Where There's a Will - Recap

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The scene opens with Patrick holding a service for Aunt Ginger. He says that she was happiest on her corner and that is where her ashes are going to lie. Frank tells Carl that Ginger was a prostitute despite her old age and that she was the best. Patrick dumps her ashes in the street and concludes the service. Fiona and Lip ask Patrick about the house and how it is odd that Ginger signed the house over to Patrick, who she hated. Patrick says that they will talk about this tomorrow. Lip is not happy of what Fiona or he is going to have to tell the others about the house. Carol comes over to Kev and Veronica’s and Kev says that she is looking nice.

Carol tells Veronica that she is ovulating now. Veronica says that it is not for another 4 days, but Carol suggests that they try now. Kev tells Veronica that he pictures her face when having sex with Carol and Carol says that she pictures Denzel Washington or Johnny Depp. Back at the house, Frank says that it is funny that they have tried to kick him out and now no one can live there. Fiona and the rest of the Gallaghers sit down and discuss their options. They can either prove the Will is a fake, say Ginger was crazy, convince Patrick to back off or kill him. Frank says that there is no point fighting this and says that they should take the copper pipes. Lip says that he will buff up on probate law.

Fiona tells Jimmy that she wants normal people problems and Jimmy says that it will all work out in the end. He says that he is with her. Lip is trying to study up and Mandy offers to give him a hummer. He agrees, but is interrupted when Ian comes to the door. He tells him that this better be important. Lip goes outside to find Karen there. He tells her that he is with Mandy and that it is alright. He is clearly upset with her being there. Karen says that she was going to go to Paris with a guy, but he robbed her instead. She says that it is good to see him. He walks away. Back inside the house, Jimmy is trying to look at the Wanted Ads and Fiona tells him that the Cleaning Posse has two openings because a slaughterhouse got flooded and it $14.50 an hour. At Sheila’s house, Sheila tells Karen that it is great to have her back.

She says that she wishes that she could have seen Hymee in the crib. Sheila says that there is a support group for parents with children of Down syndrome and suggests that they go. Frank wakes up from his drunken stupor and says that is horrible. Chody comes in and sees Karen without her pants. He says that he is in recovery. Frank tells Chody that he needs a plate. Sheila tells Frank that with the baby gone and Karen back, they have a full house. Frank says that he can’t be homeless again. He says that he is going to Alcoholics Anonymous and Shelia says that is because the Court is making him. At the house, Fiona is getting the kids ready and Jimmy comes downstairs and says that Liam is using the big boy toilet.

Fiona asks why he left him up there and Jimmy runs upstairs again. Debs comes downstairs dressed in a short mini skirt and Fiona tells her to change. Mandy tells Fiona that she wore a mini-skirt at her age. Veronica asks Fiona if Lip is really getting serious with Mandy “Scank-Avich”. Mandy hears this and Veronica apologizes and says that she would have never said that to her face. Patrick comes over to the house with his two sons to look at the damage of the house and see where they can improve it. He tells Fiona that the probate hearing is Thursday and that they are going to need to be out by Saturday. At the meeting for parents of Down syndrome, the instructor tries to say that the “R” word is not good. However, one of the kids stands up and says that they need to take the word back. He says that the “normies” don’t understand.

He starts chanting “MeTard YouTard, Retard Nation!” Sheila goes along with it. At the slaughterhouse, Jimmy wonders what they are going to actually do and is told that they have solids today. He asks for clarification and is told that Maggots and worms are inside the waste. At the AA meeting, Frank asks the instructor to sign off on his sheet and she tells him that it will be good to have him twice a week for 6 months. Frank goes to sample the food there when a man named Christopher comes up and tells him that he likes how Frank has been sober for 2 years. He asks Frank to be his sponsor and says that he can live with him. Frank doesn’t get it at first and then realizes that Christopher is giving him a place to stay with him.

He readily accepts. Back at the Slaughterhouse, Jimmy quits because he can’t take it anymore. At Veronica and Kev’s place, Carol comes into the bedroom after Kev is “ready” and asks to be pleasured for a change. They don’t like the idea. Fiona gets back from the Slaughterhouse job and Jimmy says that he got a job at a coffee shop. Lip, Ian, Debs, Carl and Mandy are gathered around the table and they tell her that the probate hearing is not going to go well. They decide that they can have Mickey and his guys go to Patrick and “convince” him to back off. Fiona agrees. Frank gathers his things from Sheila’s with Christopher and Sheila is just happy that Frank is moving out. Sheila shows Karen the items that the group gave her since she is promoting.

