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Deadliest Catch

  All Seasons (Episode Guide) Season 11 »
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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 12/Apr/2005 Greenhorns
2 1x02 19/Apr/2005 Long Sleepless Nights
3 1x03 26/Apr/2005 Lady Luck
4 1x04 03/May/2005 Beat the Clock
5 1x05 10/May/2005 Dead of Winter
6 1x06 17/May/2005 Man Overboard
7 1x07 24/May/2005 High Hopes
8 1x08 31/May/2005 Good Fishing
9 1x09 07/Jun/2005 The Clock is Ticking
10 1x10 14/Jun/2005 The Final Run

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
11 2x01 28/Mar/2006 Heading Out to Sea
12 2x02 04/Apr/2006 Batten Down the Hatches
13 2x03 11/Apr/2006 On the Crab
14 2x04 18/Apr/2006 The Finish Line
15 2x05 25/Apr/2006 Friends and Rivals
16 2x06 02/May/2006 A New Hunt Begins
17 2x07 09/May/2006 Smoke on the Water
18 2x08 16/May/2006 Man vs. Ice
19 2x09 23/May/2006 On the Edge
20 2x10 30/May/2006 Pribilof Stare
21 2x11 06/Jun/2006 Race Against the Ice
22 2x12 13/Jun/2006 Cashing In

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
23 3x01 03/Apr/2007 A Tragic Beginning
24 3x02 10/Apr/2007 The Unforgiving Sea
25 3x03 17/Apr/2007 Pain and Paybacks
26 3x04 24/Apr/2007 Cheating Death
27 3x05 01/May/2007 Bering Sea Salvation
28 3x06 08/May/2007 The Last Lap
29 3x07 15/May/2007 New Beginnings
30 3x08 22/May/2007 Caught in the Storm
31 3x09 29/May/2007 Crossing the Line
32 3x10 05/Jun/2007 Trials of the Greenhorns
33 3x11 12/Jun/2007 Ice and Open Water
34 3x12 19/Jun/2007 A Frozen Finish

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
35 4x01 15/Apr/2008 Get 'Em Back Safe!
36 4x02 15/Apr/2008 Striking Out
37 4x03 22/Apr/2008 A Numbers Game
38 4x04 29/Apr/2008 Unsafe and Unsound
39 4x05 06/May/2008 No Mercy
40 4x06 13/May/2008 Racing the Clock
41 4x07 20/May/2008 Seeking the Catch
42 4x08 27/May/2008 No Season for Old Men
43 4x09 03/Jun/2008 Storm Season
44 4x10 10/Jun/2008 Blow Up
45 4x11 17/Jun/2008 Big Weather, Big Trouble
46 4x12 24/Jun/2008 Mortal Men
47 4x13 01/Jul/2008 Fresh Blood
48 4x14 08/Jul/2008 Changing Tides
49 4x15 15/Jul/2008 Catch as Catch Can
50 4x16 22/Jul/2008 The Final Hour

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
51 5x01 14/Apr/2009 Everything on the Line
52 5x02 21/Apr/2009 Red Skies in the Morning
53 5x03 28/Apr/2009 Stay Focused or Die
54 5x04 05/May/2009 Put up or Shut up
55 5x05 12/May/2009 Long Haul, Short Fuses
56 5x06 19/May/2009 Deadline
57 5x07 26/May/2009 Down to the Wire
58 5x08 02/Jun/2009 Payback Time
59 5x09 09/Jun/2009 No Second Chances
60 5x10 16/Jun/2009 Sea of Misery
61 5x11 23/Jun/2009 Lockout
62 5x12 30/Jun/2009 A Slap in the Face or Kick in the Butt
63 5x13 07/Jul/2009 Ends of the Earth
64 5x14 14/Jul/2009 Bitter Tears
65 5x15 21/Jul/2009 Day of Reckoning
66 5x16 28/Jul/2009 Shipwrecked

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
67 6x01 13/Apr/2010 Slow Burn
68 6x02 20/Apr/2010 Breaking 'Em In
69 6x03 27/Apr/2010 Sea Tested
70 6x04 04/May/2010 Bering Sea Swim Club
71 6x05 11/May/2010 Arctic Quest
72 6x06 18/May/2010 False Pass
73 6x07 25/May/2010 When Hell Freezes Over
74 6x08 01/Jun/2010 We're Not In Kansas Anymore
75 6x09 08/Jun/2010 Glory Days
76 6x10 15/Jun/2010 The Darkened Seas
77 6x11 22/Jun/2010 Blown Off Course
78 6x12 29/Jun/2010 Empty Throne
79 6x13 06/Jul/2010 Cain and Abel
80 6x14 13/Jul/2010 Redemption Day
81 6x15 20/Jul/2010 Valhalla
82 6x16 27/Jul/2010 Endless

