A Reptile Dysfunction - Recap

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A sucker is born every minute.

A couple, Allen and Elizabeth Eiger, drive to Lake Diamond, famous for its "lake monster," and take a boat out from the shop.

Nick meets with Hank, Renard, and Wu at the station and explains about meeting Eve and unwittingly backing up her assassination attempt. The man that Eve killed, Samuel Rankin, was an organizer for Black Claw. Meisner talked to Nick about what happened, and Renard explains that Meisner was the Resistance in Europe. Nick wants to lay the crime on the bodyguards, and Renard tells them to find out who they are.

At the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee wonder why Nick hasn't called them since he met with Eve. Monroe shows Rosalee another letter that she's received from Seattle and says that they have to do something. Rosalee agrees to read it together and the other man says that he's thinking about coming to Portland. Furious, she says that she doesn't want to deal with it. Monroe says that they have to figure out what he wants from her, and Rosalee warns that he thought that they had a relationship except for the drug part. She tears up the letter and walks away.

At Lake Diamond, Elizabeth spots something large moving underwater near the boat. It swims around the boat and Elizabeth takes a picture of it. As they head back for shore, it circles back and Allen takes a gun out of his tackle box and shoots at it. It slams into the boat and Allen falls into the water. As Elizabeth looks on, the creature grabs Allen and drags him underwater. After a moment, blood floats to the surface.

Later, two men on shore hear Elizabeth screaming. They run to the shore and a Wesen, Logan Cobb, emerges from the water and woges back to human form. He tells the men, Wayne and Oliver Dunbar, that Allen was trying to kill him so he put him down. He demands his money and the men pay him. Once he leaves, the men wonder what to do but figure that Elizabeth can' connect it to them. They go to call 911.

At the station, Nick and the others aren't able to identify Rankin or his bodyguards. Trubel comes in and asks Nick if he's pissed. She identifies the two bodyguards as Sid Ganz and Otto Grumwaldt. Rankin's real name is Rolf Kleniager, and he's one of the Black Claw founders. Trubel then tells Nick that Meisner want to talk to him immediately.

Trubel and Nick drive to the HW base and Meisner greets them. He tells Nick that he proved himself to Eve and leads them to the special projects wing. They pass through security and Trubel enters her smell-like room. There's a supply of weapons on the wall and Meisner says it's where they put all of them. They work for a branch of the Federal government that officially doesn't exist. Meisner takes Nick out and says that he used to work for the Resistance. He doesn't know how big the organization he works for is, and knocks on Eve's door. She tells Nick to enter, and he goes inside. Eve says that Nick proved himself, and they didn't tell him so they would know how he'd react. She says that at first she didn't believe in anything, but now she found a reason to live. Nick wonders if she feels remorse for what Juliette did, and Eve says that he won't accept that she's a different woman. She tells him that he can't keep living in the past if they're going to work together, and regrets that he didn't have a chance to bury Juliette.

Eve takes Nick to an operations center where Meisner and Trubel are working with their team. He explains that HW has more command centers around the world and they're at war with Black Claw. They are displacing people around the world in an attempt to put the world under Wesen control. Eve says that Hitler tried once and now Black Claw is trying again. Meisner takes Nick outside and shows them the HW graveyard. Chavez and her people are there, and HW cleaned up their bodies. He says that three days after they took Juliette, they found Kelly's body where Kenneth had dumped it. They recovered it and buried it there. Meisner shows Nick of a photo to prove his claim, and says that they need Nick's help for what is coming. He walks away and Nick kneels at Kelly's grave to pay his respects.

Trubel is watching from a distance and wonders if Nick will be okay. Meisner says that he will be and goes inside.

At Lake Diamond, Elizabeth gets back to shore and the local police get Allen's corpse out of the water. Wayne and Oliver are watching, and listen as Elizabeth describes what happened to the local police and shows them her photo of the Wesen. The two men go back inside the bait shop that they own and worry that Logan killed a man when they just hired the man to scare people off. Two reporters come in and say that they want to rent a boat and get out right away. They want to cover the story on the Diamond Lake monster, and Wayne immediately starts hiking up their prices in anticipation of the trade.

Nick returns to the station and tells Hank about the war with Black Claw. Renard calls the detectives in and shows them a newscast about Allen's death. The female reporter, Rebecca, is covering the story and runs the image of the creature. The local sheriff, Parsell, has requested their help because they've had good luck with similar strange cases in the past.

At Diamond Lake, Nick and Hank meet with Parsell at the bait shop. He tells them what Elizabeth said and dismisses the lake monster as a local legend. There have been a half dozen sightings but nobody was ever attacked before. The detectives talk to Elizabeth and she tells them what she saw. She doesn't remember seeing anyone else on the water, and confirms that she rented the boat from the bait shop. As they walk away, Hank suggests tht Elizabeth is Wesen, killed her husband, and set the whole thing happened. Meanwhile, Logan comes over and offers his condolences to Elizabeth.

