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We see a recap of the bizarre, foreign ingredient Mystery box challenge from last episode. Also last time, Joe's mother, Lidia Bastianich, was the guest judge in the elimination challenge and Howard was eliminated.

Tonight we get the next team challenge! The contestants are arriving at the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood. They have no idea why they're there but they're excited.

The contestants walk through a hallway... and they're on the set of 'Glee!'

In the choir room of 'Glee,' Ramsay introduces the contestants. Bri is a huge 'Glee' fan and is very excited. Today they'll be serving lunch to over 100 members of the cast & crew of 'Glee!'

Jessie and Krissi are the team captains, as they had the best dishes in the agnolotti elimination challenge. Jessie has been a team captain before and has been on the winning team both previous team challenges. Krissi has never been a team captain before and has been on the losing team both previous challenges.

In a twist, Krissi and Jessie will not be picking their teams today! Someone else is going to pick them instead: Jane Lynch, star of 'Glee!'

Lynch is greeted by Ramsay as the contestants applaud. Jane sizes up Jessie and Krissi and calls them Beauty and the Beast. She sends James to Krissi's team and Bri to Jessie's.
Beth heads to Krissi's team and Savannah is sent to Jessie's side.

Bime is picked next for Krissi's team; Lynn is sent to Krissi's team as well. Eddie joins Jessie's team; Jonny is sent to Jessie's side as well.

Luca is sent to Jessie's side and Bethy is sent to Krissi's. Finally, Natasha joins Jessie's team and Jordan is sent to Krissi's side.

After assembling the teams, Jane says she's not happy with the final divide. Jane switches Beth with Natasha.

The teams are set!

Red team: Jessie, Jonny, Luca, Eddie, Bri, Savannah & Beth.

Blue team: Krissi, Lynn, Bime, Jordan, Bethy, Natasha and James.

Wait--Jane isn't done! She decides to switch Jonny to Krissi's team and Lynn to Jessie's team! Jessie is ecstatic--she paired with Lynn on the previous two team challenges and they are undefeated.

Jane makes her exit. The teams head to the backlot to learn what they'll be cooking for 'Glee' crew members. They teams will be making three different dishes: fried chicken with french fries, grilled salmon with asparagus and finally vegan lasagna with salad.

Both teams of seven get ready for the challenge. The team that wins the challenge is safe from elimination. Their ninety minutes begins now!

Jessie and Krissi begin planning their menus. Luca takes charge of the lasagna and Lynn takes the asparagus.

Krissi's team has Bethy and James on the sauce and Jonny working on coleslaw. Krissi's leadership is strong and clear; she has Bime working on the fried chicken. Krissi asks her team if everyone is clear on their job--and everything is fine. Smooth sailing for the Blue team.

Over on the Red team side, the team is beginning to rush. Jessie is slicing the scalloped potatoes as fan as she can... and she slices her finger badly! Jessie calls for the medic. Her finger is bleeding badly and Jessie almost passes out. The medics tend to her as she sits on the floor with Gordon.
Gordon explains that she cut into the nerve so it's going to hurt a lot.

The Red team continues to cook with their Captain seated on the sidelines. Gordon retrieves the piece of Jessie's finger from the mandolin. Gordon shouts at everyone to slow down and be careful. Eddie seems to step into the leadership role with Jessie on the sidelines. The Blue team is way ahead in the competition with almost every dish already cooking.

With 20 minutes to go, Jessie returns to action as best she can. The salmon is sticking to the grill and the skin is being ripped off. Gordon shouts at Lynn and Luca for ruining the salmon.

On the Blue side, everything is going well. Time is working against the Red team as their is five minutes left. Lynn has salvaged the salmon on the flattop instead of the grill.

As time expires, the cast and crew of 'Glee' arrive for their lunches! The actors are served first. Once someone selects a specific dish, they get the same dish from the other team.

Red service is slow but people seem to enjoy the flavor. Unfortunately, everyone is selecting the chicken and the Red team has run out of chicken. Both teams are racing to cook more.

