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Open Invitation - Recap

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Hank looks upon Don who is in the hospital on a ventilator when a nurse stops by with a letter from Shelby Shackleford. Hank opens and reads it with a stunned look on his face.

Paige finds Evan ironing some clothes and gives him a cup of tea. Both try to be supportive of each other but avoid talking about what is bothering them both.

Jeremiah finds Divya having breakfast outside, breaking their usual morning routine. He tells her he is waiting for a call from a surgeon he has been trying to speak with. He then mentions a pamphlet he noticed on the kitchen table regarding a Lamaze class. When Divya says she is going to sign up, he volunteers to be her partner. Jeremiah's phone rings and a look of concern passes over his face as he listens to the what the caller tells him.

Hank asks Evan to meet him at the hospital where he tells him the police tox screen came up positive. Jeremiah stops by and Hank comes clean with Evan and then Jeremiah. Evan learns Hank has been taking pain killers and Jeremiah learns Hank went to a pain clinic to get more when the five pills Jeremiah gave him ran out. Hank then quickly makes an excuse and leaves Evan and Jeremiah to stare after him.

Evan calls his father, Eddie, to get his help with Hank. Eddie recommends a sobriety guru, Lacy Sinclair, and her detox facility. As they speak, first Divya then Paige arrive and learn about Hank. Divya is in disbelief and refuses to participate in their intervention, preferring to speak directly with Hank. Paige is upset that Evan didn't call and tell her directly as soon as he found out.

Hank returns to see Don but pauses when he sees Don's daughter Molly sitting with him. Dr. Oren, the chief of ICU stops by the nurses desk and confirms Don has contracted pneumonia which has caused his fever. Hank and Dr. Oren then have a mild disagreement over Don's immediate care where Dr. Oren overrules Hank and decides to first solve the fever before deciding on the next course of treatment.

Evan, Eddie and Paige meet with Lacy and Evan is doubtful her facility is what Hank needs but she talks him into it.

Jeremiah finally tracks down Dr. Jory, the doctor who performed Hank's craniotomy, on the golf course. Jeremiah grills her about the procedure and she takes offense and denies that anything went wrong during the surgery that could be causing Hank to experience the pain he is suffering.

Dr. Oren and Hank enter Don's room and start reducing his sedation medication to see if he is ready to come off the ventilator. When Don reacts adversely, they put him back on sedatives and his condition stabilizes. Molly then asks Hank why he is still there and Hank leaves.

Hank catches up to Dr. Oren outside and tries to talk the man into giving Don steroids but Dr. Oren refuses. Hank goes back inside where Divya corrals him. Hank assures her he is fine but Divya sees through him and tells him he is in no shape to be seeing patients, but he refuses to listen.

Divya leaves the hospital where she runs into Jeremiah, who unknowingly has become part of Eddie's intervention and is there to ask Hank to accompany him to see a special patient, which is actually Lacy's clinic.

Lacy brings some drinks to the group and stumbles, leading them to think she might be slightly intoxicated but she blames her new shoes. Divya arrives and agrees Hank needs some help but is not sure about this intervention. Eddie starts talking and the subject turns to Evan's problems with women and he divulges that Evan used to have a crush on Divya. Paige becomes upset and Lacy gets up to leave and stumbles and falls into the swimming pool.

Jeremiah tries to talk Hank into seeing the patient Evan said was “complicated”, but Hank insists he cannot leave. Suddenly Molly comes running out of Don's room, screaming for help. Hank quickly discovers it was a minor medical equipment issue and Don is fine. Molly suddenly starts crying, scared for her father. Hank looks on, not sure what to do for Molly.

Evan tries to tell Paige he is not attracted to Divya, but she is not convinced. Eddie speaks with Lacy and bluntly asks her if she is using drugs again. She denies it but says she is taking aspirin for pain in her side and she occasionally experiences dizziness. Divya recommends analyzing her blood and Lacy agrees.

Hank tries to help Molly by offering to sit with her dad while she takes a shower and changes clothes. She refuses and asks Hank why he isn't with his own family, or at least with other patients.

Hank and Jeremiah arrive at Lacy's clinic where Evan and Diyva have been trying to convince Paige that there was never anything between them. Hank recognizes an intervention when he sees one and starts to leave. Evan grabs his medical bag and they start a tug of war when Hank experiences tremendous pain radiating down his arm. A discussion occurs and the conclusion is Hank may have experienced an injury from a fall prior to his surgery and thought the pain was post-surgical when it wasn't. All agree and MRI is needed to find the source of his pain.

The MRI confirms damage to Hank's vertebrae and injury to nerves in the area. The hospital gives Hank an injection of steroids to reduce the inflammation, hoping that is all he will need.

Divya and Lacy arrive at the hospital where Lacy starts complaining of stomach pain. She vomits in the parking lot and Divya notices blood, which indicates a bleeding ulcer, probably caused by the aspirin she has been taking.

Outside after Hank's treatment, he apologizes to his friends and family for hiding his pain from them and trying to do everything on his own. He and Divya head back inside to check on Don while Eddie leaves with Jeremiah to allow Evan and Paige to be alone. Evan then tells Paige about Jeremiah's crush on Divya, unaware that Divya has returned and can hear him.

Hank returns to Don's room and prepares to give him the steroids he tried to talk Dr. Oren into administering. Molly recognizes Hank's concern for her dad and her demeanor toward Hank softens and she decides to take that shower Hank recommended.

Divya returns home to Jeremiah's place where he has prepared a candlelit dinner for her and she finally sees the crush he has on her. She gently informs him that her mother will be her Lamaze partner and that she will be able to return to her apartment soon. Jeremiah is crushed but does his best to hide his emotions.

Evan and Eddie talk at home where they both agree that Divya was not the problem between Evan and Paige. Eddie then asks the key question, what is the source of their recent difficulty?

Molly returns from her shower to find her father is in trouble and Hank along with mutliple ER personnel are desperately trying to save his life. Molly screams at Hank, “What did you do to my dad?”