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We see a recap of last week, when Jessie’s Red team trounced Krissi’s Blue team. Krissi ended up orchestrating Bime’s elimination.

Tonight we get another Mystery box challenge and a visit from the winner of Masterchef season three!

The contestants enter the kitchen; there are thirteen home cooks left. Tonight, at least one person will be eliminated and we’ll be down to twelve. It’s time for the next Mysterybox challenge! The winner receives a huge advantage in the elimination competition.

The contestants lift their boxes and find... a severed pig’s head! An entire pig’s head, complete with eyeballs intact, is looking up at each competitor. Joe explains that using the entire head will separate the chefs from the home cooks. They already had the head separated by a butcher, so the cooks won’t have to spend their time breaking the head down.

The ninety minute challenge begins! Bri, who is vegetarian, is very uncomfortable. Beth explains that she loves pork and is going to try to crisp up some pig’s ears. Gordon explains that he would blanche and braise the tongue, if he were performing this challenge. Bri has covered her pig’s face and explains that she doesn’t want to look at him while she cooks him.
Lynn is taking an Asian approach and Joe & Graham are very impressed with his seasoning. Jonny has greatly impressed Gordon with his flavor balancing. Jessie is taking a Southern, Mexican approach to the pig.

With five minutes remaining, the judges are very impressed with the thirteen competitors. They think that we’re down to the best of the best and that these contestants are cooking like real chefs.

Time expires and the judges peruse the dishes in front of them. They’ve selected three of the best dishes: the first they want to taste is Lynn’s. Lynn’s Asian-style tongue with puree impresses Gordon. The judges believe it’s a classy dish. Joe says the other contestants should be terrified of Lynn.
The second dish the judges want to taste is Jessie’s. She made a braised cheek and ear with roasted corn and black-eyed peas. Graham says that it’s exploding with flavor.

The third dish they want to taste is Jonny’s. Jonny made tongue & cheek tacos. Joe says it is “just really good.” Bowles says it tastes like great tailgating food. Gordon says it’s delicious and he’s pleased that Jonny showed restraint and this is Jonny’s best dish so far.

The judges confer to determine who the winner of the Mystery box challenge is. The winner is... Lynn!!

Lynn is invited back to the pantry to receive his unique advantage. He is in control of the elimination test. The judges have invited a special guest to explain the theme to Lynn... the winner of Masterchef season 3, Christine Hobb!! Christine recently released her own recipe book and she explains that she’s had her entire life change thanks to winning Masterchef.

Lynn gets to select from Christine’s three favorite ingredients: chicken, catfish and dungeness crab.

Lynn is safe from elimination and he has the opportunity to put one person in a difficult position by giving a different ingredient to one person than the others: he selects catfish for Krissi.

Back in the kitchen, the judges introduce Christine to the twelve competitors. Christine joins Lynn on the balcony. The judges send the competitors to the pantry to find their ingredients: Krissi runs to find her catfish and the rest of the contestants will be cooking dungeness crab. But Christine has one more surprise for everyone... they’re going to be cooking this challenge without sight! Each contestant is blindfolded!

The sixty minute blind challenge begins now! The contestants feel around for their ingredients. Luca is trying to cut his crab and is afraid of cutting his finger off. After a couple of minutes of people fumbling, Gordon orders everyone to stop and tells them that Christine was pulling a prank--take your blindfolds off! They don’t have to cook blindly. The sixty minutes begin again.

Krissi is confident with her catfish. She says that Lynn is a d*ck and he wasted his pick. Luca is seasoning his crab with fish sauce. Beth is making crab cakes with peach salsa. Natasha is making crab cakes and ginger salad as well.

Joe is questioning Krissi’s dish and thinks that it’s below her capability. Krissi is talking back to Joe and Joe is getting annoyed with her. Two minutes remain in the challenge. Kristine says it smells great and her stomach is growling. Time expires and Kristine & Lynn come down from the balcony. Kristine is the guest judge tonight.

Krissi and her catfish is up first: fried catfish with bacon mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. Gordon is confused that she left the catfish skin on, as it’s inedible. Christine thinks it’s too fatty & fishy, perhaps due to cooking with the skin on. Joe spits out his bite rather than swallowing it. Joe says he doesn’t like the fact that Krissi thinks she knows everything. As Krissi heads back to her station she is muttering about Joe and Joe doesn’t take kindly to it. He tells her not to whisper behind his back and to come say it to his face. Krissi stares down Joe from her station.

Natasha’s dish is next: a crabcake with a medley salad. Kristine likes the Asian theme to the cakes. Bri is up next with her avacado mash with crab stack. Graham really enjoys it. James’ spicy crab creole is next. Christine loves the heat and the levels in the flavor. Beth’s crab cake with mascarpone doesn’t go over as well--Joe spits it into the garbage. Christine doesn’t enjoy the texture. Joe says it’s disgusting.

Luca made a risotto but Gordon thinks it’s a bowl of soup. Christine thinks it’s too salty. Gordon thinks it’s awful. Joe says it’s a disaster. Joe sees the fish sauce on Luca’s station and asks him to bring it over. He’s confused why there’s fish sauce in a risotto--Joe says that it’s an insult to Italian cooking. Luca says he used it because it is one of Christine’s favorite ingredients, but it was a mistake.

The judges discuss their choices. Luca thinks he’s going home tonight.

The judges return to name the top two dishes, which belonged to Natasha and James! James won the challenge overall. Both James and Natasha are safe from elimination and they will be team captains in the next challenge.

Now for the bottom three: Beth, Luca and Krissi. Gordon explains that Luca needs to stop making these mistakes, but he’s safe tonight. The judges say that Beth let them down. They also think that Krissi’s attitude is bad and she hasn’t got the talent to back it up.

The person leaving Masterchef tonight is Beth. The judges tell Krissi to get it together and send her back to her station. They then tell Beth to take everything she’s learned and to believe in herself more. Beth has been eliminated; she says her goodbyes as the episode comes to a close.

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