Iron Curtain Rising - Recap

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While a family is out to dinner at a restaurant, a woman makes eye contact with the father as she walks by. He excuses himself and walks downstairs. Soon after, an FBI team enters and the woman says the man ran downstairs. They search the building but can't find him.

Hanna meets Callen in the gym but finds him sleeping. He suggests he sleep at home rather than avoiding work outs. Hanna hears Hetty's voice and turns to see that she is remote broadcasting video onto a mobile device. They don't feel comfortable that she can follow them even when she's not there.

Eric and Nell debrief the team about former Romanian war criminal Anton Zevlos. He helped in a human trafficking program that also harvested organs from the slaves. The Romanian government believes he has been living in Los Angeles as John Vasile for the last twenty years. No one has been searching for him because many war criminals remained in Romania. After the FBI failed to bring him in the NCIS team was asked to bring him in. Callen suggests they start by talking to his wife. Deeks offers to go with Hanna and Callen but they say they're good.

When they arrive at the wife's house, Hanna thinks they should have brought Deeks because of how lonely he is now that Kensi's gone. They greet Carla Shear, the Vasile's attorney and she lets them into the house. Maggie Vasile thinks it's a misunderstanding and had no idea about his past. She thought that Anton fled Romania to escape the country. Callen pushes a button on Anton's desk and a secret compartment opens. It is full of rifles and propaganda. Callen finds information that shows Anton became paranoid about 15 years ago and started tracking friends and enemies. Hanna notice two handguns missing and believes Anton has them on him.

Deeks bothers Nell and Eric in the office. He asks them about Kensi and how to get in touch with her. There isn't any way though. Deeks gets scared when Hetty's robot rolls up and asks to see him in her office.

In Afghanistan, Kensi gets out of a humvee at an American base. She enters her lab and meets her coworkers for the first time. She introduces herself to Rachel Harris, who is surprised that she works for Hetty. No one there knows what Kensi's mission is though so Rachel tells her to get comfortable while she figures out what's going on.

In Hetty's office, she asks Deeks how he has been. He misses his partner and wonders if it's his fault that she was sent away. He returns to Nell, who tells him of another man who is a former KGB agent. Michael Bell owns a charter company and Anton may use him to escape.

Hanna and Callen follow Anton's vehicle in a high speed chase. It ends when Anton hits afire hydrant. They approach the vehicle and find two kids inside. The driver says that a woman gave it to them because her husband cheated on her. Hanna believes that Shear is the one responsible for this since Maggie has been covered by the FBI. Callen calls Deeks to tell him that the Range rover was a diversion. He hasn't seen anything but just then he spots a man get out of the car. Nell identifies him as Donald Banks, a CIA agent. Callen asks Eric to shut down all flights from Bell's company and also asks him to find Shear. Eric states that Shear has just arrived at Anton's house and they also have new intel.

Back at headquarters, Eric explains to Hanna and Callen that it looks like Shear is being paid under the table. Nell thinks Shear is their best bet to find Anton. The team sets out to find both of these suspects.

In Afghanistan, Kensi approaches a computer but a man tells her it's classified. She guesses him to be the man that left a note in the fridge about his food.

In the headquarters interrogation room, Deeks questions Shear, who has voluntarily come in to talk. As Hanna and Callen watch, Nell calls Callen with new information. Deeks confronts Shear with the fact that she is sleeping with a client, Anton. He asks when she learned about his Romanian past but she refuses to talk anymore. Callen and Hanna enter and convince her to stay. She wasn't aware that he was wanted for trafficking humans, especially children. Shear admits that Anton had $68,000,000 invested in real estate and he won't leave without a guarantee to live the same life. They think he may foreclose his properties for any amount in order to get cash fast.

Granger finds Kensi at the base and shows her a high powered sniper rifle. He tells her that it's now her gun and explains the target. A task force will find the target and she is to kill him.

Hanna and Callen track Anton to the only branch of his bank in town. They enter after him and see him talking to the manager. Anton takes out a gun and fires at them. He throws a grenade and takes the manager as a hostage. Anton shoots the manager and runs away. Callen tells Hanna to go on while he looks at the injured. Hanna rushes outside but can't find Anton anywhere.

Back at NCIS headquarters, Hetty tells the team that they won't find Anton. SecNav told them not to pursue him any longer but Callen refuses to stop searching for him. Hetty tells Deeks to release Shear. Hanna believes that Anton used his friends in the Romanian government to put pressure on the American government to turn a blind eye.

Eric tells the team that Banks spent a good portion of the 80s in Romania. Bell has one flight chartered today and it's to Costa Rica with two passengers. Callen believes that Banks maybe friends with Anton. They decide to lift the ban on flights.

Nell poses as a desk worker at the airport and greets Banks when he arrives. She sends him through and says his friend left a message to go on along without him. Banks boards the plane where Deeks is pretending to be the captain. When Banks bends over, Deeks grabs his gun and orders him to stay seated. Callen and Hanna are there as well and they tell Banks the plane is about to crash. As they prepare to jump, Banks confesses everything. After he admits that he snuck Anton into the country, Callen and Hanna return to the cockpit to land the plane safely.

The team thinks SecNav shut down the search for Anton because he threatened to reveal CIA operatives abroad. Callen thinks Anton's only choice is to lay low and receive help from Shear. He tells Nell to alert the coast guard and harbor master where Shear was seen.

Shear meets Anton at the marina and he denies the child trafficking allegations. Callen and Hanna arrive soon after and chase them. Anton holds Shear hostage when the move in on him. Callen tells Hanna to take the shot. Hanna shoots the gun and then Anton. He's glad that Anton will face a war crimes tribunal and spend the rest of his life in jail.

In Afghanistan, Granger asks Kensi how the rifle is. She doesn't like that the other members around her don't seem to like her.

Back at NCIS headquarters, everyone avoids the Hetty bot that roams the halls. Hanna and Callen end up running into Hetty herself though. She just got off the phone with the CIA and they told her that Banks was arrested along with Anton. They deny any knowledge of these events though. Hetty knows they disobeyed her orders and gives them tomorrow off, without pay. She warns that she doesn't play favorites, even under extraordinary circumstances.

Deeks works late on paper work but he actually just views photos of himself with Kensi. Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Kensi does the same thing.