Allegiance - Recap

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A man in a car photographs a few people who leave a store. He zooms in on one photo of a woman. An angry man bangs on his window and calls him a pervert for photographing his wife. The man parks in a parking lot and connects the camera to his laptop. As he makes a call, a man smashes in his window nad places a bomb on the dashboard. The attacker calmly walks away while the car explodes.

Hanna and Callen walk into the office and find Deeks trying to learn Danish. He really wants to learn a foreign language to augment the team's skillset but Hanna and Callen already seem to know every language. Deeks receives a call from LAPD. There's something at a crime scene they want the team to take a look at.

At the scene of the burned out car, Hanna guesses that an explosion blew the car up. Some burned papers were found and Deeks discovers a crispy camera. Hanna finds a pin that belongs to an organization that investigates financial ties to terrorism. He calls Eric to see if the organization, Fincen, has any agents in LA. Callen looks through the burned papers and believes some photos are of Taliban commanders.

Back at the office, Eric debriefs the team about the only Fincen agent in LA, Stuart Green. He was supposed to get in contact with Fincen after he arrived in LA but Fincen never heard from him. He had previously been working in Kabul. Callen suggests they contact the Fincen team in Kabul but Hanna says it won't be easy.

In Kabul, two masked people enter a store. The owner of the store thinks it's a robbery but the intruders say it isn't. The masked people reveal themselves to be Granger and Kensi. Granger tells the Fincen agents that they have a message from Green. The storeowners say they better have a good reason for being there because they have spent years building their covers.

The team prepares to have a video conference with Granger and Fincen Agent Kazimi. Green was in LA trying to plug a leak. Fincen went undercover to track money that the Taliban was using and they tracked it to a broker in LA. Granger asks the NCIS team to find the leak and plug it with everything they have.

After the conference call, Nell shows everyone the photos that were recovered from the burned camera. The photos are pixellated but are still able to be identified as rug patterns. There's only one Afghan rug store in town and Callen hopes that it's also their broker.

Deeks, Callen and Hanna stake out the rug shop. Hanna takes photos of man that Eric identifies as the owner of the shop, Behnam Navid. He opened the store three years ago, right around the time IED attacks started happening in Afghanistan. To get inside, Deeks decides to go undercover as Sven, an interior designer. He goes inside with Hanna who pretends to be a club owner who hired Sven to decorate his club. Deeks snaps photos of a man in a backroom and Nell identifies him as Behnam's son, Ehsan. Eric says it looks like there are four or five calls a day to a broker in Afghanistan. They leave the store after Ehsan leaves with a gun tucked into his waistband. Ehsan notices Deeks and Hanna following him and he makes a run for it. They chase after him and Callen corners him in an alley with a car. Ehsan's gun isn't loaded but his duffel bag is full of money. They arrest him and bring him in for questioning.

At the office, Hanna and Callen question Ehsan. He claims to have been going to the bank to deposit the cash. He is proud of the business and says it is used by immigrants to send money back home. Ehsan has two sisters and his mother in Afghanistan who he sends money to. He shows the agents video of the family wishing his father a happy birthday. Hanna shows a photo of Green and Ehsan recognizes him as a customer. He says the brokers in Afghanistan would never do business with the Taliban. It's completely anonymous though so he can't be sure and worries that this may effect his chances at getting citizenship. Callen offers to help him if they can have accesss to his records. Ehsan agrees to the deal.

Nell compares codes from Ehsan's records alongside those in Afghanistan. The Fincen agents were able to track it to Dr. Abdul Sadati, who works at a tuberculosis clinic near Kensi's location. The clinic is run by an American charity that has a good reputation. Callen suggests that someone could have infiltrated the organization. The charity is throwing a benefit and the team plans to use Ehsan to identify their target. Callen tells Deeks that his new partner is Ehsan.

Ehsan and Deeks prepare for the benefit with the help of Hetty. Deeks explains this is the first time he has partnered with a civilian and tells Ehsan about his partner Kensi. Finally ready the two head out. Hetty asks Deeks to keep Ehsan safe.

