The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show is a 1960s American television series humorously depicting life in a fictional community in the southern United States. The show was created by Sheldon Leonard, filmed at Desilu Studios, and televised by CBS from October 3rd, 1960 to April 1st, 1968. The show's first five seasons were filmed in black and white while the last three were in color. Andy Griffith stars as widower Andy Taylor, the Sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina. Andy lives with his son Opie and his spinster housekeeper, Aunt "Bee" Taylor. Episodes revolve around Andy's life as a lawman, a father, and a lover. The series was very popular from its inception, won Emmys for stars Don Knotts and Frances Bavier, and left the air when it was #1 in the Nielsen Ratings. It spun off two television series, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and Mayberry R.F.D. , as well as a 1986 reunion television movie, Return to Mayberry. The Andy Griffith Show is syndicated by CBS Paramount Television with reruns broadcast across the United States. The complete series, selected episodes, and individual seasons are available on DVD.

Episode Info

Final: 8x30 -- Mayberry R.F.D. (Apr/01/1968)

Sam Jones invites an old friend from Italy to work on the farm.
Andy GriffithAndy Griffith
As Andy Taylor
Ron HowardRon Howard
As Opie Taylor
Frances BavierFrances Bavier
As Aunt Bee
Don KnottsDon Knotts
As Barney Fife (S01-S05)


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7x17: Dinner at Eight recap: Andy is home alone for a few days. Goober moves in to keep him company. While Andy is out for a moment, Goober takes two phone calls - one from Howard and one from Helen. Goober forgets the phone calls and cooks Andy a spaghetti dinner. After the meal, Goober suddenly remembers the phone calls and tells Andy that Howard invited him to dinner. Andy hurries off to Howard's house where he's served a spaghetti dinner. When Andy returns home, Helen calls to remind him he was invited to dinner at her house. Andy hurries to Helen's house where he consumes another spaghetti dinner. Andy has had his fill of spaghetti dinners. When Aunt Bee returns the next day, she decides to cook Andy a spaghetti dinner. Andy sighs with discomfort... read more.

6x26: The County Clerk recap: Andy gathers together some reports for county clerk Howard Sprague and, while in Howard's office, meets a newcomer to Mayberry, Irene Fairchild, the county health officer. Later that evening, Helen suggests to Andy that he invite Howard and Irene to share a dinner date with them. Howard accepts but just before leaving home his mother makes a point of having a headache in order to ruin any fun Howard might have on his date. The four diners enjoy their meal but are forced to leave early when Howard phones home to discover his mother's condition is worsening. The next day, Helen suggests to Andy that he have a talk with Mrs. Sprague in an attempt to loosen Howard from his mother's apron strings. Andy agrees reluctantly, and, at the Sprague home, tells Mrs. Sprague she should get out, do things, and have a social life of her own. Mrs. Sprague agrees. She goes to dinner with the four friends and monopolizes Andy's time on the dance floor... read more.

4x9: A Date for Gomer recap: Before Barney can take Themla Lou to a dance, he must find a date for her "homely " cousin Mary Grace. Barney asks Gomer and he accepts. On the night of the dance, Andy, Barney, and Gomer arrive at Thelma Lou's where Thelma introduces Gomer to Mary Grace. All of a sudden, Gomer rushes away without saying a word. Mary Grace is embarassed and decides to forgo the dance. The others leave very disturbed. Gomer returns a short while later. He has brought Mary Grace a corsage for the dance. Mary Grace is charned with Gomer's gift and the two decide to have fun at home instead of going to the dance. When Andy, Barney and the ladies return to the house - still upset over the evening's events, they are pleasantly surprised and delighted to find Gomer and Mary Grace laughing away and dancing the jitterbug to a loud recording... read more.

3x20: Rafe Hollister Sings recap: Rafe Hollister, a seedy looking farmer, auditions for the Ladies League Musicale and wins the opportunity to represent Mayberry at the forthcoming event. Mayor Stoner and Mrs. Jeffries however find his appearance so unattractive that they'd like to tell him a mistake was made and he's not needed. Mayor Stoner blames Andy and makes the sheriff personally responsible for getting the farmer to tidy his appearance for the Musicale. Andy devises a ruse to get Rafe into a new suit of clothes but the Mayor and Mrs. Jeffries still find him unacceptable and order Andy to see to it that Rafe socializes with no one at the Musicale. Andy is outraged and decides to do something about it. The day of the event, Rafe is well groomed but appears on stage in overalls and work shirt rather than suit and tie. He then charms the audience with his musical talent. The Chairwoman considers his appearance delightfully authentic and implores him to favor the audience with another selection... read more.

2x26: Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee recap: Fred Goss, owner of a dry cleaning business invites Aunt Bee to a dance. Bee is not the least bit interested but when Clara Johnson suggests that Andy will never marry until Bee marries first, Bee unenthusiastically gives Goss some consideration. When Andy learns from Otis that Goss is romantically interested in Bee, he believes Bee is interested as well and encourages her to get to know Goss better. Bee and Goss have a few dates. Within days, Andy thinks Bee and Goss will marry and Bee leads him along - believing she is doing the right thing regarding Andy's chances for marriage. In a discussion one evening with Bee on the porch, Andy learns that Bee doesn't love Goss. Andy makes it clear that no one in the family marries unless they are in love. Aunt Bee is relieved that she's released from marrying Goss... read more.
Recurring Guests

George Lindsey as Goober Pyle (86 eps)
Howard McNear as Floyd Lawson (75 eps)
Aneta Corsaut as Helen Crump (66 eps)
Jack Dodson as Howard Sprague (37 eps)
Hope Summers as Clara Johnson (32 eps)
Hal Smith as Otis Campbell (30 eps)
Betty Lynn as Thelma Lou (26 eps)
Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle (23 eps)
Paul Hartman as Emmett Clark (16 eps)
Mary Lansing as Miss Primrose (15 eps)

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