At the bait shop, Nick and Hank talk to Wayne and Oliver. They're doing big business with everyone coming in to see the monster. Wayne talks to them privately and explains that they called 911when they heard the screams. He denies knowing anything else, and says that he has never seen the monster. Wayne says that a lot of gawkers showed up after Allen's murder, and confirms that he and Oliver took over the business five years ago after their parents died. His father started the whole thing when he claimed that he saw the monster. Oliver drops a mug and briefly woges into his Eisbiber for when he loses control. Wayne goes over to help him and the detectives leave. Outside, Nick tells Hank what he saw and they head back to check on the brothers.

At the spice shop, Trubel comes in and the couple hugs her in greeting. She turns over the closed shop and tells them everything about Black Car.

At the station, Nick and Hunt confirm that the Dunbars don't have a criminal record but they're in debt. Hank suggests that the monster was a Wesen for hire, and they head out.

Oliver counts the $1,000 that they took in and boasts that they sold out. He insists that Allen's death wasn't their fault, and reminds Oliver that their parents never made the business work. Wayne is sure that the police can never connect them to Logn, and goes to the bank to deposit their money. However, he meets Logan at a bar and says that he wants him to do the same thing again.

At the lake, a group of college students are partying. One girl invites her boyfriend Kevin to go swimming with him, and she dives into the water. She swims to a float and dares her boyfriend to swim over to her. However, she sees something in the water. Kevin that she's joking and dives in, and Logan in his Wesen form drag him under.

Nick and Hank go to the spice shop and the couple explains that the Wesen is a Wasser Zahne, Rosalee brings up Juliette and Nick explains that she calls herself Eve now. He says that she's somebody else after what they did to her. The couple explains that HW will contact them, and figures that they have to decide the whole thing.

Renard films another endorsement for Andrew Dixon as Mayor at Rachel wood's office. She coaches him and then shuts her office door, and suggestively says that they may have to run the endorsement several times.

The next day, Nick and Hank return to the lake and find it filled with monster hunters. Parsell shows them Kevin's body, and Nick figures that they have to squeeze the Dunbar brothers. However, he wants the brothers to think that they're getting away with their scam. Meanwhile, Logan watches with the other spectators.

The Dunbars are doing business when Logan storms in and demands to talk. Wayne takes him into the back office and Logan demands half of everything. He figures the Dunbars are taking advantage of him, and says that he'll be back at midnight to get the rest. If the brothers don't pay then they'll die next.

Eve is watching footage of the Black Claw riots in her cell when Meisner comes in. She warns that Nick isn't ready because he's too emotional, and Meisner insists that he'll come around once he realizes what they're up against.

At the bait shop, Oliver and Wayne discuss the situation. Oliver wonders why Logan would kill another victim, unaware that Wayne paid him, and Wayne says that they have to deal with him. He gets out a gun and tells Oliver that they'll give him the money, then shoot him and claim it was a robbery gone bad. Trubel arrives and says that she's looking for the Wasser Zahne because there's a contract on his head. They woge and realize that Trubel is a Grimm, and she yanks the gun away from Wayne. Wayne claims that Logan set them up and came up with the idea of killing people to boost the business. He says that Logan will be back at midnight to get his money, and Wayne offers to let her take the money as well as the bounty. He claims that Logan is an old drunk, and Trubel says that she'll be back at 11:30. Once she leaves, Wayne says that they need a Grimm to deal with Logan.

Trubel meets with Nick and Hank parked down the road. They check Logan's record and confirms that he has a violent record. They want Trubel to deal with Logan since they can't arrest him.

Wayne meets Logan at the bar and asks him to come to the bait shop to get the money. However, he warns that Oliver is going to double-cross Logan and hired someone to kill him when he shows up. Wayne asks Logan to kill Oliver and show up at 11. First Logan takes care of Oliver, then Wayne helps him take care of the hired killer. He says that Oliver hired a girl to kill Logan, and the older Wesen figures that it'll be easy.

At 11, Logan arrives at the shop. Nick and the others spot him and figure that something else is going on. He goes inside and overhears Wayne worrying about Trubel. Logan tells a confused Oliver that he knows all about his plan, and Oliver realizes that Wayne set him up. Trubel comes in and Oliver says that Wayne hired her. Logan woges and realizes that Trubel is a Grimm, and they fight. She breaks Logan's neck after a brief struggle, and Wayne slides her the money. He offers her double if she kills Wayne, and Nick and Hank burst in. They explain that Nick is a Grimm, and Wayne runs out the back The detectives go after him and Wayne dives into the water. The monster hunters on the lake spot him and open fire, and the detectives walk back.

The next night, Parsell finds Logan's and Wayne's bodies and wonders why Wayne was swimming at night with monsters on the lake. Hank suggests that he was drumming up business for the shop, and Nick suggests that the monster might be real. The detectives meet Trubel and leave.