Long Shot - Recap

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The episode begins and the mayor addresses guests at a function. He talks about a man called Masood, who has been appointed as the superintendent of schools. A judge then come to the podium and begins swearing in Masood as the new school superintendent. The judge in the middle of the swearing-in ceremony suddenly collapses on Masood. The judge is laid on the floor; just then Masood sees blood on the judge’s shirt and yells that the judge has been shot. Later, Mike sees the bullet and concludes that, the bullet has come from a rifle and the shooting is the work of a professional.

Chief Taylor who was present at the function tells Sharon, he did not hear a clear gunshot, but did hear a little snap. Taylor tells Sharon, Masood had received multiple death threats from parents, who weren’t happy with a Muslim being appointed as a superintendent. The team figures out where the killer shot the bullet from. Then in flashback, the killer is shown taking aim. The man is shown talking to someone over the phone about the payment, and how he needs it upfront, before he takes aim. Back in the present, Sharon is with Mike at the very same apartment from where the killer took the shot. The scene then flashes back to the killer taking aim and shooting.

He then wraps up his stuff and leaves. Sharon talks to the caretaker of the building named Reyes. Turns out, the apartment is on the market, and everyone at the sales desk and him have the keys to it. Reyes also has a spare set at home. Sykes sees a bullet mark in the wall near the door. The scene then flashes back to the killer wrapping up things, and just then a young guy enters the apartment and asks the killer who he is. The guy suspects something and just then the killer removes a gun and shoots, but misses the guy. The bullet hits the wall, and the guy makes good his escape. The killer is shown chasing after the guy. “Looks like we had a witness” Sykes tells Sharon. The scene flashes back to the killer chasing the guy down the stairs. Sharon and team reach the parking area and find skid marks.

The scene then flashes back to the guy making his get away in a car, with the killer taking a photograph of his license plate, on his cell phone. In the security footage from outside the parking garage, Sharon and team see the witness’s car making a getaway. They decide to locate the whereabouts of the vehicle, based on the license plate, which is pretty blurry in the video. Mike tells Sharon it might take a while to figure out the details on the plate. Sharon in the video also spots the killer’s vehicle. Sharon and team after going over the facts figure out that, the shooter was aiming for Judge Culley the victim, and wasn’t aiming for Masood at all, like they had suspected earlier. Agent Howard figures out that, Judge Culley was handling some drug cases, and that might have had something to do with the killing.

The killer on the other hand has broken the side mirror of his car. He then pretends in front of a couple of cops that his car was hit by the witness’s car. He gives the cops the license plate number, so the cops can give him the details about the witness. The cops buy the killer’s story and give him the details. Reyes the caretaker is shown returning home and calling out for his son Angel. Turns out, Angel is the witness. Reyes tells Angel how the detectives questioned him. Angel then leaves for work. Mike on the other hand hasn’t been able to figure out the details on the blurry looking plates. Mike says it might take an hour more. Sharon is also informed that, just like Judge Cullen there were two other high ranking government officials who wanted to legalize pot, and both were shot down just like Cullen.

Howard and the Chief come in just then and inform the team, the bullet that killed Cullen is from the same rifle that was used to shoot the other two officials. The cartels basically do not want marijuana legalized and hence the murders. Sharon is later informed that the witness’s car is owned by Reyes the caretaker, and also that someone else is inquiring about it. “That could be our shooter” Andy says. The shooter arrives at Reyes’s doorstep and asks for Angel. Reyes tells him that Angel has left for work. Reyes then suspects something, and the killer immediately shoots Reyes in the chest. The shooter then looks around the house and finds out where Angel works. The cops arrive at Reyes’s house just moments after the shooter leaves.

Sharon sees an apron in Angel’s closet and figures out that Angel works at a restaurant. “If we are going to save this boy’s life, we need to find him now” she says. The killer is waiting for Angel in an apartment, in the building opposite to the restaurant where Angel works, with his equipment in the ready. He plans to shoot Angel the moment he comes to his car. Sharon and team are also waiting for Angel to come out. Provenza and Sharon enter the restaurant as a couple. Inside, the team meets up with the FBI who, are also in on this case. The FBI tells Sharon and team that they need to catch the killer alive, so they can get information out of him. Sharon and Provenza then talk to Angel. Angel tells them, he was planning on meeting his girlfriend there.

He went there early to get the place ready and that is when he saw the killer there. He then recounts how things transpired. He didn’t want his father to know what he was doing, and that is why he didn’t call the police. Agent Howard asks Angel what the guy that shot at him looked like. Angel describes to them how the killer looks. FBI other hand is searching for the killer in the nearby building, where he could possibly be. Sharon then decides to moves Angel’s car to a location that would it make harder for the killer to see. The killer sees Angel’s car being moved and decides to kill Angel at a close range. He therefore leaves the apartment, with a concealed gun.

The killer then arrives near Angel’s car and waits. He then sees from a distance, a young boy wearing a hooded shirt walking towards Angel’s car and assumes it to be Angel. He shoots at the hooded figure just as he is about to open the door to the car. The figure falls to the ground and the killer approaches the figure. Just then, the cops surround him and ask him to put his weapon down. The killer doesn’t do so and instead proceeds to shoot at the team. He as a result is shot down to the ground. The hooded figure as it turns out was an FBI agent, wearing Kevlar. The killer succumbs, before Sharon can question him.

Later, Sharon compels Daniel to sign over his parental rights of Rusty. He is told by Sharon that, he would be tried for assaulting Rusty and for child abuse, if he doesn’t do so. Daniel reluctantly signs the relevant form and leaves. Sharon tells Rusty he is family and should never consider himself and orphan. The episode ends at this point.