Disciple - Recap

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At a marina, a security guard asks a coughing man to move along. The man runs away and the guard continues his patrol. He sees a woman at the end of one of the docks and approaches her. As he nears he sees that her feet aren't touching the ground, she's hanging.

Castle and Beckett plan their honeymoon trip. He has already visited many of her choices on previous honeymoons. The two head to the crime scene and Kevin informs him that the victim is Pam Hodges. He says what's really weird is that the victim looks just like Lanie. Pam had previously been busted for drug charges and being a hooker. She has only recently moved to New York after cleaning herself up.

Kevin and Javier meet with Pam's uncle Calvin who says that she moved because of a job offer. She looked happy and said the job was perfect for her. Pam stayed with him for awhile until she moved into a nice place.

Castle and Beckett head over to Pam's apartment and are amazed at how nice it is. They ask the manager who was paying for rent and he goes to check. Beckett notices expensive coats and believes that she was someone's mistress. Castle finds a camera and hopes to find the man in the photos. Beckett discovers that the rent was paid for by a company from Belize that was set up to be untraceable. There is nothing to be learned from her phone and credit card charges. Pam's fingerprints were the only prints found in the apartment so they think it's being covered up. Lanie calls Beckett and asks her to come to the morgue without Castle.

Beckett arrives at the morgue and meets Lanie, who is in a panic. Pam had surgery to make her cheeks wider, like Lanie's, and also uses all the same beauty products that Lanie uses. Beckett thinks it's a coincidence but Lanie finds that she has the same tattoo as Lanie. She thinks someone went out of their way to make Pam look like Lanie.

Beckett suggests to the team that they track the serial numbers in Pam's cheek implants to the surgeon who operated on her. Kevin thinks that Pam's sugar daddy is laying low because two other similar victims have been found in Florida. Pam is also from Florida and Beckett thinks there is some information they are missing. Kevin finds the doctor who performed the surgery on Pam.

Lanie gives her statement to Javier. He wants the truth from her and she says that he's the only one who has seen the tattoo. She remembers a weird night two months ago when she couldn't remember what happened.

Tory Ellis shows Kevin a photo from the camera that Castle found. It's a picture of Pam that was taken a few hours before she was killed. Kevin wants to find out who the owner of the boat is.

Castle and Beckett meet with Dr. Kelly Nieman, Pam's surgeon. Nieman did the surgery at the request of Pam. She even brought a photo of a friend she wanted to look like. Pam paid for the surgery with a company cheque from the same company that paid for her rent. Beckett leaves to take a phone call from Kevin. He's with Javier and a team of officers who are about to board the boat from the photo.

Kevin and Javier enter the boat but only find another body hanging to make it look like it's standing. The man looks just like Javier.

The owner of the boat has been in Spain for a month and the victim, Daniel Santos, has recently moved to town. He also took on a vague job similar to Pam. Gates instructs the team to find the killer for the sake of the team. Castle wonders if the murders are a warning. Beckett discovers that Daniel was meeting with a speech therapist three times a week.

Beckett and Castle meet with the speech therapist. He says that Daniel was determined to change his accent and even brought in audio files of how he wanted to sound. The therapist plays the clip and it's Javier's voice.

Lanie and Javier examine the body in the morgue and they think it was someone who knows about their relationship. The killer used the fishing wire to kill Daniel slowly and Lanie worries about who could be next. Javier says he won't let that happen.

Javier and Kevin show up at Daniel's apartment and a neighbor mistakes Javier for Daniel. She says that two nights ago a limo arrived to pick up Daniel. From her description of the limo, Javier figures out the limo company.

Beckett gets off the phone with the limo company manager. He told her that the limo dropped Daniel off at the apartment of the person who ordered it. Castle thinks that it may be the killer and Beckett reveals that Nieman ordered the limo.

Nieman is brought in for questioning. Beckett found from the doorman that Daniel had many overnight visits with Nieman. She has a black belt, boating experience and was in Miami at the time of the other two murders. There is no other evidence linking her to the victims. Gates says the entire case is circumstantial and Beckett has one chance to break Nieman. She heads into the room to question her. Beckett states that Nieman was the last one to see both victims. Nieman says that Dan referred Pam to her. She suggests that maybe she's being set up but Beckett doesn't believe that's true. Nieman doesn't blame Beckett for accusing her and knows she's just doing her job. She's also doing her job, seeking perfection. Nieman gives her card to Beckett when she leaves.

Castle talks through the case with Beckett. They have opposing views on Nieman's guilt. Kevin interrupts and says that Nieman's alibis are solid but they found someone else. He shows them video surveillance of Daniel getting in someone's car. The car has a parking pass for the marina and they've found that it belongs to Carl Matthews. Kevin brings up Carl's photo and it's the security guard from the marina. Carl quit his job after the body was found and no one knows where he is. Beckett believes that their best chance is to speak with his family and friends.

Beckett hasn't found him yet but Castle doesn't believe that Carl could plan something like this out. The evidence points to Carl and but Castle thinks that he has a partner. Castle says the partner is someone they've dealt with before, 3XK. They search for the case files relating to 3XK but they are gone. They confront Javier, who's signature is on the sign-out sheet. He denies ever having signed the files out. Beckett calls the medical examiner and learns that all the 3XK files relating to the victims were signed out by Lanie.

Castle says that now 3XK has a clean slate but Beckett says not everything is gone. She orders Kevin to call the prison and tell them to lock their files down after sending a copy over. Gates informs the team that Carl's car was seen at the same hotel and room that 3XK escaped police custody from.

The team heads to the room and Beckett asks Castle to stay back. As they head inside, Castle notices a man walking nearby. He runs after him and tackles him to the ground. It's Carl and Castle asks him where 3XK is.

Javier tells Lanie that their only chance is to make Carl think their case is stronger than it actually is. Castle and Beckett head in to talk to Carl. They try to intimidate him into talking but he thinks they have nothing. Beckett says that if he confesses, Florida will take the death penalty off the table. She asks how many victims there are and Carl says there are way more than four. Carl explains how he murdered Pam and Daniel. Beckett figures out he's lying because he admits to opening the bank account in the Caymans when it was actually in Belize. Castle still believes that 3XK is his partner. Carl will only admit to his kills, no less and no more. He says that even if they think they have it all figure out, they don't.

Gates warns Beckett that if 3XK is still alive, the NYPD doesn't want to know about it. It will reflect badly on them that he escaped and now all of his files have disappeared. Castle asks Beckett where they should start their search. Kevin runs up and believes he has found something in the prison records that were sent over. He says that when 3XK was beaten up in prison, his attending doctor was Nieman. She started volunteering there the day he arrived and she quit the day he left. Castle thinks that they were dating and Beckett worries that he taught her everything he knew. Kevin says that Nieman can't be reached on her phone or at her apartment.

The team converges on Nieman's medical practice but they find it empty. Beckett states that they must still clear the place. Castle shows Beckett a note on Nieman's desk. It sits next to her pen and says "Better luck next time."

Back at Castle's apartment, Beckett tells him that it looks like the victims took files relating to 26 other unsolved murders. Castle thinks that 3XK is still alive but Beckett thinks she is just trying to keep his memory alive. While playing with the pen from Nieman, Castle discovers that it contains a USB stick. On the stick is a song, Castle opens it and "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn begins playing. Beckett and Castle stare at each other while it plays.