Insatiable - Recap

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Deaton reaches into Max's mouth and pulls a fly out. He moves onto Isaac next and pulls a fly from him as Allison watches in horror. Deaton says it was probably a distraction so that Stiles could get away. While one Stiles was found in the wrappings, a second Stiles escaped with Lydia.

Melissa checks on the Stiles they have and says he seems fine but he asks if he's actually himself. Scott leads Stiles to the living room where Noshiko greets him. Kira tries to stop her but she says it's already done. Oni appear and take a look at Stiles. They leave a mark that indicates that Stiles doesn't have the nogitsune in him. Noshiko explains the nogitsune took Lydia for her banshee powers.

Lydia stands in a hallway listening to screams. The nogitsune-possessed Stiles walks towards her and she tries to get away. She asks why she's being held as he approaches. Lydia refuses to say anything but the nogitsune says she'll be screaming.

Kira doesn't want to sit and wait but Noshiko has other plans. She wants to teach her the game that Scott saw Stiles and the nogitsune playing. Kira thinks it's a waste of time but agrees when she learns it could save everyone's lives.

Stilinski asks why Parrish chose to come to Beacon Hills. He's not worried about the town and suggests the sheriff go home to get sleep. Scott shows up with Stiles and they hug. Scott tells him it's not over.

Argent explains he didn't shoot Derek because they are no longer enemies. Now that they know what they are up against, Argent isn't sure there's anything they can do.

While discussing the nogitsune with Scott and Stilinski, Stiles has a revelation. He remembers Meredith from Eichen House and thinks she can help them with the whole story. Stilinski makes a call and learns Meredith was sent to solitary because she wouldn't stop screaming.

At Eichen House, Stilinski is lead to Meredith's cell by an orderly. They find another orderly with a sedative in his back. Meredith took his keys and is nowhere to be seen.

As the Twins run through the forest, someone fires at them with wolfsbane-covered missiles. Max realizes what it is and sees Aidan lying on the ground nearby.

Allison and Isaac find Lydia's car in a parking lot. They sit inside and Allison asks about when he lost control of himself. He was still himself the night they spent together and remembers everything. Allison breathes on the window and the words "don't find me" appear.

Coach Finstock tells his class about the problems he has with the health care system when Tony points something out. Meredith is sitting in a desk at the back of the class.

Stiles wakes up on a couch and Scott catches him. He asks where everyone is because he's feeling anxious. He can't get warm and Scott senses he's in pain. Kira calls Scoot and tells him about Meredith sitting in Finstock's class. Everyone gathers around while Finstock tries to speak to her. She says she's from Eichen House and she's trying to help someone who's about to die. Meredith hears voices and they are all screaming.

Derek joins Max and Aidan to help them out of the forest without being shot again.

Kira asks Finstock to keep Meredith away from the orderlies. When they arrive, Meredith has disappeared from his office.

Argent finds Allison in their basement, working on a gun. He has something else for her and opens a safe that contains silver items. He says it's time for her to graduate.

Lydia walks through the hallway to a gate. The nogitsune taunts her into thinking no one is coming for her. She asks what he wants and he says more. He needs more food which to him is what she feels.

Meredith plays with a piano in the music room. She hears voices but can't understand them. An orderly approaches with a taser and asks her to come with him. He's about to use the taser on her but Finstock stops him. Scott, Stiles, and Kira take Meredith away while Finstock uses the taser on the orderly. They take Meredith to Stiles' jeep but she doesn't know who Lydia is.

Argent shows Allison how to use the silver to make bullets. She suggests making arrowheads since the bow is her weapon. Allison tells him she loves him and is proud of him, and kisses her head before leaving the room.

Scott and Stiles bring Meredith to Isaac but discover that Kyle is already there. He asks about Meredith and they make up a cover story. They go upstairs while Kyle talks to Scott. Meredith asked Lydia where she was, but in return Lydia told her she didn't want to be found.
Kyle shows Scott a dent on the floor from Scott's head. While he fought with Melissa, Scott was knocked down the stairs. Melissa made him leave after that and he hasn't drank since then.

Derek takes the Twins to a coyote den and asks them who might be after them. They don't know so Derek leaves and asks them to be quiet.

Scott assures Kyle he's fine and doesn't need an apology about the accident. He says he'll see him next time he decides to show up again. He heads upstairs to help Meredith contact Lydia. She listens on Stiles' phone to a voice. Scott recognizes the word she says as French.

Mr. Yukimura sits down with Kira to help her with the game board. He notices the board is set up and knows which pieces are Kira's. She says the opponent was set up to represent the nogitsune but Yukimura thinks it resembles Noshiko's style.

Allison nears the finish of her silver arrowhead when Scott calls. He says they know where Lydia is.

Noshiko leads her Oni through a locked gate at Oak Creek.

Argent and Derek carry the Twins into the loft and Derek shows Argent the shells he found on the ground. Puzzled, Argent looks at them and says it isn't possible. Allison calls and says there's no time to wait, even though Argent insist that she wait for him.

While Stiles drives, Isaac tells Stiles he looks terrible. Stiles doesn't know if the nogitsune is getting stronger and asks them to promise that no one else will get hurt because of him.

Lydia asks the nogitsune if he's nervous because the others are coming to kill him.

Stiles, Scott, Isaac, Allison, and Kira all arrive at Oak Creek at the same time. Scott reminds them of the time they all came together to save Malia and knows they can do it again for Lydia. Inside they confront Noshiko, who says Stiles can't be saved. She tried the same thing 70 years ago and it didn't work. Noshiko knows that Kira is now the fox but she must still bury her demon.

The nogitsune says he brought Lydia so that he would know when his death was closing in. As he says this, he pulls Noshiko's blade out. The Oni surround him and he snaps Noshiko's blade.

Noshiko notices the firefly in her hand die. Scott asks what it means and the nogitsune answers. He now controls the Oni and they attack. Isaac, Allison and Kira hold them off while Stiles and Scott look for Lydia.

Scott and Stiles find Lydia and she asks who else came with them.

Isaac asks Noshiko how the Oni can be stopped but she says they can't. One of the Oni slashes its sword across Isaac's chest. As an Oni beats him down, Allison hits it with her silver arrow. The Oni explodes into dust but another one takes the opportunity to stab Allison. Scott makes it back just in time to see Allison fall to the ground. Scott holds Allison and says he can't take her pain. She says it's because it doesn't hurt. However, she's happy because she's in the arms of her first love. Allison asks him to tell Argent and then she dies. Lydia screams out over an unconscious Stiles.