Pins and Needles - Recap

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The scene opens with Milos being chased through the woods by Boris. The pursuit leaves the woods onto the road leaving Shadow Pond. The gate closes and Boris catches Milos and begins strangling him. The car Boris is riding in jostles him awake and he realizes he has been daydreaming.

At Hank's Evan and Paige are prepping for his upcoming debate with his principal opponent. Paige insists she hasn't time to help him since she needs to restore Boris' mansion to its pre-auction state. Evan gets a Tweet and leaves to post more of his campaign signs, skipping a meeting at Hamptons Heritage and sending Jeremiah in his stead.

Hank goes to Hamptons Heritage to relieve Jeremiah at the meeting and finds him walking in the hallway, the meeting already concluded. They encounter Shelby who chastises Hank for not being there as Hank is the head of the concierge department. A florist named Felix stops and delivers a flower to Shelby from Ken Keller, then continues down the hall. Suddenly Hank and Jeremiah hear Felix scream and rush to his aid where he is lying on the floor, impaled with cactus spines.

As they work on Felix, he tells them this is not his first run-in with a cactus plant and he worried about his eyesight which recently checked out fine. Daisy, a nurse stops to help and Felix takes immediate notice, amusing Hank. Hank leaves to meet with Boris but reminds Jeremiah that Hank has run out of pain medication that Jeremiah prescribed for him.

Evan hangs one of his signs at a public boardwalk where he spots the political blogger Ally, who he is following on Twitter. She complains of a headache and Evan tries to help her using one of Hank's tricks but he only makes things worse.

Hank and Boris visit Milos at the secure medical facility where he is being treated and evaluated. They expect Milos to apologize but he seems to think he and Boris are still children.

Divya arrives after Evan's call to check on Ally. She recommends Ibuprofen and tells her to call if the headaches get worse or more frequent. As they leave, Evan is mortified and feels Divya should have done more to impress Ally and help his political aspirations. Before Divya can escape, Evan talks her into helping him prepare for the debate.

Hank arrives home at the end of the day to find Jeremiah waiting for him. Jeremiah has been thorough and checked the calendar and claims Hank shouldn't need a refill for the pain medication yet. Hank tells him he has taken extra on “bad” days but Jeremiah is afraid Hank is becoming addicted. Hank becomes defensive and storms away, without his refill prescription.

Both Hank and Jeremiah arrive separately at Felix's flower business, each thinking he was supposed to do the follow-up. They learn that Felix hit puberty early and was socially awkward as a child, using his knowledge of flowers to try to socialize. Each doctor has a test they want to perform on Felix and he picks up on the tension between the two doctors.

Divya helps Evan with his debate on the lawn of the mansion and Evan quickly learns how he should emphasize positive points rather than focus on negative ones. He is amazed with Divya's skills. Inside, Paige is replacing items that were to be auctioned and sees the two working together, laughing and clowning around and she seems both guilty and worried.

Hank is drying some blood from Boris in his ongoing treatment of the potential genetic disease prevalent in his family. Boris is sad regarding Milos condition and it reminds him of his father just before he died. Hank tells him he is not sick yet, and he shouldn't let the potential disease affect how he lives his life.

Hank and Jeremiah visit Felix who has agreed to a sleep study. Daisy is there, attaching him to various leads and sensors and Felix is clearly smitten. Everyone leaves and Felix dreams of his flower store with magnificent, colorful flowers everywhere and Daisy standing there waiting for him. Suddenly some plants grab him and he screams, but only in his dream, causing the instruments to mvoe erratically.

At home, Hank is unable to get to sleep, the pain he is experiencing too intense. He reaches for his pain medication and discovers he has one pill left. He bites it in half and swallows it, hoping it will be enough.

Evan attends a Red Hat Society event, a women's organization as Evan learns to his chagrine. He is upset to see Ally being friendly with his nemesis Blythe Ballard, as well as his election opponent. He calls Paige for support and tells her they can meet for lunch when he notices Ally collapse. He rushes to help her, telling Paige he needs Divya.

Hank apologizes to Jeremiah the next day about his little tantrum. Jeremiah tries to show him a biofeedback machine to help Hank when Felix's sleep study results arrive via e-mail. They reveal that Felix is suffering seizures and needs an MRI immediately.

Divya attends Ally and wraps her now sprained ankle while Evan tries to be charming to the other ladies. He fails miserably.

Hank and Jeremiah drive to pick up Felix and find him walking in the middle of the road, having a seizure. Hank pulls him out of traffic and they fall with Felix receiving a black eye. An examination reveals Felix has lost vision in one eye due to increased cranial pressure. They relieve the pressure in the field while waiting on the paramedics.

Divya gives Evan a much needed pep talk before the debate. As Ally initiates the proceedings, she unknowingly says the word purple instead of person and doesn't' realize it.

Hank and Jeremiah visit Felix in his hospital room where they give him the news that he has a medical condition that has been causing all his problems since childhood, and which can be treated with medication. Daisy arrives with some flowers and with Hank's prompting, Felix uses his flower knowledge as an icebreaker.

Paige tells Boris she is sorry it is taking so long to replace all the items in their original location. He tells her not to worry, as he is leaving to spend time with his wife and son and won't be back until the Fall. He tells her that she and Evan are welcome to stay in his mansion for the rest of the Summer and gives her a present for all her hard work.

Evan is doing well in the debate with Hank and Divya in attendance. Divya shows Hank the tweets that Ally was sending and tells Hank about the headaches and her recent fall. Hank agrees she has a major problem and they pull her away from the debate to take her to the hospital, much to Evan's annoyance.

Blythe Ballard arrives to visit Ally and runs into Evan and Divya. She is sweet to Divya and condescending to Evan, clearly trying to get into his head but this time he doesn't fall for her manipulations.

Shelby visits Hank at home, bringing dinner so they can eat and talk about some policies she wants to implement since he is so hard to pin down. Shelby wants to expand the concierge department over the next five years, and Hank seems to be amenable.

Boris visits Milos again, this time taking pity on the sick man and telling him once again the same story he used to recite when they were children.

Jeremiah stops by to see Hank, bringing him 5 pain pills and asking Hank to let him him really help solve his pain control issue, and not just prescribe narcotics for him. Hank seems really grateful and after Jeremiah leaves, Hank immediately rushes to his bathroom to take a pill where he sees himself in the mirror, an addict.