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Frank the Plumber - Recap

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The scene opens with Jimmy finding a cockroach on his toothbrush. He tells Fiona, who is trying on a skin tight dress, that she can’t wear that to an office job. She gets changed and goes downstairs. She tells Lip that she is going to go to Veronica’s to see what she has. Mandy comes in and says that she forgot a few things that she needs. Lip asks if he should just go to school, but realizes that he has to deal with Mandy. Christopher wakes up and makes Frank breakfast with a bloody Mary. They sit down and Frank’s foot is hurting him. Christopher says that she has a doctor who is Korean and she is great. Frank makes a racist comment about her, but realizes that Christopher works for the city. He says that he and Christopher qualify for domestic partner rights. Christopher doesn’t think that is how it works and Frank says that he is going to fight this.

Mandy is packing her things when Lip comes in. He tells her that he meant a little bit of what he said, but says that there is nothing between him and Karen. Mandy tells him that Karen still has his pictures up on her Facebook and Lip says that he doesn’t care about that. She tells Lip that Karen is no good. On her way out, she tells Lip that he has an interview at MIT and that she sent in applications for many colleges. Fiona gets to Veronica’s and finds a nice suit and skirt. She asks Kev if men have PMS and he says that he doesn’t. Veronica says that he does and reminds him of the time when he broke the TV remote. Fiona says that Jimmy is quiet. Kev says that just because he is quiet doesn’t mean that he is thinking of the relationship. The topic of whether or not to circumcise the baby if or when it comes is brought up and Fiona says that you have to get it cut because the child won’t get his share of blowjobs. However, she realizes that Veronica doesn’t want the baby circumcised and gets out of there quickly.

Debs goes to Chody and Sheila’s place and Chody is going to work while Sheila is on the couch. Karen comes in to say goodbye, but she ignores her. Debs sees that Sheila is in an emotional state and puts down her backpack. Jimmy continues to work at the coffee shop and one of the customers says that his coffee is not done correctly. Jimmy is about to beat him up for it, but is stopped by his manager. At school, Mandy tells Lip that she did him a favor by filing out the applications. Karen passes by and Mandy tells her to walk away. Lip yells at Mandy and says that she is not in control of his life. Mandy tells Ian that she women were created to tell men what they want and she won’t let Lip mess up his life like Mickey did his. She tells Ian that Mickey knocked up a whore and Ian is shocked. Back at Sheila’s, Debs makes cinnamon toast and coffee. Sheila cries and sits up. Fiona arrives at her Temp Job and meets Connie, her boss. She is informed of the rules of the office and tells her that she will take calls. Connie tells Fiona that she is going to follow a script. Fiona says that she gets it.

Frank gets to the City office and says that he has been living with Christopher for a year and that they are gay. The City worker gets up and goes on break because she doesn’t want to hear it. Fiona tries to make a call by the script, but instead she veers off it when she hears that a man had problems with the delivery man and eventually gets the call rerouted to sales, like she is supposed to. Connie tells her that she has to stick to the script. Fiona gets a call from Debs’ school telling Fiona that Debs is not there. Fiona calls up Veronica, who is in the middle of getting ready to do another web show that involves Kev as a gimp and her as a nurse, and asks her to check at the house for Debs. Veronica tells Fiona to go to dontcutitoff.org and makes Fiona promise. Fiona goes to the site and it is an Anti-Circumcision site that has pictures of penises. One of her co-workers sees this and is shocked. Connie sees this too.

At the bus stop, Frank is in pain and hears the Mayor Candidate talking how he can help the city. Frank says that he and Christopher are happy and gay and that they need to have the same rights. However, because he was talking to him, Frank misses his bus. Fiona continues to make sales transfers and she gets a text saying that Debs is not at home. At Sheila’s, Debs is painting Sheila’s nails and tells her that when she is feeling bad on the inside, it is good to make herself look good on the outside. Debs picks up the phone and tells Fiona that it is Code Pink at Sheila’s house. Sheila asks what the code means and realizes that Debs is skipping school. Debs says that it is alright because she doesn’t have any friends. She tells her that mean girls suck. Sheila says that her daughter is a mean girl. At school, Lip is having sex with Karen in the bathroom stall. Karen tells Lip that he should dump her. In class, Lip asks Mandy why Mickey is getting married and she asks why he cares.

