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Episode 1051 (Baltimore, MD) - Recap

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We open with a Wyatt vignette... extra creepy. The Wyatt Family debuts tonight!

In ring, we find Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox--Team Brickie--welcoming us to Raw with a ladder set up behind them. Vickie says that the ladder is a symbol of spectacle. The ladder represents how Vickie has climbed in her career in the WWE. Vickie climbs the ladder... in high heels. Vickie sits atop the ladder and talks about how difficult it is for a woman to be successful in a male-dominated environment. She navigated her way through on her own. She’s aware that the WWE Universe doesn’t like her, but every decision she ever made was because of them. Jerry Lawler interrupts Vickie and says that he just received word that the McMahon family will be considering all factors in Vickie Guerrero’s job evaluation--including the WWE Universe’s opinions. There’s a poll on the WWE app where the fans can grade Vickie’s performance.
Vickie says that she considers the WWE Universe her family. She asks Maddox if he has her back and Maddox gives the thumbs-up. Vickie announces that tonight, John Cena will be face-to-face with the #1 Contender to his Title, Mark Henry. Also, Christian will face Kane; Randy Orton will face CM Punk; Sheamus will face off against Daniel Bryan!

“Ride of the Valkyries” hits and Daniel Bryan enters in his “Respect the Beard” t-shirt. The crowd pops for Bryan and Vickie is helped down off the ladder. Dan Bryan takes some time to admire the ladder and look up at the briefcase hanging high above it.

We see a vignette for the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania 22, where Rob Van Dam won the briefcase. Van Dam will compete in the Money in the Bank All-Stars match this Sunday!

Back from commercial and Bryan is hyping up the WWE Universe.
“Too Many Lies” hits and Sheamus comes out to a mixed reaction.

MATCH ONE: Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

Sheamus powers Bryan into the corner and the ref forces a break. Sheamus with a big headlock takeover. Bryan pushes off but eats a shoulderblock for his trouble. Bryan and Sheamus pause to look at the briefcase above the ring.

Back up and Bryan twists Sheamus’ arm and Sheamus hits a back elbow. Sheamus off the ropes but Bryan hits a jumping lariat for a nearfall. Sheamus is up and beats Bryan down, dropping knees on the fallen Goat. Sheamus locks in an armbar. Bryan fights to his feet and pushes off, catching Sheamus with a kitchen-sink knee. Bryan begins delivering stiff kicks to Sheamus’ chest. Sheamus turns the tables with a big neckbreaker for a nearfall!

Irish whip into an Irish Curse backbreaker but Bryan kicks out again! Bryan pulls Sheamus to the outside and dives onto Sheamus... but Sheamus catches him and tosses him backwards, face-first into the barricade! Looked like a botched spot and Bryan looks hurt as we go to commercial.

Back from the commercial and Sheamus whips Bryan into the corner but Bryan flips out. Bryan charges Sheamus but gets caught by another Irish Curse backbreaker for another nearfall! Bryan is thrown into the corner and Sheamus hits a shoulderblock. Sheamus runs the ropes and hits a jumping back-elbow for another nearfall. Sheamus lifts Bryan for the rolling senton and Bryan is in trouble. Sheamus calls for the Brogue kick! Bryan low-bridges the ropes and Sheamus spills to the outside hard. Bryan with a suicide plancha! Sheamus is down on the outside.
Bryan rolls him in and climbs the ropes... missile dropkick! Bryan gets a nearfall as both men are hitting each other with everything they’ve got. Bryan is laying in kicks to Sheamus’ chest but misses a head kick. Sheamus rolls to the apron and grabs Bryan for the 10-club on his sternum. Sheamus floors Bryan with a forearm and climbs the ropes... and Bryan crotches him on the top rope turnbuckle! Bryan climbs with him and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Sheamus holds on and Bryan spills to the mat! Sheamus comes off the middle ropes with a battering ram for another nearfall! The crowd is hot for this excellent match.

Sheamus lifts Bryan for White Noise but backs Bryan into the turnbuckle twice. Sheamus charges him in the corner but Bryan drop-toe-holds into the turnbuckle. Bryan screams and hits a STIFF kick to Sheamus’ head for only a two-count!

