A Murder is Forever - Recap

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Alice Clark is introduced as the speaker of an event for her new book 'Mating Rituals'. She is no where to be found though and a man named Kyle desperately calls her. Alice sits dead in her car while her phone rings. A man sitting in the passenger seat looks over at her and pulls out a knife.

Beckett wakes up feeling uncomfortable about the giant photo of a lion that Castle has in his room. She receives a call from work and they leave to investigate a murder. They argue about the lion photo as they head to the crime scene. Kevin says the victim is Alice Clark and died from a gunshot wound to the chest. Castle recognizes the woman's name and says he knew of her. The inside of her car was completely torn apart and it looks like the killer was looking for something. There was a lot of money left in the car so it wasn't money the killer wanted. A reminder alarm goes off on Alice's phone that says NF1945.

Javier meets with her assistant Kyle. She cancelled all meetings the previous day but he thought she was just preparing for the lecture. Her office was torn apart just like her car interior. Javier doesn't know what the suspect was looking for but Kyle said that Alice's detailed notes had been combed through. Kevin finds a surveillance photo of a man who went up to her office floor around the time she was killed.

Beckett meets with Alice's boyfriend, Matt Lanchet, who feels at fault because he wasn't able to pick her up last night. He doesn't understand why anyone would want to kill her and says that she was happy lately. Some of her clients were aggressive but Alice liked the challenge in trying to tame them. The other day at lunch, Alice told him that one client called in anger but never mentioned a name.

Beckett tells Castle that no evidence was found in either the car or the office. Castle thinks that the murderer most be professional. He suggests that one of Alice's client had a huge secret to hide. Kevin has found that the note on Alice's phone was the number of a private jet that she chartered. The pilot was given $50,000 to wait on standby to an unknown destination. Castle thinks that Alice knew she was in trouble and was going to run. Javier calls the team over to tell them about a man who parked near the suspected murderer's van.

The team finds the address of the man who owns the van and corners it. The driver hides in the back and Javier is forced to smash a window to get inside. The man inside finishes deleting information on his computer and shreds a photo of Alice before putting his hands in the air. It's the same man that was seen sitting in Alice's car with her.

The man, Barrett Hawke, sits in interrogation. Upon hearing the name, Castle recognizes him as a fixer who has been sweeping the dirt of New York's rich and famous under the rug for over a decade. Beckett says that nothing ever sticks to him because he is so careful.

Hawke denies ever seeing Alice and says the shredded paper can't be traced. She says that he was on the same floor as Alice's office but he states that the photos of the side of his head could be anyone. He doesn't think that Beckett has any real evidence against him. Gates tells Castle that the only way to nail Hawke is to find out who hired him and what he was sent to find.

Javier and Kevin meet with Kyle, who says there's only one thing missing. There is one client file missing that belongs to Andrew Spencer, a hotel and real estate tycoon, and his wife Monica. Javier asks who would want the file and Kyle thinks Andrew himself would want it. The Spencers are getting a divorce and Alice was subpoenaed to turn over the files to Monica's lawyer. Alice isn't a licensed therapist so the therapist client privacy isn't guaranteed. When Andrew found out he threatened to sue. They head over to Andrew's office building to meet with him. Andrew wants them to hurry their meeting up and is surprised to hear that Alice is dead. He has heard of Hawke but never hired him because Alice brought the files to him herself. She understood the Spencer's need for privacy and offered to hand the files over in exchange for a favor, a room in one of his hotels for a couple of days with no record of her being there.

Beckett and Castle visit the hotel room that Alice was going to stay in. It looks completely clean and Beckett hypothesizes that Alice was going to use it as a safe room. Castle finds the room's safe locked. He thinks that whatever Hawke was looking for is in the safe. A hotel employee opens the safe for them and Beckett pulls out a small bag. Inside, is a huge diamond worth millions.

Castle tells Gates that he thinks Alice had stolen the diamond but Beckett isn't so sure. Kevin says that no one has ever reported a diamond like this missing. Castle thinks that the diamond must have a story behind it and the team looks for an expert who can tell them where it came from.