Frank sees that the shirts say “I am a Retard”. Sheila points out that the back says “And Proud”. Frank says that there are a lot of retards at the Alibi and Sheila says that she doesn’t like how Frank is using the word. Fiona gets to Veronica and Kev’s so that she can get drunk and finds Kev, Veronica and Carol in the bedroom having sex. She walks out of the room quickly. Mickey and his brother go to Patrick, but Patrick hits Mickey’s brother with the bat and Mickey aims a gun on Patrick. He laughs and Patrick’s wife shows up with a shotgun. The next day, Patrick is still at it remodeling the house. Lip tells Fiona that it doesn’t have to be all on her. Fiona tries to be civil to Patrick, but he says that they can only rent the house for $1800 a month. At the Alibi, Veronica tells Kev that Carol thinks that she is on a date every time she comes over.

Kev tells her that it is no big deal. At the coffee house, Jimmy isn’t doing such a great job and Nando’s man laughs. One of Jimmy’s old college friends, who is a doctor at County General, comes in. Jimmy says that he is buying the place and that is why he is there. His friend offers an invitation for him to hang out. Fiona and Lip go see their option for living. However, it is squalor with crack pipes laying around. At the house, Patrick is vomiting outside. Carl watches with a smile. He reveals that he put Rat Poison in Patrick’s food. Sheila has her “Retard Nation” stand up and a store owner tells her to take the stand down. Sheila fights to stay there. Frank and Christopher get to Christopher’s place and Frank starts to search for booze.

Christopher says that he is a Vet Tech for Animal Control. He says that he rescued a dog. However, it is stuffed. Christopher says that Taxidermy is a hobby. Christopher serves Meatball subs and has a Bears Game recorded. Jimmy gets home to find everyone in panic mode. Carl says that he killed Patrick by putting the rat poison in his sandwich. Jimmy says that Patrick might live. At school, Karen goes up to Mandy and tells her that she is happy for her and Lip. Back at Christopher’s place, Frank finds out that Christopher is not an alcoholic and he apologizes. He begs him to stay. At the courthouse, the Gallagher family waits and hopes that Patrick is not there, but he is still alive. They loose the probate and at the house, Mandy tells Lip that she knows that Lip talked to Karen and tells him to tell her if he has a problem with her being there.

He comes out and tells her that he is not happy and she leaves. Debs goes into see Fiona and tells her that it is alright if they move. Jimmy asks Nando’s man if he can have a ride to drink with some College friends and reluctantly agrees to drive him. Carol comes over and Veronica asks her if she is thinking that there is something more with Kev. She says that she needs to set the mood if this is going to happen. Lip goes to see Karen and he tells her that she sabotaged his and Mandy’s relationship. Karen says that it is just an act and wanted to get back home. He tells her to take off her clothes. Later that night, Frank has the “I am a Retard” shirt on and is stopped by a big man. He tells him that his sister has a problem. The sister has Down Syndrome and punches Frank.

Kev and Carol get into and Veronica says that is enough and kicks her mom out. At Sheila’s Mrs. Wong comes over while Lip and Karen have sex in her room. Mrs. Wong says that she saw Shelia fighting with a man outside of a store and tells her to stop volunteering. She agrees. Mrs. Wong says that Karen was right. The house is not good. Sheila is confused. Frank goes to the Alibi and tells everyone of his new place of residence. Kev asks if Christopher is a serial rapist and tells Frank to watch out. Jimmy enjoys drinks with his friends. At the house, the cops come over and tell Fiona that Patrick is outside and wants them out tonight because he has proof that they poisoned him. Debs comes out and says that Patrick molested her.

Frank tries to hide from Christopher when he comes looking for him. Christopher tells Frank that he is just clingy and Franks says that he can live with that. Karen comes downstairs and Sheila asks her why she would tell Mrs. Wong to take Hymee away. Karen says that things were great before Hymee came along. She says that she loves her mom. Outside the house, Fiona and Debs negotiate the new deals and get the house for $500 a month with a 50 year lease. Fiona gets in as Jimmy comes home. She kisses him and says that they are not going to loose the house. At Christopher’s, Frank climbs into bed with Christopher and puts on a sleeping mask. The episode ends.