engineer / Relief Capt.)
Phil Harris (2)playedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Captain)
Roger JensenplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, First Mate)
Tenny WarwickplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Deckhand)
Walt DauderisplayedHimself (Cornelia Marie, Engineer)
Allen OakleyplayedHimself (Early Dawn, Captain)
Bryan MezichplayedHimself (Early Dawn, Deckhand)
Chris JaegerplayedHimself (Early Dawn, Deckhand)
Mike FishplayedHimself (Early Dawn, Engineer)
Pat Quinn (2)playedHimself (Early Dawn, Deckhand)
Rick FehstplayedHimself (Early Dawn, Deck Boss)
Shane DavisplayedHimself (Early Dawn, Greenhorn)
Chris 'chilly' AndersonplayedHimself (Farwest Leader, Deck Boss / Engineer)
Greg MoncriefplayedHimself (Farwest Leader, Captain)
James FredericplayedHimself (Farwest Leader, Deckhand)
John MavarplayedHimself (Farwest Leader, Deckhand)
Ragnhild MoncriefplayedHerself (Farwest Leader, Greenhorn / Boat Mom / Cook)
Ricky LopezplayedHimself (Farwest Leader, Deckhand)
Tico TysonplayedHimself (Farwest Leader, Deckhand)
Danny SoriaplayedHimself (Fierce Allegiance, Deck Boss)
Eric ArbrahamsonplayedHimself (Fierce Allegiance, Greenhorn)
Erik VankirkplayedHimself (Fierce Allegiance, Deckhand)
Johnny SoriaplayedHimself (Fierce Allegiance, Deckhand)
Rick MezichplayedHimself (Fierce Allegiance, Captain)
Sam VenableplayedHimself (Fierce Allegiance, Deckhand / Cook)
Tony Larussa (2)playedHimself (Fierce Allegiance, Captain)
Brandon OberplayedHimself (Lady Alaska, Deckhand)
Jorge HernandezplayedHimself (Lady Alaska, Deckhand)
Kyle RobertsonplayedHimself (Lady Alaska, Deckhand)
Leo EstradaplayedHimself (Lady Alaska, Engineer)
Peter LiskeplayedHimself (Lady Alaska, Captain)
Daniel CrabtreeplayedHimself (Lucky Lady, Deckhand)
Kevin Davis (2)playedHimself (Lucky Lady, Greenhorn / Deckhand)
Tim MarshplayedHimself (Lucky Lady, Deck Boss)
Vince ShavenderplayedHimself (Lucky Lady, Deck Boss / Captain)
Blake PainterplayedHimself (Maverick, Deck Boss / Captain)
Donna QuashnickplayedHerself (Maverick, Boat Mom)
Ed GreenplayedHimself (Maverick, Greenhorn)
Hirim JohnsonplayedHimself (Maverick, Deckhand)
Justin GiffordplayedHimself (Maverick, Deckhand)
Marvin JohnsonplayedHimself (Maverick, Engineer)
Mat CurnowplayedHimself (Maverick, Deckhand)
Mike Johnson (6)playedHimself (Maverick, Deckhand)
Rick QuashnickplayedHimself (Maverick, Captain & Owner)
Scott TemplinplayedHimself (Maverick, Deck Boss)
Sean PicoplayedHimself (Maverick, Deckhand)
Davin NesplayedHimself (North America, Deckhand)
John SkaarplayedHimself (North America, Engineer)
Sten SkaarplayedHimself (North America, Captain)
Travis ArketplayedHimself (North America, Greenhorn)
Adam EvichplayedHimself (Northwestern, Deckhand)
Brad Parker (2)playedHimself (Northwestern, Deckhand)
Bradford DavisplayedHimself (Northwestern, Greenhorn)
Edgar HansenplayedHimself (Northwestern, Deck Boss / Engineer)
Jake AndersonplayedHimself (Northwestern, Greenhorn / Deckhand)
Matt Bradley (2)playedHimself (Northwestern, Deckhand)
Nick MavarplayedHimself (Northwestern, Deckhand)
Norman HansenplayedHimself (Northwestern, Engineer / Deckhand)
Rick McLeodplayedHimself (Northwestern, Deckhand)
Sig HansenplayedHimself (Northwestern, Captain)
Stan Hansen (2)playedHimself (Northwestern, Deckhand)
Daher JorgeplayedHimself (Retriever, Deckhand)
Eliborio BeltranplayedHimself (Retriever, Deckhand)
Jim StoneplayedHimself (Retriever, Captain)
John LamarplayedHimself (Retriever, Engineer)
Le NyugenplayedHimself (Retriever, Deckhand)
