War Cries - Recap

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A man mugs a woman at a bus stop and runs away. A cop, posing as a homeless man chases the burglar away and arrests him. The cop discovers two dead bodies underneath garbage when he handcuffs the man.

At the shooting range, Callen tries to excuse himself out of going out to dinner with Hanna. Eric enters and calls them in for a debriefing.

Eric explains that two bodies have been found belonging to Richard Davis and James Miller, former military men. They were also previously employed by D7, a private contractor linked to a plane crash that killed former Vice Admiral William Gardner and reporter Jason Carter. Jason was ghost writing Gardner's memoirs that may have included war crimes.

In the lobby, Deeks spots Granger and asks about Kensi. She isn't there though because she's still on mission in Afghanistan. Granger assures him that Kensi is doing good overseas.

In Afghanistan, Kensi wakes up and sends an encrypted email about Sabatino. She walks around the base and runs into Sabatino. He explains the generator is broken so they have no heat right now. She asks where he was and he was checking the generator. She wonders why he had his weapon but he says he always carries it with him.

Nell receives the hidden, encrypted message from Kensi.

Callen and Hanna investigate the crime scene.They run through possible scenarios and Hanna finds a glass slipper hidden under garbage. On their way out they spot a prostitute talking to a potential client. When they talk to the prostitute, her 'agent' walks up and asks what they want. He has a young girl with him but refuses to let her speak. The man tells the prostitute her break is over and Hanna agrees. He throws the man into the wall, knocking him to the ground. The young points at the glass slipper Callen holds and says 'Elise'.

Eric finds the owner of the slipper, Elise Elena Jaeger. He tells Callen and Hanna. They tell him to have Deeks pick up Elise because they need to make a side trip to Protective Services. Nell enters the room and says she shouldn't involve Eric. He convinces her to tell him what's bothering her. She's worried that Kensi is in trouble. Nell thinks Kensi suspects Sabatino of being responsible for killing his partner.

Kensi wishes Sabatino luck when he heads out. She also secretly plants a tracking device on the humvee he will be in. Inside she earns that the team leader has been called back to Washington. Sabatino is in charge until someone else is sent. Kens boots up her GPS tracking software to follow Sabatino.

Deeks visits Elise at the clothing store she works at. He asks about the two homicide victims and why her fingerprints were found at the scene. She doesn't want to get in trouble with her boss so Deeks creates a cover story. He's now free to bring her in to question.

Hanna has the pimp's identity and knows his name is Kiril Melnyk. He tells Eric to have LAPD pick him up and sit on him for a few days so his girls can relocate. He reminds Callen that he should dress up for dinner tonight. Callen eventually gives in and agrees to wear a suit.

Back at the office, Nell can't find anything about Sabatino being unclean. Eric freaks her out and she leaves to tell Hetty. On their way downstairs they see Granger. He's on his way to meet Hetty himself. Granger admits to Hetty that he's unsure why Kensi was sent. Hetty reminds him that he needed someone he could trust.

Deeks questions Elise about the man she was with. His name was David and had a silver Lexus. They went to the alley, where she was pulled from the car and told to leave. She ran away but was worried she would be shot in the back the entire time. Deeks agrees with Hanna and Callen that Elise is telling the truth. Eric calls them to say the car belongs to Robert Brown who works at D7. Hanna and Callen head out while Deeks sees if Elise can give a positive ID.

Hanna and Callen break into Brown's house but find it empty. It looks like Brown left in a hurry or else someone came after looking for him. Callen finds a photo of Brown with the two dead men from the alley.

Nell prepares to decode a message from Kensi when Granger interrupts her. She receives a message that Hanna and Callen are back and leaves Eric to deal with Granger. She briefs them about everything they know about the three D7 employees. After D7 folded, both of the murdered men were employed by another company that was the exact same but with a new name, Durndell Securities. Eric is searching for a way into their system as they speak. Hanna suggests that the men tried to kill Brown because he saw something he didn't like, similar to what happened to the admiral. Eric runs up and tells them Brown's vehicle was found outside of a bus station. On the way out, Deeks runs into Granger and asks if he wants to be backup in the field. Granger agrees to the offer. Hetty watches from he office before returning to classified papers that have photos of Kensi in them.

Eric orders everyone out of the room so that he can set up a task force with Nell. He tells her Kensi called and they're going flying. Kensi sends them her drone's feed and then gives them controls.

While in a traffic jam, Hanna and Callen spot two men chasing Brown. They get out of the car and take the two men down. Callen chases after Brown and corners him in an alley.

Hanna and Callen question Brown back at headquarters. Brown says some bad things went down in Afghanistan and these guys want to keep it quiet. Hanna promises they can keep him safe. Brown suggests they talk to the men who were chasing him. Callen says they will as soon as the men are able to. Brown refuses to testify unless he's granted full immunity and a new identity.

At Brown's house, Granger asks Deeks if he's in communication with Kensi. He's not but asks what's going on. Granger doesn't think there's anything he should know about the mission though. They both hide when they hear a noise. A man enters the house with a gun and Granger confronts him. The man orders Granger to put his hands on his head and kneel. As he does so Deeks orders the man to lower his gun and do the same.

Eric informs Hanna and Callen about the Durndell Securities employee that Granger and Deeks caught in Brown's house. They head over and the man asks for a lawyer. He hopes they have Brown locked up but won't say anymore. Granger gives the man a phone and then fires his gun close to his ear. He convinces the man to speak. He says Brown killed three women in Afghanistan and they have been trying to stop him from doing the same thing here.

Nell walks into the room where Brown is being held. She says she's the only one there to protect him and he says he's lucky. Nell receives a text from Hanna that says Brown is dangerous. She reaches for her gun but Brown wrestles it away from her. She hides under the table and cuts him with a knife when he comes at her. Nell slashes Brown multiple times as he struggles to point the gun at her. Hanna arrives just in time to knock Brown to the ground.

Back at headquarters, Granger tells Hetty that Brown is stable and will probably make a plea bargain against D7 to save him from the death penalty. He tells Hetty that her team did well and she says they always do.

Nell returns to Eric just as Kensi calls. They tracked Sabatino to where he met some men. It was hard to tell whose side the men were on. Nell doesn't have much information about Sabatino but promises to keep digging.

Hetty hands Callen a suit for him to wear to dinner with Hanna. He wants to know what it's all about but Hetty says nothing. Hanna enters as Callen changes into his suit. He doesn't think Callen will like what he has planned.

Callen arrives at dinner to find that it was a set up for a blind date with Joelle. He stays for the date and learns that Joelle is a teacher. They share a cheers to Hanna and Michelle for setting this up.