Bryan is frustrated and climbs the ropes... Bryan comes off for the flying headbutt but Sheamus rolls out of the way! Sheamus is battering Bryan from his knees... back to their feet and Bryan is fighting back with stiff kicks. Bryan runs the ropes and grabs a crucifix pin for a nearfall! Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Sheamus wrestles through and locks in the Cloverleaf! Bryan is in pain... but he inverts for a roll-up and he gets the win!

WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Sheamus looks stunned. Bryan is celebrating and shouting “YES!” with the crowd. Sheamus approaches Bryan... they both look up at the briefcase... and Sheamus shakes Bryan’s hand and heads to the back. Huge win for Daniel Bryan.

We see a strange video of a WWE.com reporter, out trying to find the Wyatt compound. They run into some strange people while asking for directions.

Backstage, AJ Lee is panicked, asking Big E Langston to keep an eye out for Kaitlyn. Dolph Ziggler approaches and AJ hugs him. Ziggler asks Langston to give them a minute. Ziggler asks why she wasn’t out there to help him for his last two matches. Ziggler doesn’t know why she’s following Kaitlyn. AJ says her only priority is for both of them to be Champions, walking out of Money in the Bank. She asks if he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. Dolph says he wants that and they kiss.

We see a video package covering Mark Henry’s seventeen-year career in the WWE.

“Hounds of Justice” plays through the arena and The Shield appear in the crowd! Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns send Dean Ambrose to the back and prepare for a tag team match.
Back from commercial and Tons of Funk are in ring.

MATCH TWO: Tons of Funk vs Tag Team Champions, The Shield

Brodus Clay begins by manhandling Seth Rollins. Clay tags in Sweet T and T hits a huge double-underhook stalling suplex on Rollins for a nearfall. A tag to Clay who hits a t-bone exploder suplex, tossing Rollins across the ring! Brodus goes for a splash but Rollins escapes and tags in Reigns. The big man takes down Clay with a lariat and then tags Rollins back in for a double-team. Rollins heads to the outside and beats down Clay on the apron. Rollins tags Reigns back in and he headbutts Clay and beats him down in the corner. Reigns locks in a chinlock and the crowd claps for Clay. Sweet T shouts to Clay from the apron. Clay fights out and tries to run the ropes, but Reigns cuts him off with a back elbow. Tag to Rollins, who stomps Clay in the corner.

Another tag to Reigns, who Irish whips Rollins into Clay, then follows with a diving forearm of his own for a nearfall. Reigns locks a chinlock as Clay is reaching towards his corner. The Funkadactyls are getting the crowd into it to will Clay to the corner. Reigns headbutts and pounds away at Clay until he collapses to the mat. Reigns amazingly dead-lifts Clay on his shoulders! Clay rolls out and grabs a schoolboy for a nearfall. Clay knocks Reigns down and tags Tensai! Rollins gets tagged in and Sweet T begins beating down both Rollins and Reigns. Rollins takes a shoulder tackle and flips entirely backwards. T hits a rolling senton in the corner but Rollins fights back. Rollins to the top rope but misses his leap--Sweet T hits a falling chokeslam for a nearfall. Rollins tags Reigns and dives over the top rope to take out Clay on the outside--as Sweet T was distracted, Reigns hits a huge spear for the threecount!
WINNERS: The Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, The Shield

We see another strange video of the WWE.com reporter searching for the Wyatt family. They find them at a compound and are lead inside...

Back in the arena and “My Time is Now” hits! The Champ is here!

John Cena enters, wearing the WWE Championship around his waist... can’t recall the last time I’ve seen him wear it instead of carrying it.
Cena takes the microphone and winds up the crowd. Cena talks about the tweets he and Mark Henry exchanged earlier today. He said that Henry wants to talk to him? Well he’s right here.

“Somebody Gonna Get Dey Ass Kicked” hits and The World’s Strongest Man enters in a new “That’s What I Do!” t-shirt.

Henry takes the mic and says that Cena looks afraid. Cena says he isn’t afraid of Henry. Henry says he should be... because he’s been starving for seventeen years. Cena says he should grab a Snickers.

