Get Behind the Mule - Recap

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A man splashes water onto Cullen to wake him up. Still chained, he is brought in front of all the Mormon men of the fort. Everyone stands as the preacher walks over. He is introduced as Bishop Joseph Dutson but Cullen recognizes him as the Swede.

Cullen is charged with murder and trespassing. When asked to state his name Cullen runs and attacks the Swede. The men pull him off and bring him back to his seat. Cullen states that the bishop's real name is Thor Gunderson but no one believes him.

Back at Hell on Wheels, Ruth yells at Elam to do something about Cullen. He gathers his weapons together and she asks how he could let him be taken. She mentions Cullen's funeral but Elam says there won't be a funeral.

Back at the Mormon fort, Hatch accuses Cullen of killing his son but Cullen says that it was justice for his murdered chief of police. Cullen tells the gathered men that Hatch hasn't told the whole truth. Hatch says that's true and calls for his daughter, Naomi, to speak. His young daughter claims that Cullen is the father of her child. Cullen is back in a cell and Naomi visits him. He asks to touch the baby and she says that lately she can feel it move.

Elam tells Eva that he's going out to find Cullen. He just wanted to let her know that he understands why she gave the baby away. Eva asks him to stay but he says he has to go.

At the hotel in Cheyenne, Durant introduces Palmer to General Grant, Chairman Ames and Louise Ellison. Louise asks where Cullen is but Durant says he won't be showing up because masked bandits kidnapped him. General Grant says there is still still time for Cullen because he has until 6:00.

Hatch confronts Cullen and says to only talk to him not Naomi. Cullen offers to marry his daughter. He volunteers to stay at the fort and help with harvest. Hatch isn't interested and says he will seek counsel with the bishop, who will have the final word.

As Elam heads through Indian territory to the Mormon fort, he runs into four natives. He kills three of the men and the fourth rides away. Elam continues on his way to the fort.

The bishop greets Cullen and says he is reborn. Cullen accuses the Swede of being a murderer but he says that Cullen isn't without sin. The Swede says he will hang but Cullen thinks he will marry Hatch's daughter and live. The real reason Cullen thinks he won't hang is because the Swede would rather watch him suffer than die once.

Since Cullen is missing, Durant proposes that all further contracts go through him. No one agrees with him until he states that the railroad will end here. Ames and Grant agree and place Durant in charge.

Cullen is brought to Hatch and Naomi, and asks if she wants to be his. She does and the two will be married. Cullen is freed and the Swede marries them together. After they are married, the Swede joins the Hatches and Cullen for dinner. While cutting the pig, the Swede claims that he has changed and so has Cullen.

Durant signs the papers giving him control over the railroad. Grant proposes that Durant toast to Cullen. In his toast he insults Grant, Ames, and Louise over their appreciation of Cullen.

Elam nears the fort when his horse runs away from a bear. He runs out of bullets and throws the gun at it. The bear rushes at him and he protects himself with the only weapon he has left, a knife.

At night, Cullen prepares to go to bed with Naomi. Since she was unchaste she didn't expect to ever have a wedding night. She asks what his first wedding night was like. He says that while they hadn't been chaste it was fun. He promises not to leave her once he can. She asks what will happen if she is no longer fun to him and he says that in his experience the fun will come.

The next morning, Naomi prepares them breakfast. Cullen says they will figure out marriage together. The bishop informs Cullen that the mormons are building their own railroad south.

Durant visits Mickey at his new bar and compliments the new additions. Mickey is running for mayor and asks for a donation. Durant says he chooses the mayor and that's why Mickey is running unopposed. Durant offers Louise a job as the only female news editor in the country for his town's paper.

Durant tells Psalms to make sure his people work extra hard because he's behind schedule. Ruth enters town with Ezra. She calls out and asks Eva what's wrong. Eva says that Elam is dead and she felt his spirit pass.

Out in the wild, the bear lies near Elam, who also looks like he is dead.

At the Mormon fort, Cullen helps the men plow the fields. Naomi offers him some water but the Swede takes it first.