It turns out that the Blue team's fried chicken is raw! Bime was in charge of the chicken and he's been serving it raw. The cast and crew are not happy with the pink, bloody chicken they've been biting into.

The Red team now has chicken and the Blue team is out, as they can't be certain about the chicken. It's Jane Lynch's turn to be served and she wants fried chicken... but the Blue team doesn't have any. They finally get some fresh from the fryer for Lynch.

Krissi is frustrated with Bime, being in charge of the chicken and serving it raw. Bime is still confident with the flavor of his chicken.

Cory Monteith casts the final vote.

After votes are tallied, Gordon addresses the two teams. The winning team is...
Jane Lynch leads the 'Glee' cast with a marching drummer and cheerleaders around the corner! Lynch takes the megaphone from Gordon.
Out of the 127 people fed today, one team received a whopping 90 votes! The winning team is Jessie's Red team!

A score of 90-37 is a mammoth margin. The Red team celebrates and Jessie remains undefeated. The Blue team will now face the pressure test.

Back in the Masterchef kitchen, Jessie's team is watching from the balcony and Krissi's team lines up. Krissi says Bime was the problem. Gordon explains that the problem wasn't the chicken, it was the salmon; Jordon's salmon only won two votes.

Joe explains that Krissi is allowed to save as many or as few people from her team as she likes. She must save at least one person and at least two must face the pressure test.

Jonny is up first: Gordon asks Krissi if Jonny is safe or is he in the pressure test? Krissi says Jonny is safe.
Bethy next: Krissy makes Bethy face the pressure test.

James' turn: Krissi explains that if she makes him face the test, he'll knock out the people she wants to go home; he has to face the pressure test.

Natasha is up next: Krissi makes her safe.
Bime is up: he's in the pressure test.
Jordan's turn: Jordan has to face the test.
And now, for herself... will Krissi compete or head to the balcony?

Krissi heads to the balcony and Jordan mocks her, since she insulted him when he saved himself. Bime, James and Bethy each smirk and shake their heads at Krissi as she heads upstairs.

The pressure is on for Jordan, Bime, Bethy and James. The dish they have to make? Lemon merengue pie!

None of the contestants feel confident with the pie. The twist is... no lemons allowed! The contestants have to make their pie with any citrus fruit except for lemons!

The challenge begins and the contestants start making their crust. Jordan is making a key lime pie. Bime admits it's his first merengue pie. He's going with lime as well. Bime mixed up corn starch with cream of tartar!! Bime's mix isn't going to thicken! He realizes his mistake but it could be too late.

Krissi explains that she orchestrated this to get rid of Bime and she is loving the fact that he's struggling. Bime declares that he isn't giving up without a fight and he begins all over again.

Jordan's pie is in the oven. James has very little time left with his pie.

The pressure test comes to an end and all four contestants bring their pies to the front.
James' pie is the first to be tasted: it is a blood orange and lime pie. Gordon points out that his crust is undercooked and the curd is insufficient. Luckily, his curd tastes great, even though there isn't much of it.

Bethy's turn: she made a lime pie. Graham says the pie looks great but her crust is completely undercooked and her filling is soupy. Gordon is unimpressed, the pastry is completely raw.

Jordan made a key lime and regular lime pie. Joe says he really enjoys the curd. Bowles is impressed with the texture.

Bime's pie is last. Bime's lime pie looks terrible. None of it is cooked, the curd is liquid and there's no crust to speak of. Gordon heads to grab some cocktail glasses and pours Bime's pie into a glass. Gordon thinks it tastes terrible. Bime admits the cream of tartar is what ruined his chances.

Krissi is laughing uncontrollably at Bime's plight.

Time for judgement: Jordan's pie wins the test. James' dish wasn't good, however Bethy and Bime's pies were worse. It comes down to Bethy and Bime.

Bime has been eliminated from the competition. Gordon says that Bime's growth has been extraordinary. Gordon tells him to follow his dream. Bime hugs the judges goodbye.

Krissi says "mission accomplished" and the episode comes to an end.

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