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
83 7x01 12/Apr/2011 New Blood
84 7x02 19/Apr/2011 Proving Grounds
85 7x03 26/Apr/2011 Old Age and Treachery
86 7x04 03/May/2011 Breaking Point
87 7x05 10/May/2011 A Wing and a Prayer
88 7x06 17/May/2011 Exit Wounds
89 7x07 24/May/2011 Thick as Thieves
90 7x08 31/May/2011 Graduation Day
91 7x09 07/Jun/2011 Sea Change
92 7x10 14/Jun/2011 Frontier Medicine
93 7x11 21/Jun/2011 Birds, Bones and Blood
94 7x12 28/Jun/2011 It’s Not All Mai Tais and Yahtzee
95 7x13 05/Jul/2011 Pirate School
96 7x14 12/Jul/2011 The Island
97 7x15 19/Jul/2011 I Smell a Nightmare
98 7x16 26/Jul/2011 Mohawks and Madness, Goodness and Gladness

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
99 8x01 10/Apr/2012 The Gamble
100 8x02 17/Apr/2012 Turf War
101 8x03 24/Apr/2012 Weak Links
102 8x04 01/May/2012 The Hook
103 8x05 08/May/2012 Alien Abduction
104 8x06 15/May/2012 Vital Signs
105 8x07 22/May/2012 I Don't Wanna Die
106 8x08 29/May/2012 The Aftermath
107 8x09 05/Jun/2012 Nowhere to Go But Down
108 8x10 12/Jun/2012 Rise and Fall
109 8x11 19/Jun/2012 No Exit
110 8x12 26/Jun/2012 Collision Course
111 8x13 03/Jul/2012 Landlocked
112 8x14 10/Jul/2012 Fearless Leaders
113 8x15 17/Jul/2012 Release the Beast
114 8x16 24/Jul/2012 The Bitter, Bloody End

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
115 9x01 16/Apr/2013 Mutiny on the Bering Sea
116 9x02 23/Apr/2013 Dagger in the Back
117 9x03 30/Apr/2013 Blood in the Morning
118 9x04 07/May/2013 The Crooke & The Tangler
119 9x05 14/May/2013 Judgement Day
120 9x06 21/May/2013 Fist to the Face
121 9x07 28/May/2013 Goodbye Jake
122 9x08 04/Jun/2013 Kicking off with a Bang
123 9x09 11/Jun/2013 The Storm of the Season
124 9x10 18/Jun/2013 Sleeping with the Enemy
125 9x11 25/Jun/2013 We're Not Gonna Take It
126 9x12 02/Jul/2013 Listing Lover
127 9x13 09/Jul/2013 So You Wanna Be a Boat Owner...
128 9x14 16/Jul/2013 Ship of Iron, Men of Steel
129 9x15 23/Jul/2013 Man Overboard
130 9x16 30/Jul/2013 The Final Battle

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
131 10x01 22/Apr/2014 Careful What You Wish For
132 10x02 29/Apr/2014 Family Affair
133 10x03 06/May/2014 Darwin's Law
134 10x04 13/May/2014 Against the Law
135 10x05 20/May/2014 On The Rocks
136 10x06 27/May/2014 Falling Down
137 10x07 03/Jun/2014 Lost At Sea
138 10x08 10/Jun/2014 Cornelia Marie Blue
139 10x09 17/Jun/2014 Skipper Harris In Training
140 10x10 24/Jun/2014 Fisherman's Daughter
141 10x11 01/Jul/2014 Blonde Ambition
142 10x12 08/Jul/2014 Women Drivers
143 10x13 15/Jul/2014 Greatest Game Ever Finished
144 10x14 22/Jul/2014 Breaking Mandy
145 10x15 29/Jul/2014 Sabotage
146 10x16 05/Aug/2014 You'll Know My Name Is The Lord...

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
147 11x01 14/Apr/2015 A Brotherhood Tested
148 11x02 21/Apr/2015 Prodigal Son
149 11x03 28/Apr/2015 The Ultimatum
150 11x04 05/May/2015 Super Typhoon Part 1
151 11x05 12/May/2015 Super Typhoon Part 2
152 11x06 19/May/2015 Wasted Talent
153 11x07 26/May/2015 Heavy Lies The Crown
154 11x08 02/Jun/2015 Zero Hour
155 11x09 09/Jun/2015 TBA
156 11x10 16/Jun/2015 TBA

