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Civil Wrongs - Recap

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The scene opens with Fiona getting ready for work. Ian’s bruises are healing from his fight with Mickey and Jimmy tells Fiona that he has to tell her something. They go outside and Jimmy tells her that he is going to finish Med School. He says that he will get student loans to pay for it and if it doesn’t work out, he’ll default. She tells him that she likes the idea and goes to work. Frank is at the meeting of the Gay Rights Movement and is introduced to the gay people. Frank reads a pre-written speech, but then talks to the gay members in his own words. It strikes something in them and they cheer for him. Afterwards, Frank tells Abraham, the leader of the movement, that he needs to have his room upgraded and tells him that he is their rainmaker on this. Abraham says that he will see what he can do and smacks Frank’s butt. Frank calls him a saucy tart and mingles with the gays.

Lip and Mandy are having sex when Lip is clearly not into it. He tells Mandy that he can’t get Karen getting hit by the car out of his head. Mandy gets up and tells Lip that Karen is in a coma. Lip says that he should go over and show support. Fiona gets to work and Holly asks how things are. Fiona says that Jimmy is going back to Med School. The other employees come in and say that it is Cake Cup day. Holly says that Fiona’s fiancée is a doctor. Fiona tries to correct her, but it is no use. Mike Pradd comes in and is told the news. Fiona denies it and changes the subject. She is introduced to Cake Cups. Back at the house, Debs is cooking when Mandy asks her why Lip cares about Karen. Lip comes downstairs and Mandy leaves. Lip asks why Debs is not in school. She says that she is skipping and says that she made soup for Sheila. Lip offers to take it for her and Debs says that he will just take the credit. He laughs. Debs tells Lip to put Mandy first in his life.

Frank continues to talk to crowds of people and the Prep School principal does not at all like the choice of words Frank is using. They stop him and Frank complains about his hotel room. One of the students says that he can donate $1,000 to the cause. At the hospital, the doctor tells them that they are going to stop the meds that keep her in the coma. He tries to leave, but Sheila doesn’t understand and calls him back. He says that they are stopping the meds and that means that she might wake up. He tries leaving and Chody tells him that he will throw him through the window if he leaves. The doctor tells them that they don’t know if she will wake up because they don’t know how much damage happened. Sheila thanks him and they attempt to wake Karen up. At Kev and Veronica’s, Kev gives Veronica food, but she is not interested. She tells Kev that she can’t get a hold of her mother and that she doesn’t think that she is pregnant. Kev tells her that they will go find her and watch her pee.

Ian talks to Mandy about Mickey’s marriage and asks where they met. She tells him that she is a hooker from Garden Springs Spa. Jimmy goes outside and tells Nando’s man that he is thinking of taking a vacation to Michigan. He tells him that is where he would have to finish Med School. Nando’s man laughs and says good luck convincing Estefania to move. It is clear that Jimmy didn’t think of that. Nando’s man tells him that he does what he is told and nothing more. Debs and Lip go in to see Karen at the hospital. Lip is clearly emotional. At work, Fiona is working fast and Connie tells her to slow it down. She tells Connie that she doesn’t want to slack off, but Connie tells her that she doesn’t want to set the bar too high. She offers to buy Fiona lunch. Frank gets in the Alibi and shows Kev that he has money and Kev gives him $5 change. A man comes in and introduces himself as Alistair Hollister.

At the Spa, Ian sees that the prostitute that was supposed to get the gay out of Mickey is the one he knocked up. Back at the Alibi, Hollister tells Frank that he represents a conversion group that will get the gay out of him. Frank is against it until he tells him that they put him up in a hotel and send women to him to have sex with. He likes the idea and says that he will give it a try. Lip is looking at pictures of him and Karen when Ian comes in and tells him that Mickey is getting to the hooker who tried to get the gay out of him. He says that he knows that Mickey loves him. Lip tells Ian that he needs to go and have sex with a new guy. Ian tells Lip that Mandy is wondering why Lip is upset about Karen. Frank gets to the hotel that Hollister put him up in and the bellboy, who is gay, tells Frank that he is his hero. Frank says that he is there to help and gets a day of massages free. Veronica goes to Fiona’s and tells her that she can’t find her mother. Fiona tells her that everyone is doing this for her and that she needs to go to her mom’s and make her take the pee test and find out. Debs asks Jimmy if he can buy her braces and Jimmy says that things are tight right now, but he will see what he can do. Fiona kisses Jimmy and tells him that she appreciates him.

Frank is waiting in the hotel for his first “conversion attempt” and ignores a call from Abraham. Hollister comes in and gives him some porn movies as preparation to getting the “change” going. Fiona is at work listening to Matt Pradd talk when Mike Pradd, her boss, comes up. He tells her that he needs her on the softball team and she tells him that if she doesn’t have anything, she will come. Abraham goes to the Alibi and asks Kev where Frank is. He tells him that he doesn’t know. Abraham gives him his card and some money after Kev tells him that he can’t remember without a tip, for Frank to call him. Kev tosses his card when he leaves. Frank is introduced to the woman and she is not attractive at all. Frank asks him how he can “change” when the woman looks like a man. Hollister tells him that Scottie is a lesbian trying to be cured. They get to it and Frank starts to have sex with her. Mandy goes up to Lip and asks why he wasn’t at school. He says that he couldn’t after seeing Karen. Mandy asks if he is going to see her again and he says that he isn’t. She offers to come over and he agrees. Frank is not into having sex with Scottie and tells her to pretend that he is Angelina Jolie.

At the hospital, Jody and Sheila are trying to make Karen come to, but Lip comes in and says that they are doing things that she hates. Chody agrees and leaves. Lip says that he feels bad because he said some bad things to Karen before she got hit. Sheila says that when Karen got his text, she lit up. Lip is confused and sees that she did get a text from him, but he doesn’t remember it. He suspects something. Abraham finds Frank at the gay bar and Frank says that his phone died. Abraham says that his room has been upgraded. He needs to be at a Bookstore tonight. Veronica goes to her mom’s house and makes her take the pee test. Jimmy gets back to the house and tells Fiona that he has to go to Michigan to finish school. Fiona tells him that she has a softball game to get to. Veronica goes to the Alibi and tells everyone that Kev is going to be a Daddy. Lip rides the bus home and is clearly upset. Frank doesn’t show to his meeting and instead is at the hotel with Scottie. The bellboy sees him in the hall prepositioning her to come and have sex.

At the softball game, Fiona cheers on Mike and they win the game. At the hospital, the doctor tells Sheila and Chody to do things that Karen will like. Chody tells Sheila that she needs to go home and rest and Sheila tells Chody that he is Karen’s prince and she took him away from her. Mike tells Fiona to stay and drink with them, but she says that she has to get the little ones in bed. Jimmy shows up after the game and Fiona walks past him. She tells him not to lie to her and asks if he knew. Jimmy stutters and says that he did. He says that it is only a year, but Fiona doesn’t know if she can do that. Mandy gets to Lip’s room and asks if he is awake. He pretends to be asleep. Chody is at the hospital and rubs Karen’s leg. He gets a response and continues to move up her leg. He winds up pleasuring her and she wakes up from her coma. Abraham goes to the hotel room and finds Frank having sex with Scottie. He says that he thought that she was a man. Abraham tells Frank to prove that he is gay. Chody tells the doctor that he “chowed down” and that he found the cure to comas.