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Order Room Service - Recap

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The scene opens with Fiona waking up Jimmy. She says that she can make their relationship work and says that they can move to Michigan. Mandy wakes up Lip and says that she wants to get to school early so that she can steal some tatar tots for Mickey’s wedding. Jimmy tells the family that Liam went to the bathroom by himself. Fiona sends him off to the store to pick up some tampons as well, and it is clear that Jimmy is not too happy about that. Lip tells Ian to get up and he says that he is not feeling well. Mandy tells Lip that she needs help setting up for the VFW and Lip says that Sheila and Chody need his help setting everything up for Karen. Ian volunteers regardless of how he feels. Mandy doesn’t understand why Lip has to help Sheila and Chody and Lip says that Karen can’t even walk and that she has frontal lobe damage. He says that the dude that hit her probably doesn’t have a scratch on him. Mandy drops her towel, but Lip is unimpressed. She gets dressed after the rejection.

Frank is asleep on the train when a homeless man tells him to get off his turf. Frank tells him that he is not homeless and that he has a home. Frank eventually gets up and leaves. Fiona gets into Mike’s office and asks him if there are any openings in their Michigan office. He says that he will find out. Mike asks her to his family’s cabin and says that he is inviting her, Jimmy and the rest of the family too. She says that she will see what they are up to. Jimmy gets a call from Estafania who tells him that her shoe broke and that she needs him to call the company and complain. She tells him to come over and he ignores her. Nando’s man has Jimmy’s mail and wonders how he got the University of Michigan to accept him and tells him that he is being sneaky. Lip gets to Kev and Veronica’s and asks for Kev to give him some advice. Lip tells him that he thinks that Mandy hit Karen with her car and Kev says that he needs to get out of there slowly. He tells Kev that he can keep going over to Karen’s and Kev tells him not to tell Mandy anything about that and to get away.

Franks walks up to Carl and Carl tells him hat he isn’t supposed to be talking to him. Frank says that he took care of his mom when she wasn’t nice to him and she never let him go homeless. He says that he slept on a train last night and says that he needs a place to stay. Carl says that he can sneak him into the van. Ian goes to the wedding venue where Mickey and Svetlana are to be married and Mandy tells him that Lip is still up Karen’s butt and that it is getting old. Ian asks about Svetlana and if Mickey loves her. At the house, Fiona and Veronica talk about moving to Michigan. Jimmy didn’t know that she was telling everyone. Jimmy gets another 911 call from Estafania and Jimmy leaves. Fiona tells Carl and Debs that they would move to Michigan while Jimmy is in Med School. Jimmy’s phone rings and Fiona picks it up. It is An Harbor Rentals and the application Jimmy put in went through. It is for a studio apartment. Fiona is clearly upset about the news and storms out.

Chody and Karen get in and Sheila tells Karen that she looks so much better. She says that she remembers this place. She says hello to Lip. Sheila gives Karen a smoothie and she drinks it all. She says that she likes the cold on her throat. She falls asleep. Lip asks how long she is going to be like this and Sheila says that Karen is nicer. Fiona gets to the coffee shop and confronts Jimmy about the call he got. She argues with him outside and Jimmy says that it is a 4 hour train ride and that he can come back on weekends. She tells him that she never consulted with her on this. Jimmy yells at her and says that he has been living in a slum because she has decided to become legal guardian to the kids. She tells him to find somewhere else to sleep. Frank goes to the house and Carl lets him in the van. He gives Frank crust from the pizza they ate earlier. Frank talks about how his father took him on his first heist and how they spent the money on beer and porn. Carl says that his foster family, Cashis and Leneer have a lot of stuff and says that he has their security code.

The next day, Fiona wakes up alone and sees that Jimmy didn’t call. She puts on a face and tells the family that they are going camping. At Sheila’s place, Sheila is washing up Karen and tells her that Chody is picking up Hymee from the Wong’s place. She tells Sheila that she is hungry and repeatedly asks where Chody is. Chody comes home with the baby and she lights up. Sheila gets up and leaves them along so Karen can bond with Hymee. At the house, Fiona finds out that Carl isn’t feeling well. Debs, Liam and Fiona are the only ones going camping. Ian wakes up from a drunken stupor and goes upstairs. Fiona wonders what is up with him, but Lip tells her that he will tell when he is ready. Mandy tells Lip that they haven’t had sex for a week. Lip says that he has been distracted. She knocks over his cereal and tries to pleasure him. He tries to stop her from having sex with him, but it is no use. She tells him that he belongs with her and not the “vegetable” Karen.

Jimmy wakes up and thanks his Med School friend for letting him stay. He says that he showed up and that he had no choice. Lip is in the bathroom leaving a message for Kev telling him that he let Mandy have sex with him when Mandy comes up and asks what is wrong. Lip lies and says that he is backed up. She opens the door and finds out the truth. She asks when he is coming over and he says that it is going to be late because he has errands. Ian gets up and leaves while Carl is under his blankets drawing out the map of Cashis and Leneer’s home. At the camping trip, Fiona cheers on Debs in a race when Mike comes up and asks where her man is. Fiona changes the subject to his cup and they laugh. Jimmy gets a ride from Nando’s man, but finds Nando in the back seat. At Mickey’s wedding, Ian goes up to Mickey and tells him that he doesn’t have to do this. Mickey kisses him and they start to have sex. Carl shows the map to Frank and they develop their plan.

At the restaurant, Nando asks about the Medical School and says that Estefania is in INS holding and says that Jimmy missed a meeting. He tells Jimmy that he will deal with the people who need to be dealt with. At the camping trip, Fiona and Mike talk and Mike suggests they go back to his tent. She kisses him. Ian and Mickey finish and Ian asks if he is going through with this. Mickey says that Ian needs to grow up and says that he doesn’t have a choice. Mandy comes in and says that everyone is waiting for him. The wedding happens. Carl and Frank get to Cashis and Leneer’s place and steal a bunch of things. Back at the camp site, Fiona and Mike are kissing when Fiona realizes what she is doing. Mike says that she is using him for revenge, but he doesn’t mind. He tells her that she doesn’t deserve to ever be dumped and shows her his tattoo of Eve, his ex-wife. Fiona asks when he knew it was over and he tells her that it was when she started going to the gym. Carl and Frank return from their heist and Frank says that it is probably worth $3,000.

Jimmy tries to talk to Nando about what he can do, but Nando ignores him. Back at Sheila’s, Lip comes in and Sheila tells him that Karen and Chody are going to go to Sedona, Arizona. Lip talks to Karen and she tells him that she is happy to go to Sedona. Lip says that it is him and that they can talk. He reminds her of their times together and she tells him that she can’t feel stuff inside. She asks if there are snacks and Lip tells Karen that Mandy did this to her. She asks Karen who hit her and Karen has already forgot. Lip goes to the wedding and tells her that she messed up Karen’s life. He tells her that they are done. Ian comes up and tells everyone that he has been sleeping with Mickey and now he is getting married to a communist. Jimmy gets told to go on a boat with Nando. He is reluctant and Nando’s man tells him to be a man. Jimmy gets on the boat and it sails away. Lip is escorting Ian home when he finds cops at the house arresting Carl. Frank hears this and says that he did the heist and to let Carl go. Lip is shocked that Frank took the fall. While camping, Fiona takes out her cell phone and tries to call Jimmy. She leaves him a voicemail and says that she can make it work. The episode ends.