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Bones To Pick - Recap

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Paige and Russell call Hank in to treat a paleontologist named Monique, who is assembling a dinosaur for a client of theirs. Monique has bug bites and a skin rash but Hank sees nothing alarming and takes samples and prescribes a topical cream for her.

As Hank examines Monique, Russell informs Paige that he is taking a leave of absence to work privately with a wealthy client. As they talk, Russell asks Paige to take a picture of him with his hand inside the dinosaur's mouth, but he accidentally brushes against one of the sharp teeth and cuts himself, in the process falling onto the dinosaur's foot. Monique is not happy, fearing more for the dinosaur's condition than Russell's.

Evan goes to visit Jeremiah at his new job to ask him why he resigned. Evan's theory is that it was because Evan let slip the information that Jeremiah was in love with Divya. It turns out not to be the reason, and Jeremiah is not upset that Divya knows of his feelings.

Evan finds Hank and tells him what he learned from Jeremiah. Hank goes to see Jeremiah, but still misunderstands Jeremiah's reasons. This time, Jeremiah is clear and blunt, telling Hank he is angry because Hank does not respect him and simply manipulated him for his own benefit.

Shelby meets with Divya to offer her a new job, and the short description leads Divya to believe Shelby is firing Hank so she refuses the offer and storms off.

Evan and Paige attend the end of summer party her employer puts on every year. Russell stops by and tells them he has been asked to pick the person who will replace him during his sabbatical. The position is in Paris and interested people have been sucking up to Russell, hoping he will pick them. Evan and Paige bicker about their living conditions as they have been required to vacate Shadow Pond because Boris has come to visit. Paige is tired of constantly moving in and out due to Boris' visits.

Hank visits Boris who tells him about a new clinical trial he is trying to get admitted to. Because of Boris' travel commitments, it would require a full time physician to travel with Boris to provide continuity of care. Hank is flattered but declines the offer. Boris also says he is also looking to divest himself of some of his vast properties and assets. It is unclear if he is referring to Shadow Pond.

Hank returns to see Monique again who is complaining of fatigue. Hank checks her temperature and see she has a fever which concerns him that she might have an infection with no idea of the source considering her extensive travels. He requests a blood sample and chest x-ray to narrow down the cause. While there, Hank listens to Monique's lament about her dinosaur. She worries that the the government officials that are selling the dinosaur are going to pocket the money and not build a museum like they promised.

At the party, Russell offers Paige the Paris job. She is ecstatic but Evan is less than enthusiastic. Later at home, the couple argue with Evan declaring he can't leave right after being elected, not to mention his HankMed responsibilities, while Paige declares it is too great an opportunity for her to pass up.

Hank and his lawyer Ken Keller meet with Shelby. Hank is upset about the hospital looking to replace him. The discussion gets heated and when Hank offers to leave and resume his private concierge practice, he learns that the contract he signs has a no-compete clause withing 200 miles of the Hamptons.

Hank and Divya return to see Monique who is improving and preparing for the arrival of a wealthy client planning on bidding on the dinosaur. The discussion reveals that the source of Monique's skin rash was probably her old loofah, which most likely is the source of the bacteria. While examining an artifact, Divya collapses with pain in her abdomen.

At the hospital, Divya's Ob/Gyn does an ultrasound and notices a change that will require her to rest more. Jeremiah arrives and slowly and painfully makes his feelings toward Divya clear.

Outside the hospital, Hank apologizes to Jeremiah and asks him to return to HankMed, but Jeremiah declines.

Back home, Hank, Evan and Ken are talking about the issue with Symphony and Shelby's hard line stance. Evan mentions that Symphony's own doctors failed to recognize or diagnose Hank's post-operative pain and Ken latches onto this idea like a dog with a bone and rushes out to confront the hospital, feeling he needs to do something because he let Hank down.

Paige goes to Russell's house to accept the Paris job, only to find him writhing in pain on the floor. Hank arrives and declares Russell has been poisoned from the bite he received from the dinosaur, only it was most probably something else hiding in the dinosaur. Hank instructs Paige to call poison control to inspect the dinosaur while he rides with Russell in the ambulance.

Paige arrives at the home with the dinosaur at the same time Evan does. Evan climbs a ladder and discovers a scorpion inside the skull.

Hank visits Boris to tell him his blood work was fine and he will have no problem being accepted into the clinical trial. Monique is there and Hank realizes the wealthy buyer for the dinosaur was Boris, who plans on donating the artifact to the Mongolian national museum if he is the winning bidder. Boris is also the wealthy patron that hired Russell's services.

Divya learns that she is required total bed rest until her 27th week. This means no work and no walking any further than the refrigerator. Jeremiah offers to take care of her but Divya declines, not wanting to take advantage of him. Jeremiah explains that he has outgrown the crush he had for her and wants to be her friend and take care of her.

Shelby comes to see Hank and tells him that the hospital will not exercise the non-compete clause, so Hank is free to resume his concierge business.

Hank visits Divya who has returned to Jeremiah's home for her bed rest. She wants to at least be a consultant for HankMed and Hank agrees. He also offers Jeremiah control of HankMed if he would return.

Evan and Paige talk about how they have been neglecting their marriage. Paige agrees not to go to Paris while Evan agrees to let the other village councilmen handle issues for a while while they get their marriage back on track.

Hank drives to Boris' estate where he is preparing to leave. Hank asks if the job offer is still on the table and Boris is surprised. Hank confesses he needs time away from his practice and he now has Jeremiah to run things. Boris warns Hank that the job means Hank will be treating Boris exclusively, and there is no definite time limit but Hank decides to take the job.