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Cheaters Never Prosper - Recap

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The episode begins with a party at a bar. A guy who is apparently very drunk comes at the sits at the bar. He is barely able to see things clearly. He gets up and begins walking, but isn’t able to walk straight. He goes to the loo and splashes water on his face, but it doesn’t seem to help. He then enters one of the stalls and begins puking. The guy then isn’t seen coming out of the stall for a long time. Later, when it’s time to close a man from the bar tries to open the door to the stall, but is unable to do so. The guy is seen lying motionless on the floor of the stall. The man breaks open the stall door and sees the guy lying dead on the floor.

Julio finds out the victim was a detective from Las Vegas and his name is Michael Adams. Turns out, his official vehicle is parked outside the bar. Later, the coroner tells Provenza and Flynn that the victim died of Ethylene Glycol poisoning and hence they have a murder on their hands. Adams’s partner Detective Richard Connor later informs Sharon and team that, he doesn’t think Adams was working a case. Adams and Connor were responsible for handling fraud cases. Sykes has also found some DMV runs for a woman named Laura Elkins, in the victim’s hotel room. Laura is brought in for questioning, and she assumes she has been called because her computer has been found. Sharon and Andy play along and tell her they can’t simply hand her the computer and need to determine ownership.

She is told to recount how she lost the computer. She describes how she checked into a casino in Vegas and put her computer down to search for her credit card, but she couldn’t find her wallet and went looking for it, and when she came back her laptop was missing. The victim’s partner, Detective Connor is also brought in for questioning. Laura tells them how Adams was sent to help her and looked for her laptop all over the place. She reveals how Adams was convinced someone was going to use the information on her computer to commit fraud. Connor sees Laura and tells Mike and team he has never seen her before. Later, Connor tells Sharon and her team how many laptops were being stolen many hotels in Vegas.

Sixteen of the stolen laptops were then used in a big identity theft scheme. Turns out, the identities were used by the thieves to take out fraudulent loans, which were then invested in overseas account. Rusty leaves with Daniel to spend the weekend with him. Sharon isn’t too happy about it, but reluctantly allows him to go. Later, Sharon has an idea on how they can catch the identity thieves. She concludes that the thieves might have created a separate compartment in each of their victim’s accounts, complete with email addresses and everything. She suggests that a warning email be sent to these fraudulent email accounts, stating that they are at a risk of identity theft.

The thieves would as a result move their finances, and that is when they can be caught as “things are easier to see when they are in motion”. She wants all of it done without informing Detective Connor. She wants the email to say “The Los Angeles police department have reason to think that you have been a victim of identity theft and that fraudulent investments and improper loans may have been taken out in your name. If you contact our major crimes division, we will at your request put an investigatory hold on any and all financial accounts and instruments currently bearing your social security number”. Later, Connor reads the email and sees that it’s signed by Sharon. He feels the only thing the email has done is warn the criminals.

Andy tells him the criminals were already warned and hence Adams was murdered. Connor is then shown how the ploy worked and they are already receiving calls from the thieves who were following the email accounts. The team then zero in on a guy named Jeremy Durban, in whose name the money is being transferred, from the fraudulent accounts. Sykes goes undercover and meets up with Durban who is an economics professor. She asks him about investment advice. Mike and team find out that Durban is actually a guy named Ronald and he has a record for fraud. They then find out that, Durban has three more identities: Jeffrey Meyers, Donald Clayton and Franklin Robinson. Sykes and team arrest him, for Adams’s murder.

Durban tells Provenza he didn’t commit any murder and no one ever lost any money because of him. Sharon during Durban’s questioning figures out that, credit reports are the best way to detect identity theft, so she is baffled as to why Adams checked on Laura’s driving license instead of her credit report. She questions Connor about this, and threatens to call Connor’s department and start an inquiry on his conduct, if he doesn’t come clean with her. Connor then reveals that, Adams would talk all his attractive victims into a one night stand with him. “Mike was just one of these guys who fell in love every time he pulled his pants down” Connor says. He reveals that, a woman filed complaint against Mike 7 months ago, and Mike was issued a warning as a result.

Connor says, Laura was the first woman he pursued outside Vegas, therefore his behavior “must have escalated” he concludes. Andy just then, finds irregularities on Laura’s credit report and she is called in for questioning. Later she is brought in, and shown the laptop she had reported stolen, and turns out it was found by detectives right in her house. Sharon then gives Laura another chance to explain her relationship with Adams. “We want to hear your side of the story before we talk with your husband” Sharon tells Laura. She then admits how in Vegas, Mike found her laptop for her. She then ended up spending the night with him. She had thought it would be a one night thing and she could put it behind her, but then he kept calling her. He on the calls began asking her if she had feeling for him.

She tells them how she kept saying no to him, but he was persistent in his calls. “I came home one day and he was sitting in my house, with my husband Jonathon and my children” Laura says with tears in her eyes. Adams used the identity theft issue as an excuse to pay her a visit at home. Later, Adams insisted that Laura meet him “at that club”. He was telling her how she needs to walk away from her family. She was worried Adams would tell her husband everything, so she slipped about an ounce of antifreeze into his drink, when he went to the bathroom. She then got him another drink and put some more antifreeze in it. Laura is then placed under arrest for murder in the first degree. Later at home, Sharon finds out that Rusty was beaten up by Daniel.

Rusty tells her how Daniel’s fiancée Annie was asking him really personal questions, so he revealed to her everything about his past, including him being a male escort. Annie freaked out. Daniel then took Rusty outside to talk and accused him of trying to ruin his wedding. Rusty told Daniel that he could care less about his wedding and that is when Daniel hit him. Sharon then takes photos of Rusty’s injuries on her cell phone. The episode ends at this point.