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S08 - #1710/Apr/2012Inside the Catch: DeckhandsN/A
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S08 - #1924/Apr/2012Inside the Catch: Near Death8
S08 - #2031/Jul/2012Revelations8
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S08 - #2209/Apr/2013The Beginning7
S08 - #2309/Apr/2013An Epic Season8
S09 - #2416/Apr/2013The Bait - Opening Day: King Crab7
S09 - #2516/Apr/2013Legend of the Time Bandit8
S09 - #2623/Apr/2013On Deck - Mutiny on the Bering Sea8
S09 - #2730/Apr/2013On Deck - Dagger in the BackN/A
S09 - #2807/May/2013On Deck - Blood in the Morning7
S09 - #2914/May/2013The Bait - Midseason Kings8
S09 - #3021/May/2013On Deck - Judgment DayN/A
S09 - #3128/May/2013On Deck - Fist to the Face8
S09 - #3204/Jun/2013The Bait - Opilio Kicks Off8
S09 - #3311/Jun/2013On Deck - Kicking off with a Bang7
S09 - #3418/Jun/2013On Deck - The Storm of the SeasonN/A
S09 - #3525/Jun/2013The Bait - Fouled By Weather8
S09 - #3602/Jul/2013On Deck - We're Not Gonna Take ItN/A
S09 - #3709/Jul/2013On Deck - Listing LoverN/A
S09 - #3816/Jul/2013The Bait - Iced Over8
S09 - #3923/Jul/2013The Bait - Hail Mary8
S09 - #4030/Jul/2013The Bait - The Home Stretch8
S10 - #4115/Apr/2014Season 9 RevealedN/A
S10 - #4215/Apr/2014Behind the LensN/A
S10 - #4322/Apr/2014The Bait - Season 10 KickoffN/A
S10 - #4429/Apr/2014The Bait - Sacked!N/A
S10 - #4529/Apr/2014Legend of the NorthwesternN/A
S10 - #4606/May/2014On Deck - Family AffairN/A
S10 - #4713/May/2014The Bait - Think Like a CaptainN/A
S10 - #4820/May/2014On Deck - Against the LawN/A
S10 - #4927/May/2014The Bait - Out of BoundsN/A
S10 - #5003/Jun/2014On Deck - Falling DownN/A
S10 - #5110/Jun/2014The Bait - The Comeback KidN/A
S10 - #5213/Jun/2014On Deck - Cornelia Marie BlueN/A
S10 - #5317/Jun/2014The Bait - Miracle on IceN/A
S10 - #5420/Jun/2014On Deck - Skipper Harris in TrainingN/A
S10 - #5524/Jun/2014Decked - Skipper Harris in TrainingN/A
S10 - #5627/Jun/2014On Deck - Fisherman's DaughterN/A
S10 - #5701/Jul/2014The Bait - Hit the ShowersN/A
S10 - #5808/Jul/2014On Deck - Blonde AmbitionN/A
S10 - #5908/Jul/2014Decked - Blonde AmbitionN/A
S10 - #6011/Jul/2014On Deck - Women DriversN/A
S10 - #6115/Jul/2014The Bait - Unnecessary RoughnessN/A
S10 - #6218/Jul/2014On Deck - Greatest Game Ever FishedN/A
S10 - #6322/Jul/2014Decked - Greatest Game Ever FishedN/A
S10 - #6425/Jul/2014On Deck - Breaking MandyN/A
S10 - #6529/Jul/2014The Bait - The Red ZoneN/A
S10 - #6601/Aug/2014On Deck - SabotageN/A
S10 - #6705/Aug/2014The Bait - TouchdownN/A
S10 - #6808/Aug/2014On Deck - You'll Know My Name Is The Lord...N/A
S10 - #6908/Aug/2014Behind the Lens: 10 Years in the MakingN/A
S11 - #70UnknownThe Perfect StormN/A
S11 - #7107/Apr/2015Season 10 RevealedN/A
S11 - #7211/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 4: Keith ColburnN/A
S11 - #7311/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 5: Wild Bill and ZackN/A
S11 - #7411/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 6: Josh HarrisN/A
S11 - #7511/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 7: Keith ColburnN/A
S11 - #7611/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 8: Sig HansenN/A
S11 - #7711/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 9: Josh and Jake HarrisN/A
S11 - #7811/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 10: Sig Hansen and Jake AndersonN/A
S11 - #7911/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 11: All CaptainsN/A
S11 - #8011/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 12: John and Andy HillstrandN/A
S11 - #8111/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 13: All CaptainsN/A
S11 - #8211/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 3: Josh HarrisN/A
S11 - #8311/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 1: Sig HansenN/A
S11 - #8411/Apr/2015Captain's Choice 2: John and Andy HillstrandN/A
S11 - #8514/Apr/2015The Bait: New Season, New RulesN/A
S11 - #8621/Apr/2015The Bait: Baiting Up and Boxing OutN/A
S11 - #8721/Apr/2015Legend of the Cornelia MarieN/A
S11 - #8828/Apr/2015On Deck - Prodigal SonN/A
S11 - #8902/May/2015On Deck: A Brotherhood TestedN/A
S11 - #9005/May/2015On Deck - The UltimatumN/A
S11 - #9105/May/2015The Bait: More Pain, Less GainN/A
S11 - #9209/May/2015Band of Bering Sea BrothersN/A
S11 - #9312/May/2015On Deck - Super Typhoon Part 1N/A
S11 - #9412/May/2015The Bait: Band of Bering Sea BrothersN/A
S11 - #9519/May/2015On Deck - Super Typhoon Part 2N/A
S11 - #9626/May/2015The Bait: FirestormN/A
S11 - #9702/Jun/2015On Deck: Heavy Lies the CrownN/A

    Season 11 »
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Adventure | Discovery/Science | Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: Discovery Channel ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 12, 2005
Episode Order: 16
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