Henry says Cena thinks he knows him, but he doesn’t. Henry is a new man. He’s known Cena for over ten years and he knew who Cena was before Cena knew himself. Henry calls Cena a puppet. Henry says the WWE Title will validate his career. If he takes it from John Cena, Henry will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.
Cena says that then Henry had better win this Sunday. Cena says he has won the Title and lost the Title but he did it with respect. Henry had better walk out the WWE Champion because otherwise he has lost the respect of everyone and he gets nothing.

Henry says he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Cena cares--he doesn’t. Henry says that there are lines that Cena won’t cross because of how good he is.

Cena takes off his hat and shirt and offers to start Money in the Bank early. Henry laughs. Henry says he won’t fight for free. Cena will get him on Sunday.

Henry says on second thought, he’ll give Cena a sample... Henry taunts Cena, then charges Cena and takes him down. Cena fights back and goes for an Attitude Adjustment but collapses under Henry’s weight. Cena is floored and Henry deadlifts him off the mat and marches around for the World’s Strongest Slam. Cena is contorted in pain. Henry lifts up the WWE Title and stands on Cena’s chest.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Randy Orton. Randy says that he doesn’t believe that CM Punk is the best in the world. He also says that Orton is going to win the Money in the Bank All-Stars ladder match and he will take the WWE Championship from John Cena--if John Cena retains at Money in the Bank, that is.

Back from commercial and Miz is out on commentary. “Break Down the Walls” hits and Chris Jericho heads to the ring, ready for action!

“Perfect Son” hits and out comes the Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel, with Paul Heyman by his side. Heyman is wearing shades due to the black eye Alberto del Rio gave him on Smackdown. Heyman takes the mic and removes his shades, showing his shiner. Heyman says he’s here to promote Curtis Axel. Axel takes the mic and says that he doesn’t need a jacket that lights up: he has the shine of the Intercontinental Championship. Curtis Axel has arrived. Axel says he won’t let The Miz nor Jericho stand in the way of perfection.

MATCH THREE: Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, w/Paul Heyman vs Chris Jericho (non-title)

We’re reminded that Axel holds a big pinfall victory over Chris Jericho. Jericho starts off with chops and hot offense, sending Axel over the top rope to the outside. Jericho hits a diving dropkick through the ropes. Axel is back in the ring and goes after Jericho with shoulderblocks and a high knee-lift. Axel hits a spinning neckbreaker with Jericho half-through the ropes for a nearfall, as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Axel has an armbar locked on Jericho. During the break, Jericho came off the top rope for a double axe-handle and Axel hit a dropkick midair on the way down. In ring, Jericho dodges a leaping kneedrop and hits a couple of shoulderblocks, followed by a top rope axe-handle and hits it this time. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho but Axel kicks him off. Axel and Jericho trade waistlocks but Jericho hits a beautiful Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Axel drops Jericho with a blow to the back of the head for a nearfall. Axel is lighting up Jericho in the corner and charges--but misses a Stinger splash! Jericho comes off the top rope with a huge crossbody for another nearfall!

Jericho with a running bulldog and goes for the Lionsault--Axel gets the knees up! Axel with his high swinging neckbreaker but Jericho kicks out!

Axel is stunned and doesn’t know what to do next. He stalks Jericho as the crowd chants “Y2J!”

Jericho drops Axel again and hits a big Lionsault! Axel kicks out!

Jericho leaps for a Codebreaker but Axel hot-shots Jericho on the top rope! Axel hits the Perfectplex--but Jericho kicks out!!
Axel is frustrated and starts beating on Jericho on the mat. He shouts at Jericho and lifts him for another neckbreaker; Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho! The crowd pops but Axel makes it to the bottom rope, forcing a break.

Axel is on the apron and Jericho runs the ropes and charges Axel, sending him flying into the announce table! Miz laughs at Axel and Axel gets in Miz’ face. Miz begs Axel to hit him and Heyman is trying to get Axel back in the ring. Heyman finally shoves Axel back in the ring--but he runs into a Codebreaker! Jericho gets the threecount!

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Curtis Axel loses for the first time since becoming Paul Heyman’s client! Miz is happy, Jericho is happy... Heyman leads Axel to the back as Axel clutches his Intercontinental Championship.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is interviewing Team Rhodes Scholars. He asks if they’re concerned that competing in the Money in the Bank ladder match for the World Heavyweight Title contract will cause a rift in their friendship. Sandow says that if he can’t win the contract, he wants Rhodes to win it.

