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Survival of the Fittest - Recap

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The scene opens with Frank in jail. He is approached by a man who tells him to turn around as he unbuttons his pants. However, it is revealed that the guy just wants to use the bathroom in the cell. Frank says that this treatment is not fair and says that he needs a drink. Julius, the guy in the cell with Frank, tells Frank that he doesn’t look too well. Frank says that he is fine, but than falls over onto the floor. At the house, Carl squirts Debs in the butt with water and Debs says that it is not fair that Carl has braces and she doesn’t. Debs talks about moving to Michigan and Lip tells her that they aren’t moving there because Jimmy hasn’t been around and that is a good sign. Ian walks downstairs ready for ROTC. He tells everyone that he has drill. Lip follows him outside and asks how things are. Ian says that he is fine and has moved on from Mickey. Debs tries to talk to Fiona about Michigan, but she tells her that it is none of her business. Debs says that it is and reminds her that it was because of her that they have a house and not Fiona. Upset, Fiona leaves a message to Jimmy telling him off.

Frank wakes up on a hospital bed and the doctor tells Frank that he needs to stop drinking or he will die. They release Frank from jail so that they don’t have to treat him. Frank is told to give up drinking, but he goes to the Alibi instead and drinks several shots of hard liquor. Ian goes into a military office and tells them that he wants to sign up for active duty. They tell him that tomorrow is when he has to start. He says that he will be ready. Fiona, Veronica and Kev are decorating for Lip’s graduation and Veronica asks if she has heard from Jimmy. She says that she hasn’t. Kev tells her that the last time that she saw Jimmy, she told him to not come home. He may have listened. Veronica tries to tell Fiona that is not true, but she starts to think that maybe it is. Lip goes to his guidance counselor and gets his Diploma. Lip is not so grateful to his counselor. Lip goes to the Alibi and asks for a shot. Frank sees him and congratulates him on getting his Diploma. Tommy tells Frank that he looks like crap and Frank says that he can beat him up. They are stopped with that idea and eventually agree to a push-up contest. Everyone bets and Frank wins the contest. Frank invites Lip to go out and celebrate. Lip agrees.

Fiona tries to concentrate on her work, but keeps looking at her phone. She leaves a message to Jimmy and says that she didn’t mean for him to leave her for good. Sheila says goodbye to Karen, who is going to Sedona, Arizona. She says that she knows that she has to let her go and kisses everyone goodbye. After they leave, Sheila asks Debs if she can make her some lunch. Debs tries to get away by saying that she has to clean up her house, but Sheila says that she can help. Fiona goes up to Jimmy’s dad and asks if he has seen Jimmy. He realizes what Jimmy did and says that the fist sight that things don’t go Jimmy’s way, he takes off. He says that he is sorry for her. At the hospital, Kev, Veronica and Carol see the baby that is growing inside Carol and the doctor tells her that the baby is big and that she got pregnant the first try. Ian packs up to go to the Army and tells Carl that he is going on a retreat. Ian gives Carl his knife. Back at the hospital, Veronica is upset that Carol lied to her. Carol tries to tell her that she didn’t know and eventually tells Veronica that she was lonely and that being with them was as close as family time she has had in a while.

At a restaurant, Frank tells Lip that he can always come to him and says that he worries about him. Lip says that he is graduated now and doesn’t know what he is going to do. Frank says that Lip is just like him and that he needs to live life to the fullest as if it is his last day on Earth. They decide to dine-and-dash and quickly leave the restaurant. Fiona gets into work and finds out that Mike is hiring. She goes up to Mike and says that she deserves the job. However, Mike tells her that she doesn’t have experience. Lip and Frank go ice-skating and are drunk. Frank and Lip have a fun time laughing until Lip throws up. Frank feels the need to throw up too, but he throws up blood. An ambulance is called. Fiona returns home and Nando’s man approaches her. He says that Jimmy told him to give her something. He hands her a wad of money and tells her that she was too good for him. He leaves. Fiona gets a call from Lip and rushes to the hospital with Debs and Carl.

They arrive and Fiona tells Debs and Carl to wait. Debs tries to tell Fiona that she is tired of her treating her like a baby. She orders them to stay back. Fiona walks up to a doctor and asks what happened. She gets into the room and finds Lip hungover from drinking too much. She tells him to go take Debs and Carl home and that they have a party to throw for him. She tells Frank that he needs to stop drinking or he will die. She tells him that she doesn’t care, but there are kids who love him for some reason and that he needs to do this for them or for himself. Fiona leaves and is emotional. Ian visits Mandy and Mickey is there. He tells Mickey that he is enlisting into the Army and Mickey tries to tell him that he doesn’t want him to go, but maintains his tough exterior. Mandy tells Mickey that he should have said more to him than that.

Fiona gets back from the hospital and tells Debs and Carl that Frank needs to help himself. She tells them to put up the decorations and that they are going to have a party. Fiona asks to see the Diploma and Lip gives it to her. She tells him that she is proud of him. She tells Lip that she came into money and that she can get a full-time job for it. Lip walks downstairs and Fiona, Kev, Veronica, Debs, Carl and Sheila celebrate the graduation of Lip. Fiona puts the Diploma in a frame. Debs tells Sheila that she needs to find friends her own age now. Fiona gives Kev the money that Nando’s man gave her and tells him to order a couple thousand cups for the bar tomorrow. He says that he will. Ian gives Lip a joint and they see Carl leave. Fiona goes into Debs’ room and she tells her that Jimmy is gone, but she has a shot at getting a full-time job with benefits for Debs’ teeth. She is happy.

Carl goes to the hospital and shaves Frank’s head. He tells Frank that it is to allow the sun rays to cure his cancer. Without correcting him, Frank allows Carl to shave his head. Early the next morning, Ian says goodbye to Liam. At Sheila’s place, Sheila has guests over. Lip gets an envelope in the mail. Back at Sheila’s place, Sheila has the guests over so that she can sell dildos and vibrators. The women are excited. While Fiona gets the job at the cup company, Ian uses Lip’s ID to get a fake ID to register in the Army. He gets past the checks. At work, Connie congratulates Fiona and she gets to work. At the hospital, Frank decides to leave. Lip goes to Mandy’s and he thanks her for submitting the applications because he has a full ride to MIT. Frank leaves the hospital and walks in the snow in his hospital gown. Fiona calls Jimmy’s voicemail again and tells him goodbye. She gets in the house. The season ends.