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Last episode, the winner of Masterchef season 3, Christine Hobb, returned as a guest judge for the elimination challenge! Tonight: the team challenge is about catering a wedding reception!

The contestants return to the kitchen and get introduced to Anya and Aaron--they have invited Masterchef to cater their wedding tomorrow! But the bride has some food rules: she pulls out a massive list of ingredients she will not tolerate. Her list is so long that Eddie wonders if they’re going to be making lettuce and water for the wedding. But the teams have help: Graham and Gordon will be assisting with two courses and the teams will be in charge of the entree.

At a beautiful ranch, the contestants arrive for the wedding. The contestants are dressed for a wedding. The teams will be serving 100 guests, including 15 vegetarians. Natasha and James are team captains. James gets the first pick for the Blue team: he selects Lynn. Natasha selects Eddie for the Red team, calling him her co-captain.

Blue: Jessie
Red: Jordan
Blue: Jonny
Red: Bethy
Blue: Bri
Red: Savannah

It comes down to Luca and Krissi and James selects Luca. Krissi is headed to the Red team. Luca says that he wanted James’ team because he doesn’t think Natasha can be a leader.

Joe explains that both Natasha and James have to pick one person from their team who will not be cooking today. Natasha decides to eliminate Krissi. James removes Bri. This means that Krissi and Bri are both safe from elimination this week.

The Blue team: James, Lynn, Jessie, Jonny, Luca.
The Red team: Natasha, Eddie, Jordan, Bethy, Savannah.

Gordon and Graham reveal their appetizer and dessert for this wedding and they’re lovely. The contestants have two hours to make an entree to live up to that standard.

James listens to his team and decides on lamb, with grilled mushrooms as the vegetarian dish. Lynn and Jessie are both undefeated in team challenges and they’re both on the Blue team.

The Red team is going for halibut with eggplant & tomato for the vegetarian dish. The Red team is already arguing and they burned all of their carrots. Natasha is panicking. Gordon calls the Red team over and tells Natasha to take charge. Natasha basically ignores Gordon and he asks her if she’s that arrogant to ignore him.

Meanwhile, the Bride and Groom are married and arrive for their reception. 100 wedding guests are drinking, laughing, and enjoying Graham’s appetizer.

The Blue team’s lamb dish looks delicious, while the Red team is frantic.

The guests adored Graham’s appetizer. Bri and Krissi are seated, enjoying the food.

The Blue team is serving lamb medallions with puree. The Red team is serving halibut with baby carrots.

The plating is having trouble. Natasha is trying to do everything herself. The Blue team’s plates are dirty and Gordon forces them to re-plate. Finally, the Blue team’s lamb goes out to the wedding party and the Red team matches them.

Natasha has finally taken charge on the Red team’s side.

Lynn is misplating and has been caught sweating on the food! James can’t believe that Lynn is deteriorating in this pressure situation. The Blue team is five tables behind!

Now, Lynn is using the same towel that he’s wiping the sweat from his brow with to wipe the plates! Gordon is screaming at Lynn for his disregard for health and safety.

The Blue team can’t keep up; they are behind so many tables that they can’t catch up... until Graham steps in and reorganizes for them. James explains that Graham’s organization was amazing and catches the Blue team up.

The bride and group both preferred the Red team’s halibut. Joe is asking the guests what they think and they didn’t enjoy the wait but enjoyed the food immensely.

They serve Gordon’s dessert and Bri says it’s the best dessert she’s ever had. The two teams are presented in front of the wedding guests. The Bride announces the winning team: Natasha and the Red team! Jordan is on a winning team for the first time while Jessie and Lynn face defeat in the team challenge for the first time.

The Red team return to the kitchen and head to the balcony. The Blue team awaits the pressure test. James is angry because the food was great but it was the service that was terrible.

James, Lynn, Jessie, Jonny and Luca are facing the pressure text. Bri joins the Red team up in the gallery, she is safe tonight as well.

It’s time for a very difficult pressure test... but Joe, Graham and Gordon will each pick someone to be saved from the test! Joe saves Jessie and she heads to the balcony. Graham selects Luca and saves him from elimination. Gordon gets to save one person and he selects James. The pressure test is on between Lynn and Jonny, head-to-head. They will be making macaroons.

Jonny and Lynn have to bake 12 perfect macaroons with at least two different flavors. Their sixty minutes begins now! Gordon explains that making macaroons is chemistry: you have to be perfectly exact.

Lynn is making a white chocolate and a caramel flavored macaroon. Jonny is making peanutbutter & jelly macaroons. The judges think that Lynn is more composed while Jonny is shaking--his macaroons are all different sizes. Both contestants are having trouble fitting their macaroons into the box provided.
With two minutes remaining, both challengers are struggling to box their macaroons. Jonny becomes frustrated and slams his box shut, destroying some of his own cookies!!

Lynn opts to serve ten in his box with two on top. Jonny’s box is crumpled after his frustrated slam. Gordon looks at Lynn’s box and says that they look beautiful. Gordon thinks the caramel macaroon is too sweet. Graham thinks that the raspberry inside the macaroon is a bad idea. Joe is not impressed with Lynn’s caramel.

Time for the judges to taste Jonny’s offering. Gordon slides the sleeve out of the box... and the cookies are destroyed. The box is a complete mess. Gordon thinks they were cooked very well and taste great but were ruined at the end. Graham thinks the cookie is delicious but that Jonny didn’t show enough respect for the delicate cookies.

The judges adjourn to the back to make their decision. Jonny’s tasted better but looked worse. Lynn’s looked lovely but were too sweet and he made the mistake of putting raspberries inside. The person leaving Masterchef tonight is... Jonny.

Gordon explains that Jonny should leave with his head held high. The other contestants applaud Big Jon as he makes his way out of the Masterchef kitchen. There are only eleven home cooks remaining in the competition.

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