Zeb Colter interrupts the interview with Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger. Wade Barrett steps in and says he will be winning the contract. All of them bicker and fight until Fandango steps in to a pop and begins to say his name but Barrett knocks him out. Everyone laughs at Fandango... until Rhodes Scholars go face to face with Swagger and Cesaro.

We get the next video from the WWE.com reporter at the Wyatt compound. In the house the reporter finds men listening to tapes of Bray Wyatt telling them to obey. The reporter finds Bray Wyatt who invites him inside...

Back from the break and Sin Cara is in the ring, ready for action.

Alberto del Rio enters and the World Heavyweight Champion is his opponent!

MATCH FOUR: Sin Cara vs World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto del Rio (non-title)

Cole reminds us of how Ziggler injured Ricardo Rodriguez, hence why del Rio is solo as he heads to the ring.

The bell rings and the terrible Sin Cara lighting descends on the ring. Del Rio is angry and stomps Cara down, then kicks Cara’s head off. Del Rio tries to send Cara to the outside but Cara springs off with an armdrag. Cara leaps to the top rope and flips off with another armdrag. Cara hits a leg-scissors takeover and this Lucha Libre style is rolling! Cara heads to the top rope but del Rio catches him with the running rope shining wizard for a nearfall! Del Rio beats Cara down and tries to remove Cara’s mask. Del Rio sends Cara into the ropes and he flips off with a back elbow. Del Rio hits another stiff kick to Cara’s head for another nearfall.

The announcers remark on Cara’s resiliancy when suddenly “I’m Here to Show the World” hits and Dolph Ziggler heads to the ramp and starts talking to del Rio on the mic mid-match! Cara and del Rio keep fighting. Ziggler begins introducing del Rio, since he injured Rodriguez. Ziggler goes after del Rio and calls him a coward as del Rio kicks Sin Cara’s head off, but rather than going for a pinfall del Rio charges out of the ring and he and Ziggler brawl!

Del Rio stomps on Ziggler’s head, going after that old concussion. Suddenly, Sin Cara dives from the top rope to the outside with a crossbody on del Rio!

WINNER: No Contest

Ziggler laughs at the floored del Rio and the #1 Contender stares down the World Champion.

Backstage we see Team Brickie walking to the ring. After the commercial, it’s time for Vickie Guerrero’s job evaluation.

Back from the break and Team Brickie are in the ring. “No Chance” hits and out comes Mr McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and HHH!
All three members of the McMahon family are in suits, marching to the ring. Vickie looks petrified.

Vince hypes up the crowd. There are a desk and chairs set up in the ring. The McMahons sit at the desk and begin the evaluation.
Stephanie begins by thanking the fans for voting on the WWE app. Vickie takes the mic and thanks them. The crowd boos Vickie and Stephanie tells her to sit down. Vickie says she loves the McMahons and she also has a special love for everyone in the WWE Universe. Vickie talks about how she brought back Rob Van Dam and The Rock. The crowd chants “Na Na Na Na...”

Vickie suggests that she inspired The Undertaker’s return at Wrestlemania. Stephanie cuts her off and says Vickie had nothing to do with The Undertaker, but Vickie did sign Brock Lesnar... and she needs to take responsibility for that.

Vince takes the mic and says bringing Lesnar back was a stroke of genius. Vince says that Vickie is highly entertaining.

HHH takes the mic and the crowd pops. HHH says that Vickie can occasionally be unintentionally entertaining but she’s terrible at her job. Vickie looks hurt. HHH says that it’s bad for business. HHH insults Vince, saying that what Vince thinks is entertaining is old-fashioned. HHH says the WWE Universe deserves better than Vickie Guerrero. HHH says Vickie has the most annoying voice in the history of television.
Vince interjects and says that Vickie has qualifications that no one else does. Vince congratulates her on her hard work and for breaking through the glass ceiling. Vince says he admires Vickie. Vince insinuates that HHH is being short-sighted. Vince says he wants to name Vickie permanent General Manager of Raw.
HHH says that it doesn’t matter what he says, because Vince is going to do whatever he wants... that’s why he has Vickie as a spineless puppet in a position of power, so she can kiss Vince’s ass. HHH proposes that they let Stephanie decide Vickie’s fate.
Stephanie is caught between her father and her husband, both goading her to agree with them.
Stephanie says this has escalated and she doesn’t want anything to drive a wedge between her family... so they’ll let the WWE app vote decide!