Kevin and Javier talk to diamond expert Edward Peters, who has never seen this diamond before. Nothing of this size has come through customs in over ten years. Edward believes it is worth at least $60,000,000. It must have been cut within the last few decades and it must have been smuggled in. Edwards also finds evidence that it was previously set in jewelery. As Javier and Kevin make their way back to the station, a truck crashes into the side of their car. Masked gunmen exit the truck and open fire. Javier and Kevin fire back but there are too many. They escape into the subway and the truck takes off.

Gates tells Beckett that she wants to know if any of Alice's clients have even the slightest connection to a country that produces diamonds. She sends Kevin and Javier to find the truck that attacked them.

Beckett outlines several of Alice's clients that have ties to countries that produce diamonds. Castle suggests that maybe it was Alice herself since she was studying gorillas in Africa. He hypothesizes that she stole the diamond from a warlord who is now after her for the diamond. Beckett brings up Steve Warner, a tech entrepreneur who was a client of Alice's. They have a charitable organization in Africa and Beckett finds a picture of Steve and his wife Janet at a benefit. Janet's wearing a necklace that contains the diamond.

The Warners are brought into the station and are questioned by Beckett and Castle. Beckett believes that Alice's murder is connected to a theft and shows the Warner a photo of the diamond that was found in Alice's possession. Janet claims to have never seen the diamond and says that the diamond in the photo isn't real. The Warners leave and Steve says to forward any more questions to his attorney.

Beckett thinks that the Warners would rather lose the diamond than be connected to the murder. She says that if they wanted it back they would get someone outside of the cops to do it. Javier walks up and says she is right. The doorman at the Warner's building admitted to buzzing in Hawke.

Hawke is brought in for further questioning but tries to avoid answering anything. Beckett promises that he won't walk away this time. She asks who is behind the murder and assault of the police if he is innocent. Hawke asks her to turn off the mic and she agrees to. He says his business is discretion so nothing he says can be on record. He admits that he was hired by the Warners to get the diamond. He was in the car with Alice's body but she was already dead when he got there. Beckett wants to know who assaulted the cops but Hawke says it wasn't the Warners. Hawke knew Alice stole it because when the Warners were mugged he could tell it was a set-up. They didn't go to the police because they wanted to keep it quiet. The mugger wasn't Alice though, it was a male wearing a ski mask.

Beckett tells Gates and Castle that there was someone else involved that knew the diamond was real. Gates suggests that someone was forcing Alice to help with the robbery. Her life may have been threatened and that's why she was trying to disappear. Javier says the masked gunmen's truck was found torched. They listen to a 911 call from a woman who hit a man wearing a ski mask. The man ran after being hit. Edward calls Kevin and says the diamond is flawless beyond anything nature could make, it's man made. The diamond is actually worth much more, it's priceless.

Castle thinks he knows who wanted the diamond and who attacked the guys. He thinks it's the diamond industry since their future may be at risk. Tory Ellis found that the finger prints off the car belonged to Leo Wyngaard, from South Africa. He's on the terror watch list and his picture shows that he also goes by Matt Lanchet, Alice's boyfriend.

Leo is brought in for questioning and the team hypothesizes about why he did. Javier and Kevin head in to interrogate him. Leo says that he met Alice in Rwanda and she knew his true identity. Ever since he saw the diamond cartel slaughter a town of people he has been working against them. Man made diamonds started showing up and Leo tried to track them. Alice called Leo to inform him that Steve Warner was able to produce man made diamonds. He hoped to flood the market with man made diamonds in order to shut down the cartel. He was going to meet with Alice to get on the plane and take it to a private lab. The only other people who knew the diamond was gone were the Warners.

The Warners are brought back to the station and questioned by Beckett and Castle. She says that Steve needed the money after taking a hit on the market. He admits that he hired Hawke to get the diamond back because he was afraid Von Rowen, the diamond cartel, would find out. He developed small man made diamonds and he sold the patent to Von Rowen. A few years later he created the huge diamond for Janet and he made a breakthrough. The technology belonged to Von Rowen though and that's why he sold them in secret around the world. Steve denies any knowledge of the strike team that attacked the police though. The burnt truck belonged to a man connected to Steve. He continues to deny it until he realizes that it was Janet who set up the strike team. Janet admits that she accidentally shot Alice when she confronted her about the diamond.

Castle walks Beckett into his bedroom and shows her that the photo of the lion is gone. He replaced it with sea shells from one of their first dates.