Fathers and Sins - Recap

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Cullen watches as Ruth tries to handle Ezra. He yells out to his men that they must reach Cheyenne by tomorrow. A man yells out that the Irish won't work on the Sunday. Cullen says that everyone must make sacrifices and offers everyone who works, a piece of his stock money if they make it there by tomorrow.

Over in Cheyenne, Durant hears Cullen's train and says it looks like he will make it there by tomorrow. Durant accuses Mrs. Palmer of playing both him and Cullen. She says that he must make peace with Cullen if he wants this town to prosper. She orders Durant to send a telegram to meet with Cullen for lunch.

Men, wearing green, spy on Cullen and say all the guns in the world won't protect him now.

While Cullen looks for Ruth, a boy delivers him a telegram. Cullen finds Ezra, with a fresh haircut, inside Ruth's trailer. Ruth tells Cullen that she has taken up his space long enough and will leave to join an orphanage. He tells her to stay and assures her that the McGinnes brothers weren't her fault. Cullen says Hell on Wheels needs a good preacher and hopes that Ruth will be that preacher.

Cullen finds Elam in the bar drinking. A man is cheating him at cards and Cullen puts a stop to it. He informs Elam that Durant has sent a message and believes it to be a surrender. Elam is going to Cheyenne as well because Cullen's victory needs an audience.

In the church, Ruth is visited by Louise. Ruth asks how Louise will tell her story. She says their meeting doesn't have to be about the newspaper and Louise puts her notes away. The two discuss Ruth's past and her future plans. Ruth thinks it would be ironic if she was preacher for Hell on Wheels. Louise believes that Ruth has feelings for Cullen.

On their way to Cheyenne, Cullen hears horses coming up behind them. The men have guns, so Cullen tells Elam to escape to Cheyenne with Ezra. Cullen follows quickly after. In Cheyenne, Cullen barricades himself in the hotel that Durant is in and warns everyone to get down. Cullen takes a few men down but doesn't know who they are. Cullen hides Ezra upstairs and returns back downstairs to the gunfight. They are outnumbered and Cullen suggests making it to the telegraph office. Elam agrees to go if Cullen will cover him.

Outside, one of the men in green yells for Cullen to come out. They only want Cullen and Durant volunteers to try and negotiate a settlement but he shoots a man who looks in a window. They set up a distraction and Elam is able to escape on the underside of a carriage. Cullen runs out firing in order to protect Elam. The two make it into the telegraph office but they find the machine is already destroyed. TO make matters worse, Cullen has been injured.

I turns out that after breaking down the telegraph office door, a shard of glass punctured his stomach. Elam tells him that the boy is waiting for him so no matter what he needs to make it out alive. If he doesn't he orders Elam to finish the railroad. They exit the office and no one is around outside. They run to the hotel expecting to find everyone there. Inside the find a few dead workers. There's noise from upstairs and they slowly make their way up. They enter the room where Ezra was hidden and find Palmer and Durant tied up. Durant says they took the boy so Cullen and Elam head out after them. Outside the hotel, Cullen watches a few men run around before he calmly starts shooting them. He spots the man that is holding Ezra. He offers himself up in exchange for the boy. Cullen tells Ezra to go with Elam and listen to Ruth. The masked man points his gun at Cullen but another man knocks him out from behind.

Elam tells Durant that he suspects it was the Mormons who took Cullen. He guarantees he will free him even if he has to face off against that many men again by himself.

Mortimer tells Louise that he will kick Eva out of his establishment because she is a whore. Louise insists she is not and that her past shouldn't matter to him. She brings up his past that involved the deaths of some people that were caused by his special elixir. He agrees to keep Eva on in his hotel.

Louise tells Eva to talk to her if Mortimer causes anymore trouble. Louise says she is helping because Eva is a woman who has just had some bad luck. Eva helps Louise with her hair and kisses her neck. She thinks that is what Louise wants. Louise says that's not why she asked her to stay there. Eva says she doesn't accept any charity and threatens to leave. Louise implores her not to though.

Cullen wakes up and finds himself lying on the ground with his hands bound. One of the nearby men in green walk over. It his the father of the boy Cullen had hung. The man reminds him that he still owes a life for the one he took.

Ruth stares into the bar at Mickey. He visits her at the church and says that Mickey s the one who killed Sean. Ruth accuses Mickey of lying to the police about Sean's activity and motives towards Ruth. She says that they will never know the truth about Sean but Mickey says he saved her life.

Back at the railroad, Elam tells the men that Cullen was taken. A man yells out to form a posse but Elam says they need to get to Cheyenne first. Elam says that while Cullen was a hard man to work for he worked hard himself. He promises that they will get the track to Cheyenne the same way Cullen does, one rail at a time.

Durant watches the railroad construction from the hotel. The men work through the night in order to reach Cheyenne.

While the men work on the railroad, Cullen is led away by the green men. They bring him to the Mormon fort. The hung boy's father promises Cullen that he will stand accountable.