Merry Evasion - Recap

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Lily Lockhart prepares a meal when her dog runs to the door barking. She goes to see what it's doing when she notices the dog is outside. A man in a motorcycle helmet tries to grab her but she escapes to a room. The man grabs her and pulls a gun out. Her dog attacks the man, who she notices has a scar on his neck, and runs out of the house. Lily runs to a woman for help. There's a gunshot and the sound of a bike taking off.

At the office, Callen and Hanna discuss Christmas decorations when Deeks walks in. Eric calls them over to be debriefed about a case. Nell describes that Lily Lockhart, daughter of Senator Lockhart, had a home invasion. Her dog is still in surgery after being shot. The state department wants to know if it's more than just a home invasion. He's in LA with police protection because he's been spearheading an investigation into China's cyber warfare unit. Hetty arrives and asks Hanna and Callen to secure Lily for an interview. She also asks Deeks and Nell to interview the senator.

At the police station, Hanna and Callen pick up Lily. She hasn't talked to her dad in two years and wonders why he always seems to mess up her life.

Deeks and Nell visit Senator Lockhart at his office. He thinks China's cyber warfare unit needs to be monitored. He says that a government contracting firm was the one to first alert him to chatter about death threats. The company, Nigra, are specialists in cyber warfare and deemed the chatter a threat. Nell asks about Lily but Lockhart says she didn't want to talk to him.

On the way back to the office, Lily talks to Hanna and Callen about their work. She works as a private chef with slow cooking. A truck blocks their path and a car speeds up behind them. Hanna tells Lily to duck while he shoots at gunmen that exit the truck. One man shoots the engine before Hanna takes him out. More masked gunmen from the car head toward them as they take cover behind their car. Hanna puts a stick of dynamite in the gas tank and the three of them run away. Two of the remaining gunmen are taken down by the explosion. They enter a nearby building and inform Hetty of what happened. Eric sends a team to take down the remaining gunmen.

In Afghanistan, Kensi greets Granger in the office. Everyone else has been sent on vacation but Kensi has a job to do. Granger explains signs that point to an upcoming attack. Kensi knows they need to find the White Ghost soon. Vostanik Sabatino enters the room and greets Kensi. He's been here three months working undercover. Kensi explains that she was brought in as a sniper to take down the White Ghost but Sabatino worries for her. The guy she replaced was murdered and Sabatino was the one who found the headless body.

Armed men enter the building that Hanna, Callen and Lily are hiding in. Lily jumps into a dumpster while there's a shootout. Callen says to take them alive but Hanna kills one of the men. Lily points out that the man who attacked her had a similar neck scar. Callen takes a photo and sends it to Eric. They make their way out of the building and spot a man with binoculars on top of a bridge. Callen believes the men are following them by tracing their phone signals. They dispose of their phone by placing their phones in a bag and putting it into the sewer that heads to the ocean. They are alone but can't be traced now.

Hetty asks Eric if there's any information about the photo Callen sent him. The man is Malik Terzik, a Bosnian mercenary, but Eric doesn't know how he's connected to the Lockharts. Eric wishes Nell was with him but she's covering for Kensi while she works an important mission.

Kensi confronts Granger about why he didn't inform her of the man who's place she's taking. He didn't tell her because it didn't affect the mission. He hoped that she wouldn't have to be told that to avoid having that happen to her. She leaves with Granger to go work Intelligence. Sabatino works alone so isn't coming with her but offers to do something later.

Lily panics when she learns that Hanna and Callen only have two bullets between them. Hanna assures her that they'll be fine and Callen thinks he knows of a way to get more bullets.

Deeks and Nell head to the area where Callen's and Hanna's phones were last traced. Nell says if they are out of ammo, Callen may know an ammo cache nearby. She doesn't know the location though.

Hetty meets Lockhart and tells him that Lily is under the watch of her best agents and they will bring her home. She shows him a photo of Malik but he doesn't recognize him. Lockhart did a lot of work in Bosnia and Hetty is looking into that as well. He feels bad that he can't do anything to help Lily.

Callen finds the cache and disguises himself as power company employees along with Hanna. They convince some other workers to move to another street. Once the men are gone, Callen accesses the cache. They reload their weapons. Callen is followed as he walks up a street. The man chases after him but loses him in a parking garage. Once the man puts his gun away, Hanna and Callen order him to stop moving. A car rolls up behind him with Nell and Deeks inside. Hanna arrests the man.

In Afghanistan, Kensi and Granger return back to base and see a Christmas tree. Sabatino decorated and cooked while they were gone. He tells them that mail arrived and placed it in their rooms. Kensi finds a wrapped present on her bed.

Callen and Hanna call Hetty and tells her that the man they arrested refuses to talk. They suspect he's afraid of Ludomir Susic, the leader of the Bosnian mercenary group he is part of. Susic has never surfaced in America until now and he was spotted at LAX. The arrested man's phone has only contacted one phone number, Susic's. Lockhart has disappeared and Nell points out that his bank account received a $200,000 transfer yesterday. Hanna thinks they may be looking at this whole situation wrong and suggests that he's working with Susic. Lily was targeted to motivate Lockhart to carry through with the deal. Hetty sends the team to Pershing Square when Eric discovers that's where Susic's phone is.

At Pershing Square, Deeks spots Susic heading towards Lockhart. Nell transmits the conversation to the other agents. Susic threatens to eventually find Lily but Lockhart says he will kill him first. Susic claims that his men will shoot Lockhart and there's already a bank account that will brand Lockhart a traitor. Lockhart asks why he's doing this and Susic explains that in 1994, Lockhart's unit killed a Bosnian warlord. Nell sees the spotter and the team moves in to take down Susic's men. Everyone takes a man down while Deeks gets Lockhart to safety.

Back at the NCIS headquarters, Lockhart is reunited with Lily. They are happy to see each other again and Lily's dog is also brought back to her. Lockhart thanks Hanna and Callen for going above and beyond the call of duty. Lily thanks them for all they did.

At the Christmas party, Deeks tells Nell that she did a great job out in the field. Everyone enjoys a glass of Nell's strong eggnog and makes a toast to Kensi.

Meanwhile, Kensi opens her gift from Hetty. She thinks it's Christmas cake but there's a phone inside. She uses it and it calls Hetty. It's a secure line and no one knows about it. Hetty asks Kensi to smoke out a potential traitor among her task force. There's one other number on her phone to a secure line. Hetty tells Deeks to check his desk drawer because she left him a gift. He sits down and opens the ringing box. He answers the phone and talks to Kensi on the line.