The results show that the WWE Universe thinks Vickie fails! By 75% to 25%!

Stephanie says the Universe has spoken. Vickie says they can’t trust the fans to make this decision. Vickie screams about the popularity contest deciding her fate. “This is not right!”

Stephanie says she has two words for Vickie: “You’re fired!”

Vickie collapses in the ring and Brad Maddox checks on her. Vickie is crying and throws a tantrum on the mat as the crowd chants “Na Na Na Na.”

Vickie climbs onto the desk begging Stephanie and the McMahons leave the ring as she screams at them. Vince takes the mic, angry with the result. He asks what’s wrong with the crowd. He says the people broke Vickie Guerrero’s heart. Vince says that Vickie didn’t fail--the WWE Universe failed.

Vince says he is going to make the decision for the crowd. The new General Manager for Monday Night Raw is Brad Maddox!
Maddox looks stunned and Vickie screams “NO!”
The crowd chants “YES! YES! YES!”

Maddox stands in the ring frozen, like a deer in headlights. Vince helps Vickie to the back as Maddox starts to smile.
Maddox nervously follows Vince to the back as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Vince is comforting Vickie. Vince says he is going to make it right somehow. Maddox comes to apologize to Vickie and thank Vince for his decision. Both Vince and Vickie just stare Brad down. Vickie slaps the hell out of Brad and attacks him, sending him running.

Back in the arena, “Inferno” hits and Kane makes his way out to the ring for our fifth match of the night. Cole reminds us that Kane is going into his record-setting seventh Money in the Bank ladder match.

“Just Close Your Eyes” hits and Christian comes out to face off against one of his Money in the Bank All-Stars opponents.

MATCH FIVE: Christian vs Kane

The bell rings and these two veterans lock it up. Christian gets the crowd into it and grabs a waistlock on Kane. Kane calmly fights out and Christian hits Kane with a few slaps. Kane sends Christian into the turnbuckles hard and Irish whips Christian into an elbow. Christian dodges an elbow drop and tries to work on Kane’s arm, but Kane powers him into the corner.

Kane lifts Christian for a powerslam but Christian escapes and hits a top rope back elbow for a nearfall. Christian stomps at Kane’s head and goes for his springboard sunset flip but he can’t take Kane to the mat. Kane stomps away at Christian and charges him but Christian hits a drop toe hold and hangs Kane up on the ropes! Christian dives to the outside for a slap.

Back in the ring, Kane charges Christian but gets low-bridged to the outside. Christian to the top rope and he dives off with a huge plancha to the outside! Both men are down as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and Christian hits a tornado DDT from the middle rope for a nearfall. Christian calls for the Killswitch but eats a big boot instead. Kane heads to the top rope but Christian dodges the diving lariat! Christian charges for a spear, but gets caught in a goozle! Chokeslam! Three count!


As Kane celebrates, we get the next video from the Wyatt compound.

Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron. Wyatt says he doesn’t have followers, he has brothers and sisters. People are sheep and they need to be lead. They crave war and Bray Wyatt isn’t afraid of war. It’s time for the masses to wake up to the lie they’re living in. Wyatt has seen it all and he understands... this is not the beginning. This is the end.

“We’re here.”

In the arena, the Wyatt family enter in darkness, with Bray carrying a lantern. They march to the ring to the same creepy music from the vignettes that have been airing. In the ring, the two large members of the Wyatt family attack Kane and beat him down. They drag Kane from the ring and send him into the ring steps. They continue the assault on the floor as they place Kane’s head on one half of the steps... and swing the other half into his face! Kane is motionless. Bray Wyatt approaches and calls off his men.
Bray kneels in front of Kane and laughs as we go to commercial.

We see Vickie leaving in tears with all her things in a box. She looks miserable. She runs into Ryback, backstage. Ryback takes the box from her and puts it down... then hugs her. “You deserve better, Vickie. It’s going to be okay.” Ryback gives her back her things and leaves. That was odd.

