Black Ink Crew

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 07/Jan/2013 Welcome to Harlem, U.S.A.
2 1x02 14/Jan/2013 Oh S**t!
3 1x03 21/Jan/2013 You Got Served, Son!
4 1x04 28/Jan/2013 Baby Mama Drama
5 1x05 04/Feb/2013 Mixxxy Madness
6 1x06 11/Feb/2013 What Happens in Vegas…
7 1x07 18/Feb/2013 This, That, and The Third
8 1x08 25/Feb/2013 In the Dirty, Dirty
9 1x09 04/Mar/2013 So Much on My Biscuit
10 1x10 11/Mar/2013 Krazy with a "K"
11 1x11 18/Mar/2013 Judgment Day
12 1x12 25/Mar/2013 Dropping the "M" Bomb
13 1x13 25/Mar/2013 Family First

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
14 2x01 23/Sep/2013 Premiere
15 2x02 30/Sep/2013 Dutchess Ink
16 2x03 07/Oct/2013 No Structure to the Madness
17 2x04 14/Oct/2013 These Are Minions!
18 2x05 28/Oct/2013 The Year of the Puma
19 2x06 04/Nov/2013 You're a Wreck!
20 2x07 11/Nov/2013 I Did Not Sleep With That Woman!
21 2x08 18/Nov/2013 Something In The Water
22 2x09 25/Nov/2013 Have Several Seats
23 2x10 02/Dec/2013 You Got Some Stupid Ears
24 2x11 09/Dec/2013 Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil
25 2x12 16/Dec/2013 S**t Happens
26 2x13 23/Dec/2013 From Wedlock to Headlock
27 2x14 31/Mar/2014 Cease and Desist
28 2x15 07/Apr/2014 We All Got Problems
29 2x16 14/Apr/2014 The Break-Up
30 2x17 21/Apr/2014 Baby Mama Role Call
31 2x18 28/Apr/2014 Season 2 Finale

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
32 3x01 26/Jan/2015 Premiere
33 3x02 02/Feb/2015 Extra Baggage
34 3x03 09/Feb/2015 Paris, Bitches!
35 3x04 16/Feb/2015 C'est La Vie
36 3x05 23/Feb/2015 Ain't No Thing But a Chicken Wing
37 3x06 02/Mar/2015 Rikers or Rehab?
38 3x07 09/Mar/2015 No Leg to Stand On
39 3x08 16/Mar/2015 Movin' Funny
40 3x09 23/Mar/2015 Sky Is the New Black
41 3x10 30/Mar/2015 Now It's Turned All the Way Up
42 3x11 06/Apr/2015 This Is Not a Talk Show
43 3x12 13/Apr/2015 All You Did Was Mess Up My Hair
44 3x13 24/Aug/2015 Searching For A Friend
45 3x14 31/Aug/2015 Water Slides & Shade
46 3x15 07/Sep/2015 This Ain't No Call Time
47 3x16 14/Sep/2015 Your Dream, My Nightmare
48 3x17 21/Sep/2015 We Want Pre-nup

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
49 4x01 04/Apr/2016 Black Ink for Life!
50 4x02 11/Apr/2016 Green Eyes, Moist Lips
51 4x03 18/Apr/2016 Sixty Bad/Forty Good
52 4x04 25/Apr/2016 The Dutchess and the Frog
53 4x05 02/May/2016 Orange Is the New Black Ink
54 4x06 09/May/2016 Shots Fired
55 4x07 16/May/2016 The Butt Party

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