It Happened In Boston - Recap

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Elam returns home and notices right away that his baby is gone. Eva explains how she sent the baby off with Mr. Declan to New York and says the baby was white so it wasn't his. He gets upset and says he can't even love her after what she has done. He forces her to leave his house and suggests that she go back to whoring.

Durant's barber asks him if something is bothering him. Durant says that one of his good friends died from greed. Cullen sneaks up as he is talking and takes over for the barber. Cullen asks Durant to broker a deal to suit both him and some men from the Mormons. Durant refuses even with Cullen holding a razor over him.

Cullen finds Elam drunk on the top of one of train cars. He tells Psalms to get him down and sober him up. Every man needs to be working if they hope to ever leave Cheyenne.

Commonwealth Detective Malone from Boston enters the hotel and says he is looking for Durant. He asks if this is where Senator Metcalfe was staying and where he currently is. Sean walks away as the man asks this. Sean tells Durant that a man is looking for him but Durant says he can't lie if he doesn't know what happened to him. Just then the detective enters the room. He questions Durant about what happened to Metcalfe and searches the room. The detective finds some glass and inspects the windows. He asks Sean when he last saw Metcalfe but Durant interrupts and says he wouldn't be able to remember with all the guests they have in the hotel. Malone leaves the room leading Durant to believe they got away with the murder. He warns Sean not to appear fearful.

Cullen tells Ruth that he will be leaving for a few days and asks her to look after Ezra. Ruth mentions that he pulled a knife on her and Cullen decides to take Ezra with him. He hopes that he can find some relatives of Ezra on the way. Durant tells Cullen that he has changed his mind about brokering the deal so he accompanies Cullen and Ezra. Cullen wants to offer the Mormons free train tickets in exchange for men to work on the rail.

Outside of Mickey's tavern, Detective Malone questions Elam. Inside, Sean warns Mickey that the detective is investigating Metcalfe. Mickey tells Sean that it isn't his trouble and asks Sean to leave and never come back.

Just outside the city, a man greets Durant and Cullen. He says that he tried to hire the deserted men but the Mormons won't make a deal but he is willing to have a meeting with them. Durant tells Cullen that this is for the best because the man, Huntington, will be easier to deal with than the Mormons. He warns Cullen to behave at dinner and asks him to not do the talking. While they eat with Huntington, Durant offers to make a deal with him. He offers to hand Cullen over to Huntington in exchange for the workers. Cullen isn't happy with the offer and leaves the meeting.

Eva applies for a job with Mickey but he won't hire her because he can't have trouble with Elam. He gives her some money so that she can take a train out of Cheyenne. Eva then goes to wait at the train station and sees Sean. She tells him that he looks like his problem won't be fixed by leaving town. As a train arrives, Sean overhears Detective Malone sending out a telegraph with his name on it. Louise gets off the train and says she is glad to see Eva after she heard about the Cholera outbreak. Eva tells her that the baby was lost though and Louise tells Eva to come with her.

Huntington asks what Cullen wants out of life. He says the offer still stands to help him build the railroad east. Cullen rejects it though and says he will continue to build the railroad west. Ezra finally talks to Cullen but remains silent on what happened to his family.

Elam wakes up Psalms and says they need to head to New York to find his baby. Psalms tells him that she is gone and he won't get her back. He asks Elam to look deep down and realize that the baby was never his.

The next day Cullen walks through the camp of the deserted workers who are trapped working for the Mormons. A man, Dutch, recognizes Cullen and tells him that if they leave the Mormons will shoot them. Two Mormons on horseback ask Cullen what his business is and he says he's trying to get rid of a mute boy he found on the plains. Ezra attempts to attack the man with his knife and Cullen stops him and carries him away. Cullen tells Dutch to be brave; if everyone leaves they can't shoot them all.

Back at the tavern, Sean tells Mickey that he can't live like this anymore. Malone sent a telegram about him to Boston and Sean has decided to confess himself to the church and then turn himself into the police for what he has done. Mickey warns that if he does that he will get blamed too but Sean says his brother means nothing to him. Mickey says that he will hang if he turns himself in but Sean doesn't care. If he is killed then he will finally be free.

Ruth finds Sean in the church and tells him that he doesn't have to confess to her but can do it directly with God. He begins to tell her anyway but she says there is nothing she can do to help him. Sean begins to talk about Mickey and Ruth asks her to stop. As he confesses he is shot in the back by a man behind a curtain. Mickey steps out from behind the curtain to reveal he shot Sean.

Mickey tells Malone that Sean confessed to Metcalfe's murder before he headed to the church. Mickey didn't feel right so he followed Sean to the church to find him attacking Ruth. Malone says that Sean was also wanted in two murders in Boston but he had an accomplice in those murders. Mickey says that Boston sounds dangerous and he wouldn't want to visit. He walks out of the church without any further questions from Malone.

Huntington drops off Durant in Cheyenne, and wishes him good luck in building the railroad without workers. Durant says he is wrong though and points at Cullen, who returns to Cheyenne with all of the deserted workers.

Mickey talks to Durant about all of the events surrounding Sean's death and Malone visiting town. Durant threatens that if he decides to kill Mickey it will happen in broad daylight and everyone will know. Later, Cullen helps Mickey to bury Sean and asks what happened in Boston. Mickey says that Sean murdered two young girls much like Ruth. Cullen asks what part Mickey played and he says that Sean was his brother so he helped to dispose of the bodies.

Cullen visits the church and finds Ruth staring at the spot where Sean died. She turns to him and cries on his shoulder.