The Bella sisters have joined the commentary table. Great, five competing voices at once.
“Light it Up” hits and AJ Lee enters with Alicia Fox.

Kaitlyn and Layla El are their opponents, entering to Kaitlyn’s music.

MATCH SIX: Divas Champion AJ Lee & Alicia Fox, w/ Big E Langston vs Kaitlyn & Layla El

Fox and El start the match and Fox gets a quick nearfall. The Bellas keep insulting AJ Lee from commentary. Layla and Fox are pulling off several reversals against each other in-ring. Fox tags in Lee and Kaitlyn, without being tagged, charges Lee and they brawl. Alicia and Layla separate them but on the outside, Kaitlyn hits AJ with a HUGE spear on the floor. AJ looks hurt and the ref calls for the bell.

WINNERS: No Contest

Kaitlyn heads to the back with Layla. Big E Langston throws AJ over his shoulder and walks to the back.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews CM Punk. Punk said that he heard Orton doesn’t think Punk is the best in the world. Punk says that he held the title longer than anybody in the modern era and that makes him the best in the world. He says that on Sunday, he’ll win Money in the Bank for an unprecedented third time, because he’s the best in the world.

“I Hear Voices” hits and out comes Randy Orton, the Apex Predator, for our main event.
“Cult of Personality” hits and CM Punk enters to a big pop. “It’s clobberin’ time!”

MATCH SEVEN: CM Punk vs Randy Orton

The bell rings and Punk and Orton lock up. They struggle from corner to corner and the ref calls for a break. Orton shoves Punk and they lock up again. Punk with a shoulderblock for a nearfall. Both men look fired up and angry.

They circle again and the crowd has dueling chants for both men. They lock up again and Orton grabs a side headlock. Punk shoves off and catches a shouldertackle of his own. Punk kicks Orton in the ribs but Orton answers with a high dropkick to the face. Orton begins the Garvin stomps to Punk’s ankles and legs. Orton drops the knee on Punk’s face and continues to stomp away. Orton goes for the leaping kneedrop but Punk dodges and Orton clutches his knee.

Punk is up and hits a vertical suplex for another nearfall. The crowd is hot, still chanting for both men.

Orton hits a European uppercut and Punk slides to the apron. Orton goes for the hanging DDT but Punk back body drops Orton to the apron. Punk hits a dropkick and Orton hits the floor. Punk runs the ropes... suicide dive plancha! Both Orton and Punk’s heads hit the barricade hard! Both men are down as we go to commercial.

Back from the break, Orton has Punk in a chinlock. During the break, Orton dropped Punk with a back suplex across the barricade.
In the ring, Punk fights to his feet and hammers Orton’s ribs. Orton grabs Punk and hits a t-bone suplex, throwing Punk on his head! Punk kicks out.

Orton grabs another chinlock and Punk is dazed. Punk fights up and hits Orton with some forearms and Irish whips Orton, catching him with a heel kick right to the face! Orton springs back with a lariat. Punk dodges the powerslam and rolls him up for a two-count. Orton crawls to the corner and Punk charges and hits a STIFF high running knee. Punk follows with a short-arm clothesline and ascends the top rope... Punk hits the diving elbow drop!

Punk calls for the Go 2 Sleep. He lifts Orton but Orton squirms out and shoves Punk to the apron. Orton hits the hanging DDT and both men are down.

Orton sits up and realizes his opportunity. Orton hypes up the crowd and calls for the RKO.... Punk reverses for a backslide, but Orton grabs him and hits a spinning scoop slam!
Orton stomps and hammers away at Punk out of frustration. Orton climbs for the 10-punch but Punk escapes and hot-shots Orton on the turnbuckle. Punk hits yet another running high knee. Punk lifts Orton for the G2S but Orton elbows out--but Punk catches him with a huge kick to the face! Punk lifts Orton again and hits the G2S for the three count!


“Cult of Personality” hits and Punk struggles to his feet... when suddenly Daniel Bryan charges the ring and attacks CM Punk, throwing him into the steel ring post!
Bryan grabs a ladder from under the ring and brings it into the ring. Bryan grabs the ladder and takes out Orton with it, hard. Bryan sets up the ladder and climbs it... Bryan takes down the MitB briefcase and his music plays as Raw goes off the air!