At work, Fiona is about to eat her lunch when she hears Frank’s voice. She sees her co-worker watching the video of Frank’s rant and says that he is her dad. Fiona’s co-worker apologizes that the office “bitches”, which means him, ratted her out for having porn on her computer. Connie tells Fiona that Mr. Pratt, the cousin of the boss, wants a word with her. She talks to Mr. Pratt and tells him that she needs the job. He tells her that he doesn’t care about the porn on the desk and says that he just doesn’t want to get hit from her with a sexual harassment lawsuit. He says that no more naked pictures and watch her language. He tells her that she is doing a great job and that he wants a reputation as a hard-ass and tells her to be sad. Jimmy gets his paycheck for $200. He is told that is after taxes and the refills that he gives Nando’s man. Lip gets home and meets Scott Walker from MIT. He tells him that he is not interested. Scott says that he probably wouldn’t have gotten in anyway because he plagiarized the application. Lip sees that Mandy plagiarized Nelson Mandela. Lip decides to have the interview.

Christopher gets home and says that Frank is ruining his life. Frank doesn’t remember anything he did today and says that he is gay only when it suits him to be gay. Christopher gets a call from his mom. He tells her that he is talking to Frank now. Jimmy walks up to his car and two men are standing next to it. It is the man who he stole the car from. Nando’s man asks Jimmy why they are taking off in his car and Jimmy tells him that he stole it a long time ago. The guys throw out the car seat and Jimmy picks it up and leaves. Frank gets into the Alibi where everyone teases him for being gay. Frank says that he has to be who he has to be at the time, but gets upset when they start to make fun of him for being gay. Lip finishes writing the letter to get into MIT and Scott is impressed. Lip tells him that he just wants to get to the Robotics and none of the prerequisites. Scott agrees. Jimmy gets some money from an ATM and is robbed. He loses it and Nando’s man tells him that he will get him a drink. Frank walks by a bar and is called a “Fagot”. He tells the man that he is tired of being made fun of. The guy tells him that he is on his team. It turns out that the bar is a gay bar.

Ian and Mandy get back from school and Lip tells her that she plagiarized his application. She tells him that a thank you would be good. He says thank you by having sex with her. Connie comes up to Fiona at work and asks if she is alright. She says that she will be. Connie tells Fiona that she is going to keep her on for some more time and says that she should buy something less revealing. Her co-worker says that she can tell her father that he is a “big” fan. Nando’s man says that Jimmy can’t go from being rich to being poor. He says that he should leave Fiona. He tells Jimmy that he can go walk and think. Mandy tells Lip that she put in the applications because he doesn’t belong in the neighborhood. She tells him that she plagiarized the other applications with quotes from Presidents. Ian goes to see Mickey and tells him that he is gay and that he shouldn’t get married. However, Mickey doesn’t want to hear that and beats Ian up. Lip goes to see Karen and tells her that he is with Mandy now and says that she is good for him.

Inside the house, Sheila, Debs and Liam are building a house with glue when Karen comes in. She asks Sheila if there is any food and Sheila ignores her. Karen storms out and Debs asks what Karen did. Sheila says that Karen told Hymee’s dad and grandma that Sheila is crazy and has OCDC. Sheila says that she is better now and that Karen had no right. Debs says that Sheila should apologize to Karen and then she will forgive her. Debs says that is what she would do if Monica came back and apologized. Debs hugs Sheila. Mandy gets a call from Karen who tells her that she will follow Lip wherever he goes and that she will continue to have sex with him. At the gay bar, Frank is singing karaoke when he sees a Tranny looking at him. He goes to the bathroom to allow he/she to pleasure him. He says that it doesn’t matter if he is a guy if he can give him a good blowjob. Fiona rides the train back home and stops in a suit shop. Jimmy is still thinking and sees an ambulance driving by. At the house, Kev and Veronica are talking about the circumcision and Veronica says that she wants to give their baby the option to have a sex change and having it not circumcised will make it easier. Fiona comes in and asks about the gift baskets. They say that it is the Gay Community giving to Frank for speaking out for the gays. During this, Ian is upstairs with peas on his face, crying.

Shelia apologizes to Karen and she is about to accept her apology when she gets a text from Lip requesting she meet him at the park. She tells Sheila that she hopes to get back together with Lip. On her way there, she is hit by a car. Frank gets to Christopher’s and he is getting kicked out. Christopher’s mother says that it is the best way. Jimmy gets to the hospital and talks to his med school friend. He asks about the money and is told that it is good. Jimmy doesn’t realize that Karen is being carted in the hospital at the moment and is just happy that he might have found his “calling”. The next morning, Frank wakes up to find two men standing over him. Mandy cleans off the blood from a car and Mickey says that she needs to call someone to get the windshield repaired and to check for hair in the grill. It turns out that the car that hit Karen was Mandy’s. Frank is enjoying breakfast with the men and they tell him that he is going to be their “Gay Joe the Plumber” for the Gay Rights Movement. At Veronica’s house, Veronica and Kev are making their web show. The episode ends.