Game of Phones - Recap

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Hank enters a Pain Management Center without telling his family or friends. He starts filling out paperwork but another patient starts asking him questions and Hank loses his nerve and leaves, afraid of being labeled an addict.

Evan and Paige are having breakfast when Evan probes gently about Paige's weekend plans. Evan's birthday is coming up and he quickly discerns that Paige has a surprise for him. She admits to the surprise but refuses to tell him anything else, asking him to trust her.

At the HankMed staff meeting, Divya reveals that her mother now has a rich Italian boyfriend, and he has invited all of HankMed to Tuscany for the weekend using his private jet. Hank begs off, saying he has too much work, but insists Divya go so she can break the news of her pregnancy in person to her mother. Divya invites Evan who thinks this is part of his birthday surprise and he tries to be nonchalant while agreeing, secretly excited.

While driving, Hank sees Molly O'Shea waiting for a bus. He stops to offer her a ride but she demurs, instead confiding her concerns about her father's health. As Hank drives off, Molly resumes trying to hitch a ride.

Evan calls Paige who is working in Manhattan to “invite” her on the Italy trip, purely as a formality since he thinks she is behind it all. Paige is surprised and a bit confused but promises to try to get away and meet him at the airport. She is also a little jealous when she hears it is just Evan and Divya traveling together.

Hank visits Molly's father, Don O'Shea, who he has been treating for some time. A portable EKG machine reveals some concerns and Hank recommends an MRI for Don's heart.

At work, Paige learns her current job will entail much more time than expected, and her boss Russell insists that their company caters to wealthy clients, which means Paige will need to miss the Italy trip. She calls Evan to tell him and he thinks she is playing games and is hiding somewhere on the plane. When he doesn't find her, he still thinks this is part of her surprise.

Hank stops to see Don who has missed his MRI appointment. He learns that Molly is missing and Don thinks she has gone back to their old house that is being demolished. Hank volunteers to drive him there.

In Italy, Evan and Divya are lost and ask a young man for directions. The young man turns out to be the nephew of her mother's new boyfriend and promises to take them to the villa.

Hank and Don find Molly injured in the house where her leg has broken through the floor. The first attempts to free her fail and there is no cell service to call for help. Hank has only morphine to give her for pain, then remembers his personal medication and gives her one of his few hydrocodone pills.

Evan and Divya arrive at the villa where Evan is surprised to see Divya's mother Rubina, suddenly wondering if this trip is really about him.

After the pain medicine takes hold, the men free Molly who has a laceration on her leg. Hank wraps the wound and they head for a local hospital.

In Italy, Rubina breaks the news that she and Marcello want to get married if both of their divorces come through. Divya is surprised but happy for her mother but does not join in the toast. When asked she reveals she is pregnant. Everyone assumes Evan is the father since he is the one who accompanied her. Divya reveals she had a fling and that Evan is not the father. Evan pulls Divya aside and learns that his assumption about the weekend was totally wrong and runs off to try and call Paige and apologize.

On the way to the hospital, Molly who is loopy from the pain medication, grabs the steering wheel and causes Hank to lose control of the car and drive into deep sand. Hank and Don try to free the car but the effort causes Don to have a heart attack. Hank uses his portable defibrillator to restart Hank's heart while Molly calls 911.

In Italy, Evan is sick from the food and the copious amounts of wine he drank. He and Divya are headed for the airport but Evan needs to stop and vomit. He finally gets a call from Paige and the conversation leads Paige to believe that Evan's apology is not about the weekend, but for something else involving Divya and lots of wine. Before Evan can explain, he loses the connection.

Evan and Divya have a heartfelt talk when their car refuses to start. Evan wonders why he and Paige are having difficulties, while at the same time he tries to comfort Divya who is scared to death of motherhood.

In Manhattan, Paige confides to Russell about her and Evan's difficulties and tells him about the real birthday present. He is sympathetic and tries to lighten her mood.

Evan and Divya stop a farm truck and ask for a ride. The farmer agrees but says Evan must ride in back with his pigs.

Evan arrives home to find Paige in bed, apparently asleep. He finds a cupcake on the nightstand with a birthday candle in it. He lights the candle, intent on waking her up then changes his mind and blows out the candle. As the camera pans away, we see she is awake and ignoring him.

Divya and her mother speak quietly in Italy where Divya confesses the pregancy has her off balance. Rubina assures her she will be a good mother and Divya tells she is happy about the child.

At Hamptons Heritage hospital, Hank speaks with the ER doctor about Don, who is stable and should recover quickly. Hank watches Molly through the window, who is speaking with Shelby Shackelford and two police officers. Shelby enters the room and tells Hank that Molly has told the police that Hank gave her some of his pain medication, and the police insist Hank submit to a toxicology screen.