Mizrain RodriguezplayedHimself (Retriever, Deckhand)
Brian GreerplayedHimself (Rollo, Engineer)
Christian KirkplayedHimself (Rollo, First Mate)
Corey ArnoldplayedHimself (Rollo, Deckhand)
Eric NyhammerplayedHimself (Rollo, Captain)
Matt Sullivan (2)playedHimself (Rollo, Deckhand)
Boyd WhippleplayedHimself (Saga, Deckhand)
Joe BergplayedHimself (Saga, Engineer)
John WhitmoreplayedHimself (Saga, Deckhand)
Julian HinerplayedHimself (Saga, Greenhorn)
Roger StrongplayedHimself (Saga, Captain)
Ryan Fletcher (2)playedHimself (Saga, Deckhand)
Steve MaherplayedHimself (Saga, Deckhand)
Brian QuinlanplayedHimself (Sea Star, Deckhand)
Don HugginsplayedHimself (Sea Star, Deckhand)
John White (4)playedHimself (Sea Star, Greenhorn)
Kenny HendricksplayedHimself (Sea Star, Deck Boss)
Larry HendricksplayedHimself (Sea Star, Captain)
Norm LauritzenplayedHimself (Sea Star, Deckhand)
Robin CooperplayedHimself (Sea Star, Deckhand)
Andy HillstrandplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deck Boss / Co-Captain / Captain)
Eddie UwekoolaniplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Johnathan HillstrandplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand / Co-Captain / Captain)
Mike FourtnerplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Nate VandecoeveringplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Neal HillstrandplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand / Engineer / Cook / Co-Capt.)
Nick DushkinplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Richard GregoireplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Russell NewberryplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Scott HillstrandplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Shea LongplayedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Thomas Miller (2)playedHimself (Time Bandit, Deckhand)
Bill WahlplayedHimself (Vixen, Engineer)
Kevin TurleyplayedHimself (Vixen, Greenhorn / Deckhand)
Michael Jones (2)playedHimself (Vixen, Deckhand)
Mike ValladplayedHimself (Vixen, Deckhand)
Mike WahlplayedHimself (Vixen, Fleet Owner / Deckhand)
Shaun Miles (2)playedHimself (Vixen, Captain)
Coleman AndersonplayedHimself (Western Viking, Engineer / Captain)
Ken OsteboplayedHimself (Western Viking, Deckhand)
Mike ReddekoppplayedHimself (Western Viking, Deckhand)
Rob RaddlerplayedHimself (Western Viking, Deckhand)
Tim McWilliamsplayedHimself (Western Viking, Deckhand)
Willie OvallesplayedHimself (Western Viking, Deckhand)
Art PetersonplayedHimself (The Wizard, Deckhand)
Crosby LeveenplayedHimself (The Wizard, Greenhorn / Deckhand)
Gary SoperplayedHimself (The Wizard, First Mate)
Jason MoilanenplayedHimself (The Wizard, Greenhorn)
Keith ColburnplayedHimself (The Wizard, Captain)
Lenny LekanoffplayedHimself (The Wizard, Engineer)
Lynn GuitardplayedHerself (The Wizard, Greenhorn)
Monty ColburnplayedHimself (The Wizard, Deckhand / Relief Captain)
Nick MaurerplayedHimself (The Wizard, Greenhorn / Deckhand)
Travis LoflandplayedHimself (The Wizard, Deckhand)
Guy KisielewskiplayedHimself (Greenhorn)
Josh WhiteplayedHimself (Deckhand - Rescued from the Berring Sea)
Elliott NeeseplayedHimself (Captain, Ramblin Rose)
Scott Campbell (2)playedHimself (Captain, Seabrooke)
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Adventure | Discovery/Science | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: Discovery Channel ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 12, 2005
Episode Order: 16
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