De-Void - Recap

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Stilinski confronts Stiles in the loft and asks him to come willingly. Stiles agrees and allows himself to be cuffed. The nogitsune looks at him and breaks free from the bonds. Allison, Derek and Argent arrive but nothing they do stops him. Argent points a gun at Stiles and Stilinski pulls his as well, pointing it at Argent. While they argue, Allison realizes this is exactly what the nogitsune wants. Stiles says they are hear to protect him. The Oni arrive and Argent and Stilinski open fire.

Scott and Kira enter the loft after the battle. The Oni disappeared along with Stiles.

At Eichen House, Noshiko Yukimura visits the wall that her old boyfriend was buried in. Stiles shows up and she accuses him of being a monster. She no longer wants chaos and pain but Stiles does. He takes her blade and stabs himself with it. Stiles says chaos has come again and flies swarm out of his wound. A fly heads towards Isaac and his eyes glow yellow.

Kira thanks Scott for letting her stay at his place. She feels like she doesn't even know her parents anymore after everything that has happened. He lets her have his bed but she invites him to sleep beside her. AS they sleep a fly flutters at the window outside.

When the Argents get back home, Allison asks her father if he was actually going to shoot Stiles. He was prepared to do what he had to do. Allison finds Isaac in her room and he assures her he's feeling better.

Peter questions Derek's sword injury from the Oni. He says it will eventually heal. He sets up a chess board to try to figure out what the nogitsune will do next. Peter doesn't think it's possible to predict the next move. A fly lands on Derek's wound and crawls inside of him.

In the locker room a fly enters Ethan's head before he goes to shower with Tony.

Lydia drives Max in circles and he points out the GPS isn't even on. She panics and pulls over into a parking lot. They find Stiles lying on the ground. A fly enters Max's ear.

Allison wakes up and sees Isaac standing over her weapons. He wants to take the Twins out and says they can't be trusted. Allison tries to stop him but finds she's chained to the bed.

Stiles is taken to Deaton, who thinks that Stiles' body is healing itself. He says it's good for Stiles but might be bad for them. Deaton pulls out a small bottle and places a few drips into Stiles' mouth. The liquid paralyzes Stiles' body and wakes him up. He warns Max that Ethan's in danger at the school.

At the police station, Kyle warns Stilinski that if he doesn't show up to his preliminary hearing he'll be out of a job. At the hearing, Stilinski's success and failures will be reviewed.

Deaton warns everyone that even though he's paralyzed, Stiles is still dangerous. He feels as if Stiles is still in control.

Derek shows Argent his mother's claws and accuses his sister of killing his family. Argent reaches for his gun and Derek moves in to attack.

Melissa bandages Stiles when he regains control over himself. It was only a trick though and the nogitsune asks how she'll react when Scott finds out what happened to his father. She says he's not himself and covers his mouth back up.

Stilinski prepares to leave the hearing but Kyle has something to say.

Scott worries about turning Stiles into a werewolf. Deaton warns they must do something soon. Scott suggests they call Derek but Lydia thinks they should call someone else. Peter arrives at the house and takes a look at Stiles. He thinks turning him into a werewolf isn't the best plan. He wants to get into Stiles' head.

Ethan meets Max at the school and they get in a fight. Isaac shoots them both with a taser gun and knocks them out.

Peter outlines the plan to everyone. Scott will go into Stiles' mind with Lydia to try and bring the true Stiles out.

Kira and Allison attack Isaac at the school. They lock themselves into a room when Isaac and the Twins start fighting each other.

Scott's eyes glow red and he puts his glows into the back of Stiles' and Lydia's heads. Lydia and Scott find themselves strapped down to hospital beds.

Derek ties Argent to a chair and douses him in gasoline. He's going to burn the whole building down to get revenge. Argent says it was all Kate and he had nothing to do with it. Derek's not going to light it yet because he wants to wait until Allison gets home so she can watch.

Back at the police station, Stilinski asks why Kyle saved his job. Kyle doesn't think anyone could solve most of the cases in town and he didn't want to take away Stilinski's job. He only came so that he could get close to Scott. Stilinski suggests he tell Scott everything.

Lydia reminds Scott he's a werewolf and he finally breaks free of his bonds. Scott leaves the room but before Lydia can follow him the door slams shut. She turns around and finds herself in a different room. Balloons fall and she's suddenly at a dance looking for Jackson. The nogitsune draws on a chalkboard and stares at her. Scott, with Allison, thinks he hears something.

Peter notices Lydia's nose bleeding and tells her to concentrate. She hears the screams and runs from the nogitsune. Scott realizes he's no longer dating Allison and it's a trick. He hears Peter yelling to Lydia and enters the large white room. Lydia's there as well and they see Stiles and the nogitsune sitting on the Nemeton, playing a game. They try to run towards them but they can't get any closer.

Kira and Allison fight off the Twins and Isaac. They get cornered in a locker room.

Argent escapes from the chair he's bound to and grabs a gun from under his desk. Derek runs up to him and Argent says he doesn't want to have to kill him.

Lydia tells Scott that Stiles is part of his pack so he can signal his location to him. The nogitsune looks up just as Scott howls. Stiles looks over and throws all of the pieces off of the board. Everyone under the spell of the nogitsune passes out. Scott and Lydia exit Stiles' mind. Peter tells Lydia they had a deal and asks for the name. She whispers Malia into his ear and Stiles wakes up. He pulls all of the nogitsune's cloth out through his mouth. It begins to rise from the pile but Peter and Scott hold it down. Scott uncovers the bandages and Stiles is underneath. Deaton points out the open door and Scott rushes out looking for Lydia.