At the benefit, Nell works the front desk and welcomes guests in. Callen is disguised as a Russian doctor who was working in a leper colony. Inside, Deeks and Ehsan scan the attendees for anyone who may be a customer of his business. A woman watches the two of them walk through the room.

Hetty advises Granger and Kensi on how to act outside of the clinic where Sadati works. If it's actually a clinic they need to be careful nto to hurt anyone. If it's a front for terrorists they will be in danger.

At the benefit, the woman followingDeeks introduces herself as Anna Chang, the executive director of the charity. She thinks they are paparazzi since htey were added to the list last minute without her approval. She asks if they will leave or be forced out by security. Ehsan steps in and claims that his younger sister was saved by one of her clinics. She allows the two of them to stay. Deeks congratulates Ehsan on a job well done. Ehsan spots the man they are looking for and Eric identifies him as Roger Ali. He works for a finance company that dispenses funds to overseas clinics, including the one that Sadati works at. Hetty orders Callen to take Ali alive and discretely. Callen approaches ALi but is forced to punch him when he resists. He pretends to be a doctor seeing to him.

The team in Afghanistan breaches the clinic and finds that it's not a clinic. Kensi finds C4 along with the parts needed for bombs.

Callen and Hanna interrogate Ali about his real identity. They accuse him of skimming funds to send to the Taliban but he claims it went to medical clinics. Callen shows him a photo of Green but he claims innocence. Hanna offers him the choice of talking or Guantanamo. Ali isn't afraid of prison though and refuses to speak.

Kensi receives a photo of Deeks and smiles to herself. Granger calls her over to have a look in a locked cabinet. They open it to find numerous explosives and phones used in the bombs. She opens anotebook that looks like a ledger. Granger wants to finish this so Kensi offers to take the ledger to the Fincen agents.

Ehsan requests to borrow the suit from the agents so that he can impress a girl. They agree to let him borrow the suit and hope that Hetty doesn't find out.

The NCIS team goes on a video conference call with the team in Afghanistan. Kazimi says they have bad news, the ledger indicates payment going from Afghanistan to LA. It has been flowing that way for 18 months and Callen worries that the Taliban are planning for an attack. Kazimi has even worse news, the payments have stopped. Hanna knows this either means the mission is no longer viable or it's about to happen. Granger tells them to alert Homeland Security but because of the anonymity of the broker, there is no way to tell who they are looking for.

Eric shows the team one of Green's photos that has been recovered. It shows a black van with a replaced grey door. He found the van one block away from an auditorium that is about to hold a naturalization ceremony. It's too late to cancel and there will be over 1200 people there. Nell traces Ehsan's cell and Deeks leaves to go pick him up.

Deeks interrupts Ehsan's date and tells him that they need him to identify another customer. Ehsan understands the risk and volunteers to go.

At the auditorium, Ehsan does his best to look for someone he may recognize. He spots the man and Deeks and Hanna move in towards him. Callen prepares his sniper rifle incase he needs to take the man out. Ehsan tells them they have a problem because he spots a woman that always entered the store with the man they are chasing. Callen tells Ehsan to leave the building after Deeks moves towards the woman. Hanna stands behind the man and tells Callen that the man has a deadman's switch. Deeks reports that his target also has the switch. Callen orders them to grab the switches to allow him to shoot them. They must do it at the same time to avoid the bombs going off. Deeks and Hanna both grab the switches while Callen shoots both targets. Hanna's target set the bomb so he only has 30 seconds to defuse it. Ehsan rushes up and offers to hold the switch while Hanna defuses the bomb. Hanna defuses the bomb safely.

Kensi watches reports of the NCIS team's successful removal of the bomb threats. She sends Deeks a text. He smiles when he receives her photo. Ehsan says it must be a happy day for all those who have become citizens today. Hetty arrives and tells him to keep the suit on. Ehsan thinks he's in trouble but Hetty brought Judge Malcolm SMith to swear in Ehsan as a citizen. Hetty has also started the process for obtaining a visa for the rest of his family. Ehsan doesn't need to repeat the oath because he already has it memorized.